SCIENCE DAILY As World Cup fever sets in, increased hooliganism and soccer (football) related violence are legitimate international concerns. Previous research has linked sports-related hooliganism to 'social maladjustment' e.g. previous episodes of violence or dysfunctional behavior at home, work or school etc. However, social bonding and a desire to protect and defend other fans may be one of the main motivations not only for football hooliganism, but extremist group behavior in general, according to new re 4 weeks
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Are star players over-rated in MLB? A key statistic—wins above replacement player—doesn't stand up to scrutiny
PHYS.ORG In football, soccer and basketball, player quality has one obvious and inescapable metric: scoring touch-downs, goals,... 1 day
'World Cup' in Space: Cosmonaut Goalie Blocks Soccer Ball … With His Face
SPACE.COM Before the French and Croatian soccer teams came face-to-face at the 2018 World Cup final in Moscow yesterday (July 15), a cosmonaut... 4 days
Key social reward circuit in the brain impaired in kids with autism
SCIENCE DAILY Children with autism have structural and functional abnormalities in the brain circuit that normally makes social interaction feel rewarding, according to a new study... 4 days
Intimate partner violence doesn't end with the relationship
SCIENCE DAILY Violence that occurs between intimate partners does not end with the relationship's conclusion, yet few resources exist to help survivors move beyond the betrayal of abusive relationships in order to begin new,... 1 week
Researchers assess role of physician in preventing intimate partner violence perpetration
NEWS MEDICAL Intimate partner violence is prevalent and has lasting impacts on the health and well-being of the entire family involved. 1 week
Male couples experience as much domestic violence as heterosexual couples
NEWS MEDICAL Nearly half of all men in a new study about intimate partner violence in male couples report being victims of abuse. 1 week
Facebook cracks down on bogus posts inciting violence
PHYS.ORG Facebook on Wednesday built on its campaign to prevent the platform from being used to spread dangerous misinformation, saying it will remove bogus posts likely to spark violence. 1 day
Sociologist uses Twitter to research criminological behavior online
PHYS.ORG In the modern era of social media, more than 300 million people use Twitter to share news and engage in online conversations. This provides a glimpse into the minds of a diverse... 3 days
'Ideological masculinity' that drives violence against women is a form of violent extremism
PHYS.ORG Verbal and physical violence shapes the daily experiences of girls and women in cities. A recent analysis showed that women in Melbourne... 1 week
Military personnel with head trauma and football players with suspected CTE show similar brain changes
NEWS MEDICAL In a small study of military personnel who had suffered head trauma and had reported memory and mood... 2 days
Male couples report as much domestic violence as straight couples
SCIENCE DAILY Nearly half of all men in a new study about intimate partner violence in male couples report being victims of abuse. 1 week
Lab studies the social interaction of yeast
PHYS.ORG Yeast don't have much of a social life; they're single-celled fungi, after all. But yeast are, indeed, social. 1 week
How 'empathy gap' among social workers can affect services for people of color
PHYS.ORG Social workers think of themselves as empathetic individuals—after all, they went into social work specifically to help people. But empathy isn't a... 1 day
What is the role of the physician when a patient discloses intimate partner violence perpetration?
SCIENCE DAILY Intimate partner violence (IPV) is prevalent and has lasting impacts on the health and well-being of the entire... 1 week
Longer hours on social media may increase teens' risk of cyberbullying
SCIENCE DAILY Cyberbullying may be linked to higher use of social network sites by school children aged 14-17 years, rather than to simply having a social network profile,... 2 weeks
Soccer headers more likely to have balance problems
NEWS MEDICAL Soccer players who head the ball more often may be more likely to have balance problems than players who do not head the ball as often, according to a preliminary study released... 1 week
Understanding the social dynamics that cause cooperation to thrive, or fail
SCIENCE DAILY Biologists address the question of how an evolving social network influences the likelihood of cooperation in a theoretical social group. They find that, although networks where... 1 week
Primates adjust grooming to their social environment
SCIENCE DAILY Researcher show that wild chimpanzees and sooty mangabeys, two primate species who live in complex social groups, choose their grooming partners based on a variety of criteria, including their social relationship with them and... 1 week
Primates adjust grooming to their social environment
PHYS.ORG Working together and exchanging services for the benefit of everyone involved is crucial for humans and partly responsible for our success as a species. In order to achieve a goal, we need to choose... 1 week
Social Science One set to release massive trove of Facebook data for research purposes
PHYS.ORG It seems Christmas is coming early this year for social scientists. 1 week
Study unveils components of successful key account management
PHYS.ORG Dynamic capabilities play a key role in successful key account management, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, Cranfield University and the University of Portsmouth. The... 1 week
Social isolation: Animals that break away from the pack can influence evolution
SCIENCE DAILY For some animals -- such as beetles, ants, toads, and primates -- short-term social isolation can be just as vital as social interaction to... 3 days
Realization of color filter-free image sensors
PHYS.ORG A South Korean research team has developed an image sensor that captures vivid colors without color filters. The Korea Research Foundation announced that Professor Dae Sung Chung (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, DGIST)'s research... 1 week
Social isolation: Animals that break away from the pack can influence evolution
PHYS.ORG For some animals—such as beetles, ants, toads, and primates—short-term social isolation can be just as vital as social interaction to development and long-term evolution.... 3 days
In the era of Brexit and fake news, scientists need to embrace social media
PHYS.ORG Social media can be an intimidating place for academics as not all of them take to it like ducks to... 3 days
Study: Football training could improve bone mineral density in prostate cancer patients
NEWS MEDICAL Androgen deprivation therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer can lead to loss of muscle and bone mass. 4 days
Protein found to be key component in irregularly excited brain cells
SCIENCE DAILY In a new study in mice, researchers have identified a key protein involved in the irregular brain cell activity seen in autism spectrum disorders and epilepsy.... 3 days
‘Left-cradling bias’ linked to better social cognitive abilities in children
SCIENCE DAILY Children who cradle dolls on the left tend to show higher social cognitive abilities than those who do not, according to new research. 2 weeks
Elon Musk says in Thailand with mini-sub
PHYS.ORG American space entrepreneur Elon Musk tweeted that he was in Thailand on Tuesday with a prototype mini-sub, at the flooded cave where five members of a youth football team remained trapped. 1 week
Rescued from the Cave, Thai Soccer Team Gets Quarantined: Here's Why
LIVE SCIENCE Caves are petri-dishes for viruses and bacteria 2 weeks
In a ‘tour de force,’ researchers image an entire fly brain in minute detail
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Metal too 'gummy' to cut? Draw on it with a Sharpie or glue stick, science says
First major Carbon Landscape restoration project is officially opened
European solid rocket passes key test
How a small Scottish town aims to transform commercial spaceflight