CNET This week's most important tech headlines include Facebook, Google and Twitter participating in a US Judiciary hearing, Google's $5 billion EU fine and Comcast's dropping out of contention to purchase Fox. 4 weeks
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Amazon Prime Video is coming to Comcast’s cable boxes
TechCrunch Comcast and Amazon today announced a new partnership that will see Amazon’s Prime Video service integrated into Comcast’s Xfinity TV set-top boxes. This is the first time that Prime Video content... 2 weeks
comcast is adding amazon prime video to its xfinity x1 boxes Comcast is adding Amazon Prime Video to its Xfinity X1 boxes
THE VERGE Comcast and Amazon have announced a new partnership to launch Amazon’s Prime Video service... 2 weeks
netflix amazon video and xfinity are accidentally re creating cable tv Netflix, Amazon Video, and Xfinity are accidentally re-creating cable TV
THE VERGE Since the advent of streaming online video, industry insiders have wondered what impact it would have... 2 days
Facebook, Instagram try to take on digital addiction video - CNET
CNET From The 3:59 show: It's time for a timeout on social media. 2 weeks
psa security flaws exposed partial addresses social security numbers of 26m comcast users PSA: Security flaws exposed partial addresses & social security numbers of 26M Comcast users
9to5Mac Comcast Xfinity customers are the latest to be... 6 days
Comcast will let you watch Amazon Prime Video like a cable channel - CNET
CNET Prime real estate. 2 weeks
Using common social media tactics to subvert US elections
ABC NEWS Whoever's behind the latest efforts to use Facebook to disrupt the U.S. midterm elections seem to be taking a page out of a playbook that legitimate companies and organizations use... 20 hours
Comcast brings $10 a month broadband to military veterans - CNET
CNET Military veterans will now be eligible for Comcast's Internet Essentials broadband program, which also serves poor school children and elderly Americans. 2 days
Judge: Social media user isn't entitled to anonymity
ABC NEWS A federal magistrate judge has ruled that a social media platform can be compelled to divulge account information belonging to a woman who anonymously chatted online about plans for last summer's deadly... 1 week
Exam results stress relief on social media
Sky News With A level and GCSE results due in the next two weeks, mental health charities have teamed up with pop stars, TV personalities and social media influencers to help tackle exam result stress. 1 day
Facebook tool to tackle social media addiction
Sky News Facebook has announced new tools to tackle social media addiction, available in its app and on Instagram. 2 weeks
Race for the Hyperloop video - CNET
CNET Several companies are racing to launch the world's first commercail Hyperloop. Which will get to the finish first? 2 weeks
senate warns tech companies on foreign interference time is running out Senate warns tech companies on foreign interference: “Time is running out”
THE VERGE “Time is running out.” That was the message from Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) Wednesday... 2 weeks
Lawmakers ask tech execs to testify again, Facebook, Instagram add digital detox tools video - CNET
CNET Today's biggest tech stories include US lawmakers asking tech executives to testify (again) about the fight... 2 weeks
What is QAnon? The Deep State vs. Trump conspiracy, explained - CNET
CNET VIDEO Everything you need to know about the conspiracy theory captivating far-right social media. 1 week
AT&T is now the sole owner of Otter Media
TechCrunch Otter Media is no longer a joint venture between AT&T and The Chernin Group — AT&T announced today that it has acquired The Chernin Group’s controlling interest in the digital media... 1 week
QAnon: How a conspiracy moved from 4chan to a Trump rally - CNET
CNET The conspiracy theory that's captivated far-right social media, explained. 2 weeks
'Snapchat dysmorphia' has social media users seeking plastic surgery - CNET
CNET People want to look like their Snapchat-filtered selves, doctors say. 1 week
why facebook banned alex jones and twitter didn t Why Facebook banned Alex Jones — and Twitter didn’t
THE VERGE On one hand, we spent maybe too much time this week on the question of whether one person should lose... 4 days
Twitter suspends Infowars host Alex Jones' ability to tweet - CNET
CNET Twitter finally follows the lead of every other social media platform. 9 hours
vincent d onofrio asks twitter to weigh in on whether playing an irredeemable racist is constructive Vincent D’Onofrio asks Twitter to weigh in on whether playing an ‘irredeemable racist’ is constructive
THE VERGE Discourse on social media tends to... 1 day
Ruby Rose leaves Twitter after Batwoman casting backlash - CNET
CNET Twitter trolls are pushing another actress to leave social media. 2 days
Facebook security chief departing company for Stanford - CNET
CNET The respected security expert played a key role in the social media giant’s response to election meddling. 2 weeks
Why Star Wars director J.J. Abrams joining Twitter is extremely brave - CNET
CNET Commentary: The director has sent his first tweet. Now that he's getting active on social media, will he have to deal with... 2 weeks
new facial recognition tool tracks targets across different social networks New facial recognition tool tracks targets across different social networks
THE VERGE Today, researchers at Trustwave released a new open-source tool called Social Mapper, which uses facial recognition... 7 days
Star Wars 9 director J.J. Abrams starting to tweet is a brave move - CNET
CNET Commentary: The director has sent his first tweet. Now that he's getting active on social media, will he... 2 weeks
QAnon: The Deep State vs. Trump conspiracy theory, explained - CNET
CNET The conspiracy theory that's captivated far-right social media, explained. 2 weeks
Comcast security flaws exposed customers' personal info - CNET
CNET The company quickly resolved the problems in its Xfinity customer software. 6 days
Google Fiber's TV service beats Comcast, Spectrum in survey of cable providers - CNET
CNET People don't like their cable companies very much. 7 days
drake s in my feelings music video thanks the internet for blowing the song up Drake’s In My Feelings music video thanks the internet for blowing the song up
THE VERGE VIDEO Before social media, the music industry would take... 2 weeks
Nvidia teaser suggests ‘RTX 2080’ GPU is launching next week
I got beaten up at Black Hat in the name of cybersecurity - CNET
Comment: Oppo R17 has a subtle little notch and I wouldn’t mind one bit if the OnePlus 6T looked like it
Evangeline Lilly wanted to play Leia in Star Wars trilogy - CNET
What the duck? Don Cheadle voices Donald Duck in DuckTales - CNET
CMV: Apple’s original video efforts should include a YouTube/Vimeo style creator platform
Apple Removes Group FaceTime From iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, Says It'll Launch Later This Year
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tidbits: Where to pre-order, camera flaw detection, cooling system
Review: Lacie Rugged RAID Pro – primed for on-the-go SD Card backups [Video]
Watch this delightful aerial robot dance with its dangly legs - CNET
Insiders believe AirPower launching in September, priced around $150
Teddy Ruxpin learns some new words after a quick hack - CNET
The SuitX exoskeleton gave me crazy strength - CNET
Cosmonaut gives a personal tour of the International Space Station - CNET
Alphabet Scoop 019: Android 9 Pie released, more Pixel 3 leaks, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, more