TechCrunch  A mysterious “Sponsored Content” opt-out setting recently appeared in Spotify, and now the streaming giant has confirmed to TechCrunch what it’s about. Spotify is now testing a new “Sponsored Song” ad unit that a company spokesperson tells us is “a product test for labels to promote singles on the free tier.” Instead of appearing as obvious ad banners… Read More 1 week
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Spotify trials adding 'sponsored songs' to playlists
BBC Only non-subscribers were included in the trial, the company said. 7 days
now you can build shared spotify playlists with your friends in facebook messenger Now you can build shared Spotify playlists with your friends in Facebook Messenger
THE VERGE Spotify has launched a new feature for Facebook Messenger that... 6 days
Apple wants to rework streaming terms with labels, report says - CNET
CNET The company reportedly wants a rate closer to what rival Spotify pays major record labels. 5 days
apple seeking to lower rate paid to labels as it renegotiates apple music agreements Apple seeking to lower rate paid to labels as it renegotiates Apple Music agreements
9to5Mac A new report from Bloomberg today says that... 5 days
apple is asking music labels to take a smaller cut of revenue from streaming Apple is asking music labels to take a smaller cut of revenue from streaming
THE VERGE Apple is asking music labels for a reduction... 5 days
spotify now lets you build playlists with friends inside messenger Spotify now lets you build playlists with friends inside Messenger
TechCrunch  Earlier this year, Spotify introduced a new Messenger bot that let users share song clips with... 6 days
Spotify shows the world how to do Centennial apps the right way
Windows Central Spotify's new Windows 10 app is the perfect example of a good desktop app port using Microsoft's Centennial development bridge. Spotify's new Windows 10... 6 days
Spoticast for Spotify gets Xbox-centric update with new interface, more
Windows Central Spoticast, a third-party universal Spotify app, has snagged a pretty major overhaul that caters heavily to Xbox One users. ... 4 days
7 rules to save money on air conditioning this summer - CNET
CNET Don't let your AC blow your money away. Use these tips and pay less to cool your house this summer. 5 days
zenefits will pay 3 4 million in unpaid overtime to 743 employees Zenefits will pay $3.4 million in unpaid overtime to 743 employees
TechCrunch  Insurance software startup Zenefits has agreed to pay $3.4 million in unpaid overtime to... 7 days
apple pay loyalty card support coming to quiznos smashburger and more restaurants Apple Pay loyalty card support coming to Quiznos, Smashburger, and more restaurants
9to5Mac Apple Pay lets you make purchases in stores with your iPhone or Apple Watch with security and convenience, and select retailers like Walgreens also... 5 days
apple seeking lower rates with record labels as initial deals start expiring Apple Seeking Lower Rates With Record Labels as Initial Deals Start Expiring
MacRumors Apple is said to be aiming to reduce the share of revenue record labels get from streaming music as it works to establish new... 5 days
spotify is now available in the windows store Spotify is now available in the Windows Store
THE VERGE Microsoft revealed at Build last month that Spotify would be arriving in the Windows Store, and it's now available today.... 7 days
spotify announces group playlists for messenger Spotify Announces Group Playlists for Messenger
MacRumors Spotify today announced a new mobile feature called Group Playlists for Messenger, which enables users of Facebook's chat app to create music mixes collaboratively... 6 days
How to create Spotify group playlists in Facebook Messenger - CNET
CNET With Spotify, you can now collaborate with your friends and create group playlists within Facebook Messenger. 5 days
apple pay expands to 40 more banks around the us uk and china Apple Pay expands to 40 more banks around the US, UK, and China
9to5Mac New banks and credit unions across the world are continuing to adopt Apple Pay, and 40 additional institutions have joined Apple’s list of participating... 7 days
sean parker has left spotify s board padmasree warrior thomas staggs join in lead up to ipo Sean Parker has left Spotify’s board; Padmasree Warrior, Thomas Staggs join in lead up to IPO
TechCrunch  As Spotify inches its... 5 days
Spotify for PC shows up in the Windows Store ahead of launch
Windows Central We know Spotify is coming to the Windows Store for PC and it now looks like we're a little bit closer to launch as... 7 days
Spotify for PC now available for download in the Windows Store
Windows Central We've known Spotify was coming to the Windows Store for PC and it now looks like it's available and ready to download. ... 7 days
mbna canada now supports apple pay MBNA Canada Now Supports Apple Pay
MacRumors MBNA Canada, a division of TD Bank Group, today launched Apple Pay support for its MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Multiple iPhone users have... 6 days
apple pay coming to quiznos smashburger and other restaurants with integrated loyalty program Apple Pay Coming to Quiznos, Smashburger, and Other Restaurants With Integrated Loyalty Program
MacRumors Punchh today announced that Quiznos, Smashburger, MOD Pizza, and select... 5 days
samsung pay now supports discover cards Samsung Pay now supports Discover cards
THE VERGE Discover card shoppers can finally use their credit card with Samsung Pay on their phones, two years after the credit card company announced that... 3 days
spotify is bringing an offline playback option to its samsung gear s3 s2 app Spotify is bringing an offline playback option to its Samsung Gear S3, S2 app
9to5Google VIDEO Spotify is my music service of choice and... 6 days
tesla said to be looking into launching its own in car music streaming service Tesla Said to Be Looking into Launching its Own In-Car Music Streaming Service
MacRumors Tesla is reportedly in talks with music labels to sound... 4 days
android pay promo in australia offering 200 000 prizes up to 500 a piece Android Pay promo in Australia offering 200,000 prizes up to $500 a piece
9to5Google Even though Android Pay isn’t available for everyone, Google is... 5 days
no one is building the smart speaker we actually want No one is building the smart speaker we actually want
THE VERGE The perfect smart speaker for the home is easy to describe, and completely elusive. Ask Verge... 5 days
Spotify officially arrives on the Windows Store - CNET
CNET Apple's iTunes is also coming. 6 days
8 things we learned from the director and star of 'Baby Driver' video - CNET
CNET Movie director Edgar Wright and actor Ansel Elgort reveal what happened behind the scenes and talk karaoke songs,... 7 days
Spotify lets you build group playlists on Facebook Messenger - CNET
CNET This seems a lot easier than mixtapes. 5 days
canada and china sign no hacking agreement to protect trade secrets Canada and China sign no-hacking agreement to protect trade secrets
CBC Canada and China have agreed not to engage in state-sponsored hacking of each other's trade secrets... 15 hours
Extremists of the world unite!
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Amazon Echo Show review: doing more by doing less
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