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The cost of Samsung's foldable phone? Almost $2,000, analyst says - CNET
CNET On the cutting edge, your wallet bleeds. 2 weeks
Samsung's folding phone may be pricey video - CNET
CNET The future doesn't come cheap. Samsung's folding phone may land in 2019 and one analyst says it could cost way more than the iPhone X. 2 weeks
Samsung's foldable Galaxy phone hopefully won't look anything like its ugly prototype - CNET
CNET Pictures of an alleged "Project Valley" folding smartphone prototype hit the internet. 6 days
leaked photos show off canceled samsung project v foldable smartphone Leaked photos show off canceled Samsung ‘Project V’ foldable smartphone
9to5Google Many have dreamed of the idea of a foldable smartphone, and last year, one finally arrived... 6 days
Samsung is reportedly testing an Android Go phone - CNET
CNET A simpler Samsung phone running a stock Android experience might be out there. 2 days
Lydia now supports Samsung Pay
TechCrunch While French banks are just catching up to Apple Pay, French startup Lydia is adding support for Samsung Pay. If you have a recent Samsung phone, you can now add a virtual card to Samsung Pay and pay... 3 days
Samsung phone catches fire and destroys car, says Detroit woman - CNET
CNET Alleged phone-caused fire is still under investigation. 2 weeks
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review: A big-phone lover's dream that's still a good buy - CNET
CNET If you can find it for a discount, it's a cheaper way than the Galaxy S9... 2 weeks
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone review: Galaxy Note 8 is powerful, pricey and soon-to-be-replaced - CNET
CNET If the rumors are right, Samsung will top the Note 8 with the Note 9 in... 2 weeks
Google Measure update adds ARCore Android phone compatibility - CNET
CNET The app now works with their Pixel 2 and Samsung's Galaxy S9. 2 days
Samsung's new Galaxy phone patent is a bezel-less, notch-free vision of the future - CNET
CNET No notch, no bezels, no worries. 2 days
The Huawei Mate 20 Pro could be bigger than the Note 9 (in size, that is) - CNET
CNET The Huawei phone could come with a Samsung-made 6.9-inch screen. 2 weeks
Huawei Mate 20 Pro could be bigger than the Note 9 (in size, that is) - CNET
CNET The new Huawei phone could come with a Samsung-made 6.9-inch screen. 2 weeks
Galaxy Note 9 launch date, price, specs, features and other rumors - CNET
CNET Samsung's next big phone will go head-to-head with the 2018 iPhone. 4 days
Samsung may unveil the Gear S4 with the Galaxy Note 9 in August - CNET
CNET It could be a busy month for Samsung. 1 week
alleged samsung galaxy note 9 leaks hint at 4 000 mah battery faster wireless charging early august release Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaks hint at 4,000 mAh battery, faster wireless charging, early August release
9to5Google Samsung played... 2 weeks
Apple Watch Series 3 review: Still the best smartwatch, but the Fitbit Versa is a close second - CNET
CNET The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data... 1 week
samsung demands another retrial says no reasonable jury could have sided with apple Samsung Demands Another Retrial, Says 'No Reasonable Jury' Could Have Sided With Apple
MacRumors Last month, a jury ruled that Samsung must pay Apple... 2 weeks
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is an Android phone for the masses - CNET
CNET This Chinese-made phone gives you midrange specs at under $200. 3 days
How to get portrait mode on any phone video - CNET
CNET Create a blurred background effect with any phone camera even after you've taken the shot. 2 days
Samsung launches new fund to invest in early-stage AI startups - CNET
CNET The Q Fund, run by Samsung NEXT in Silicon Valley, won't have an investment cap but will focus on companies early in their operations. 2 weeks
Samsung announces a push for renewable energy
TechCrunch Samsung has announced that it will use 100 percent renewable energy for all its factories and offices in the U.S., Europe and China. This is the first time Samsung announces a public commitment for... 1 week
SleepScore uses sonar on your phone to show you how bad your sleep is - CNET
CNET The free phone app does away with bands and bed gadgets. 2 weeks
oppo s new find x flagship smartphone will cost 999 and ships in august Oppo’s new Find X flagship smartphone will cost £999 and ships in August
THE VERGE The Oppo Find X, the first smartphone from the Chinese... 5 days
Samsung's startup arm launches AI-focused fund for early-stage companies - CNET
CNET The Q Fund, run by Samsung NEXT in Silicon Valley, won't have an investment cap but will focus on companies early in their operations. 2 weeks
samsung s gold galaxy s9 is coming to the us on june 24th Samsung’s gold Galaxy S9 is coming to the US on June 24th
THE VERGE Samsung is bringing its gold Galaxy S9 to the United States on June 24th, which marks the first time a new color will be... 4 days
samsung chromebook plus v2 goes official w improved stylus and keyboard rear camera refreshed specs Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 goes official w/ improved stylus and keyboard, rear camera, refreshed specs
9to5Google VIDEO Last year saw a major shift... 1 week
Oppo Find X is an all-screen phone with slide-out cameras - CNET
CNET You won't find a notch on this phone. 5 days
The Xiaomi Mi 8 is the best iPhone X-like Android phone yet - CNET
CNET The new Android phone has a Face ID-like feature and gesture controls. Sound familiar? You betcha. 1 week
dna testing could reunite families at the us border and fuel surveillance DNA testing could reunite families at the US border — and fuel surveillance
THE VERGE More than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents... 2 days
Doctor Who: Season 11 release date, trailer, plot details and more - CNET
Sphero bought a crowdfunded music tech company to expand its unlicensed toys
Wu-Tang Clan is recording a new album for 25th anniversary - CNET
Microsoft matches Google Lens with AI-powered visual search for Bing
Valve is shipping new ‘Knuckles’ VR controllers to developers with a Portal-themed demo
John Oliver mocks China’s president, gets scrubbed from Weibo - CNET
Paul McCartney sings the Beatles' hits in Carpool Karaoke - CNET
My past life as a projectionist: How robots took my job - CNET
Burger King apologises for social media ads
Akon wants to build a real Wakanda with his AKoin crytocurrency - CNET