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NASA Releases Spectacular New Infrared Images of Titan
SCI-NEWS.COM The newly-released series of images, made from data obtained by the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) instrument on board... 14 minutes
SDCC 2018: The Trailer, Synopsis, And Release Date Are Out For ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After its first season (and even... 26 minutes
Young people who frequently argue with their parents are better citizens, research finds
PHYS.ORG Teenagers who regularly clash with their parents are more likely to have given time to a charity or humanitarian cause, a study... 20 minutes
How California's sea stars are evolving past a devastating pandemic
PHYS.ORG In 2012, environmental systems graduate student Lauren Schiebelhut was collecting DNA from ochre sea stars living along the Northern California coast—part of an effort to study genetic diversity... 20 minutes
Genome damage from CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing higher than thought
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have discovered that CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing can cause greater genetic damage in cells than was previously thought. This has safety implications for future gene therapies using CRISPR/Cas9 as the... 44 minutes
The easy way to find out if your refrigerator is keeping your food cold enough - CNET
CNET Check your fridge's temperature with a thermometer to make sure it's staying as cool... 1 hour
How satellites and other aerial technologies have changed society
PHYS.ORG Satellites have changed the way we experience the world, by beaming back images from around the globe and letting us explore the planet through online maps and other visuals. Such... 1 hour
Original ‘She-Ra’ Series Creator J.M. Straczynski Defends New Netflix Designs From Toxic Fandom
SCIENCEFICTION.COM I jokingly titled my last article about Netflix’s ‘She-Ra and... 1 hour
Karius Test accurately detects invasive fungal infections, shows study
NEWS MEDICAL Karius, a life sciences company transforming infectious disease diagnostics with genomics and data through the innovative use of next-generation sequencing to analyze microbial cell-free DNA, announced today the positive results... 49 minutes
Researchers study gravitational lensing around an extremely dense galaxy cluster
PHYS.ORG Dark matter halos are theoretical bodies inside which galaxies are suspended; the halo's mass dominates the total mass. These halos cannot be observed directly, but astronomers infer their... 1 hour
How will climate change impact coastal communities? A study on Virginia's barrier islands
PHYS.ORG Off the seaside of Virginia's Eastern Shore is a chain of uninhabited barrier islands that help protect the mainland coast from storms... 1 hour
US opioid prescribing rates by congressional district
SCIENCE DAILY Congressional districts with the highest opioid prescribing rates are predominantly concentrated in the southeastern U.S., with other hotspots in Appalachia and the rural west, according to the first study to focus on opioid prescribing... 46 minutes
Caffeine affects food intake at breakfast, but its effect is limited and transient
SCIENCE DAILY A new study found that after drinking a small amount of caffeine, participants consumed 10 percent less at a breakfast buffet provided... 1 hour
Study suggests meat and dairy industry on track to surpass oil companies as biggest greenhouse gas emitters
PHYS.ORG Researchers at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and GRAIN have released a... 2 hours
Medical News Today: Chemicals in plastic stunt brain growth in rats
MNT A study finds that exposure to phthalates — compounds found in plastics — reduces the brain volume in rats and produces measurable cognitive deficits. 3 hours
Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 SDCC teaser trailer and release date land
SCI FI NOW A war is brewing in this new teaser trailer for Iron Fist Season 2 2 hours
Study finds key to plant growth control mechanism
PHYS.ORG A Purdue University study has mapped a complex series of pathways that control the shape of plant cells. The findings are an important step toward customizing how plants grow to suit particular... 2 hours
Study: Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of stillbirth
NEWS MEDICAL Exposure to secondhand smoke is causing thousands of still births in developing countries, according to new research carried out by the University of York. 2 hours
CALET succeeds in direct measurements of cosmic ray electron spectrum up to 4.8 TeV
PHYS.ORG An international team of researchers extended their results from a previous study to directly measure the cosmic-ray all-electron (electron +... 3 hours
Reconstruction of Arctic Barents-Kara sea ice extent changes over the last millennium
PHYS.ORG Under the influence of global warming, temperature in the Arctic has increased more significantly than the global average. However, winter extreme cold events in... 3 hours
Chemicals in plastic stunt brain growth in rats
MNT A study finds that exposure to phthalates — compounds found in plastics — reduces the brain volume in rats and produces measurable cognitive deficits. 3 hours
Mars’ Atmosphere Acts as Single, Interconnected System
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study using data from the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding (MARSIS) instrument on ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft... 3 hours
Studies highlight issues regarding black lung, opioid overdose, police violence and more
NEWS MEDICAL This study found the national prevalence of coal worker's pneumoconiosis (black lung) is increasing among working coal miners. In central Appalachia, 20.6 percent of... 3 hours
New vaccine could protect unborn babies from Zika virus
NEWS MEDICAL Until recently, the Zika virus was not a priority since it affected relatively few people and the cost of creating a vaccine was estimated at EUR 149-468 million. But the... 5 hours
Gene therapy may hold potential to treat people with spinal cord injuries
NEWS MEDICAL Delivering a single injection of a scar-busting gene to the spinal cord of rats following injury promotes the survival of nerve cells and improves... 5 hours
First Trailer for Next Norwegian Disaster Movie 'The Quake' Set in Oslo
AT&T names three more of the dozen cities to get mobile 5G this year
Researchers report two-faced Janus membrane applications
Teaser Trailer for Renny Harlin's 'Legend of the Ancient Sword' Movie
'Storm chasers' on Mars searching for dusty secrets
At Comic-Con 2018, why Funko is the unofficial king of pop culture - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Nightflyers Season 1 new trailer is killing everyone
How new telescope technology captured this image of Neptune from down here on Earth
Taco Bell's Comic-Con pop-up was delicious. Thanks Demolition Man! - CNET
Marvel’s Iron Fist season 2 will begin streaming on September 7th
Google the word 'idiot,' get pics of Donald Trump - CNET