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water worlds are common exoplanets may contain vast amounts of water Water-Worlds Are Common: Exoplanets May Contain Vast Amounts of Water
ASTRO WATCH Scientists have shown that water is likely to be a major component of those exoplanets (planets... 18 hours
Annan leaves legacy of fighting for equality and rights
ABC NEWS Kofi Annan was committed to increasing the U.N.'s efforts to combat poverty, promote equality and fight for human rights - and until his death Saturday he was speaking out strongly... 18 hours
Annan's legacy of fighting for equality and rights lives on
ABC NEWS Kofi Annan left the United Nations more committed to combating poverty, promoting equality and fighting for human rights _ and until his death was speaking out about the... 1 day
Bryan Singer Tries To Explain One ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Plot Hole
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In a movie about time travel, it should come as... 1 day
Perinatal hypoxia associated with long-term cerebellar learning deficits and Purkinje cell misfiring
SCIENCE DAILY The type of hypoxia that occurs with preterm birth is associated with locomotor miscoordination and long-term cerebellar learning deficits but can be partially alleviated... 1 day
hubble paints picture of the evolving universe Hubble Paints Picture of the Evolving Universe
ASTRO WATCH Astronomers using the ultraviolet vision of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have captured one of the largest panoramic views of the fire and... 2 days
Chronic perinatal hypoxia linked to locomotor miscoordination, long-term cerebellar learning deficits
NEWS MEDICAL Oxygen deprivation associated with preterm birth leaves telltale signs on the brains of newborns in the form of alterations to cerebellar white matter at the cellular... 2 days
On This Day in Space! Aug. 18, 1868: Total Solar Eclipse Leads to Discovery of Helium
SPACE.COM On Aug. 18, 1868, a French astronomer named Pierre Jules César Janssen discovered helium while observing... 2 days
2018 Land Rover Discovery is a dirt-dancing queen - Roadshow
CNET Sure, most people will never take their Discovery off pavement, but it sure does look good in the dirt. 2 days
Scientists create new technology and solve a key puzzle for cellular memory
SCIENCE DAILY With a new groundbreaking technique, researchers have managed to identify a protein that is responsible for cellular memory being transmitted when cells divide. The... 2 days
New approach to fight tuberculosis, a leading cause of death worldwide
SCIENCE DAILY A group of researchers used a systematic approach to get an entirely new look at the way tuberculosis infects people. Their study uncovered interactions between tuberculosis... 2 days
Scientists identify pathways that reveal insights into mechanism of lung cancer etiology
NEWS MEDICAL Lung cancer is the leading cause of preventable cancer death. A disease of complex origin, lung cancer is usually considered to result from effects... 2 days
Multivalent binding of herpesvirus to living cells is tightly regulated during infection
Science Magazine Viral infection, initiated by the landing of a virion on a cellular surface, is largely defined by the preliminary interactions established between viral particles... 2 days
Medical News Today: Can a person get pregnant while taking the pill?
MNT Birth control pills are generally very effective when a person takes them correctly and consistently. However, some things can reduce the pill’s effectiveness and... 2 days
Google gives its AI the reins over its data center cooling systems
TechCrunch The inside of data centers is loud and hot — and keeping servers from overheating is a major factor in the cost of running... 3 days
‘Fantastic Four’ Scribe Jeremy Slater Tapped To Write ‘The Tommyknockers’ Film Adaptation
SCIENCEFICTION.COM In another example of tapping the well of Stephen King’s talent,  ‘The Tommyknockers‘ is being made into a feature film and Universal Pictures has... 3 days
why gps dependent apps deplete your smartphone battery Why GPS-dependent apps deplete your smartphone battery
THE VERGE Have you ever turned on location services and noticed your smartphone battery drain in a matter of minutes? People have come up... 3 days
A novel synthetic antibody enables conditional 'protein knockdown' in vertebrates
PHYS.ORG The research groups led by Dr. Jörg Mansfeld of the Biotechnology Center of the TU Dresden (BIOTEC) and Dr. Caren Norden of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular... 3 days
Birth control app highlights emerging health tech market
ABC NEWS Smartphone birth control app highlights emerging health tech market 3 days
google goggles is dead long live google lens Google Goggles is dead; long live Google Lens
THE VERGE Google Goggles was launched in 2009, an early example of Google’s ambition to make the visual world as searchable as... 3 days
Bioengineers borrow from electronics industry to get stem cells to shape up
PHYS.ORG To understand how cells in the body behave, bioengineers create miniature models of the cells' environment in their lab. But recreating this niche environment... 3 days
Whole blood test for toxoplasmosis is sensitive, specific
SCIENCE DAILY Transmission of toxoplasmosis from mother to fetus can lead to severe congenital problems and fetal death, and tests for the parasitic infection during pregnancy are critical. Now, researchers have showed the efficacy... 3 days
Biomarker predicts kidney cancer risk years before diagnosis
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have identified a blood biomarker that could be used to predict the onset of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) years before the disease is diagnosed. 3 days
comment latest rumor could give apple a fantastic and sensible macbook line up Comment: Latest rumor could give Apple a fantastic (and sensible) MacBook line-up
9to5Mac The rumor mill notched up a surprise today. We’ve long been hearing reports of Apple working on an entry-level 13-inch MacBook, and there has... 3 days
Medical News Today: Psychedelic compound triggers near-death experiences
MNT New research shows that DMT, the active ingredient in ayahuasca, has the same effect on the brain as what have been described as 'near-death experiences.' 3 days
Jack Ryan review: Amazon's action analyst ain't that interesting - CNET
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
Two Brothers Spot UFOs in First Trailer for Indie Sci-Fi 'Watch the Sky'
Apple’s Amsterdam store evacuated after iPad battery explodes
Camp W is a great game for the end of summer
You can now download tickets to visit museums for free on Sept. 22nd
Here’s how I backup my family photos and videos using the 3-2-1 method