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what s being done with your data experts ask shouldn t someone get this under control What's being done with your data: Experts ask, shouldn't someone get this under control?
CBC Now that Facebook, Google and Amazon know pretty... 10 minutes
Facebook deals with Cambridge Analytica fallout, Google Assistant gets a new trick video - CNET
CNET In this week's wrap-up, Facebook vows to change its ways after the misuse of data from tens of... 5 minutes
google app 7 24 preps pinned floating sports scores custom assistant routines and more apk insight Google app 7.24 preps ‘pinned’ floating sports scores, custom Assistant Routines, and more [APK Insight]
9to5Google The last update to the Google... 3 hours
Microsoft Store app picks up dedicated 'Devices' tab for new PCs and hardware
Windows Central A new tab for buying Windows devices has appeared in the latest update for Microsoft Store. It looks like Microsoft isn't done... 6 hours
Researchers examine link between knee pain and depression in older adults
NEWS MEDICAL In the U.S., about 13 percent of women and 10 percent of men aged 60 or older have knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when... 8 hours
Final Frontier Friday: ‘Haven’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hello and welcome back to ‘Final Frontier Friday’! This week, we’ll be taking a look at ‘Haven’, an early first season installment of ‘The Next Generation’. ‘Haven’ is... 9 hours
Shout! Factory Will Air A ‘ReBoot’ Marathon Before Netflix Launches ‘Guardian Code’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Shout! Factory is revisiting a seminal Saturday morning cartoon series from the 1990s, ‘ReBoot’.  Beginning on Wednesday March 28, at 3pm PT, Shout! Factory... 10 hours
Yes, MoviePass Just Got Even Cheaper... For A Limited Time
CINEMA BLEND If $10 a month was too rich for your blood, you may want to check out... 10 hours
037 better chrome os notifications nest cam iq mount and fuchsia friday 9to5google daily 037: Better Chrome OS notifications, Nest Cam IQ mount, and Fuchsia Friday | 9to5Google Daily
9to5Google Today we’ve got Chrome OS getting... 10 hours
Twitter updates its Windows 10 UWP app to PWA with support for push notifications
Windows Central Twitter has finally updated its Windows 10 app, converting it from an outdated, unsupported UWP app to a shiny, new... 11 hours
IPOs are back, but for how long?
TechCrunch The first quarter is almost over, and despite Dropbox’s splashy debut on the public market earlier today, it was preceded by just two other U.S. tech companies to IPO in 2018: Cardlytics and Zscaler.  Will... 11 hours
apple hosting teacher tuesday event at michigan avenue store in chicago Apple hosting Teacher Tuesday event at Michigan Avenue store in Chicago
9to5Mac Ahead of their event on Tuesday, Apple announced a Teacher Tuesday event at its... 11 hours
Cambridge Analytica again says no Facebook data used in US election - CNET
CNET In a lengthy statement, acting CEO Alexander Tayler says he wants to make that point "absolutely clear." 12 hours
Facebook's data privacy scandal has stirred an exodus - CNET
CNET It started with the #DeleteFacebook hashtag. Now companies are yanking their Facebook pages or pulling ads following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 12 hours
Mozilla, Tesla, other businesses take a Facebook pause
ABC NEWS Some companies like Mozilla and Sonos are taking a break from Facebook following revelations of a major leak of user data to political consultants associated with the 2016 Trump campaign 12 hours
Tesla, Mozilla are among businesses taking a Facebook pause
ABC NEWS Some companies like Mozilla and Sonos are taking a break from Facebook following revelations of a major leak of user data to political consultants associated with the 2016 Trump campaign 12 hours
UK regulators search Cambridge Analytica offices
PHYS.ORG British regulators on Friday began searching the London offices of Cambridge Analytica (CA), the scandal-hit communications firm at the heart of the Facebook data scandal, shortly after a judge approved a search warrant. 12 hours
New US law changes rules for cross-border data requests
PHYS.ORG A measure signed into law Friday by President Donald Trump changes the rules for cross-border law enforcement requests to internet firms and could render moot a long-running court battle between... 12 hours
Cloud firm Dropbox surges in Wall Street debut (Update)
PHYS.ORG Dropbox shares surged Friday as the cloud data storage firm made its Wall street debut following a public offering raising some $750 million. 12 hours
First proof a synthesized antibiotic is capable of treating superbugs
SCIENCE DAILY A 'game changing' new antibiotic which is capable of killing superbugs has been successfully synthesized and used to treat an infection for the first time -- and could... 12 hours
Law of particle dynamics of granular gases: Increasing temps in cooling systems
SCIENCE DAILY For the first time, scientists have demonstrated that the kinetic energy from particles in granular gases such as dust clouds can rise temporarily even... 12 hours
these two indie platforms are partnering to help authors produce audiobooks at affordable prices These two indie platforms are partnering to help authors produce audiobooks at affordable prices
THE VERGE Indie authors who publish through platforms like Amazon... 12 hours
Cambridge Analytica: No Facebook data used in US election - CNET
CNET The company at the heart of Facebook's data scandal speaks out. 13 hours
UK data watchdog raids Cambridge Analytica office in London
ABC NEWS Officers from Britain's information regulator have arrived at the London offices of data firm Cambridge Analytica after being granted a warrant as part of an investigation into alleged misuse of... 13 hours
instagram on desktop is better than mobile change my mind Instagram on desktop is better than mobile, change my mind
THE VERGE Instagram launched in 2010 as a photo-sharing app designed to capture picturesque moments of our otherwise... 12 hours
OnePlus will no longer be selling the 5T in North America
Elephant caught on video mysteriously 'breathing smoke' - CNET
Rock On - Official Trailer for 'Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb' Documentary
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Fuchsia Friday: Maxwell and the secret ‘agents’ of Fuchsia
Qualcomm deal is dead, but Broadcom coming to the US anyway - CNET
Congress is giving NASA more money than it requested to build a second launch platform
Review: Yale’s Assure Lock SL is an awesome HomeKit-enabled smart lock with room to grow [Video]
NASA begins latest airborne Arctic ice survey
The Odds of Getting Hit With Space Station Debris Are 1 in 300 Trillion
Steven Soderbergh’s all-iPhone movie Unsane makes a poor showing for the iPhone 7 Plus
Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record
KGI: Cheaper 9.7-inch iPad will likely support Apple Pencil, cause sales to double in 2018
Silicon Valley’s VR experience looks ironically fun
Why self-love is important and how to cultivate it