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iphone xs max beats out samsung galaxy note 9 in app launch speed test video iPhone XS Max beats out Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in app launch speed test [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO In a synthetic test of real... 11 minutes
Developing new ways to advance copper production
MIT U.S. Department of Energy grant will support the Allanore lab's advancement of copper production from sulfur-based minerals. 4 minutes
Qualcomm claims Apple shared tech with Intel
BBC Qualcomm's complaint is the latest clash between the two global technology giants. 1 hour
Transforming carbon dioxide—researchers develop novel two-step CO2 conversion technology
PHYS.ORG A team of researchers at the University of Delaware's Center for Catalytic Science and Technology (CCST) has discovered a novel two-step process to increase the efficiency of carbon dioxide (CO2)... 35 minutes
Funded by new tax credits, US carbon-capture network could double global CO2 headed underground
PHYS.ORG With the right public infrastructure investment, the United States could as much as double the amount of carbon dioxide emissions... 1 hour
Super Typhoon Trami's rainfall examined by NASA/JAXA's GPM satellite
PHYS.ORG The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core observatory satellite probed super typhoon Trami when it traveled above the northwestern Pacific Ocean and provided an analysis of heavy rainfall and... 35 minutes
Ancient Mars Had Ample Chemical Energy to Support Subsurface Microbial Colonies
SCI-NEWS.COM Mars had right conditions for subsurface life some 3.7 to 4.1 billion years ago... 2 hours
uber is overhauling the way it responds to emergencies and natural disasters Uber is overhauling the way it responds to emergencies and natural disasters
THE VERGE Uber is overhauling its disaster response procedures so it doesn’t get caught flat-footed during major events like a hurricane or terrorist attack. In the... 2 hours
spotlight on sea level rise Spotlight on sea-level rise
ESA Scientists are gathering in the Azores this week to share findings on how satellite has revealed changes in the height of the sea, ice, inland bodies of water... 3 hours
mac and ipad lead pc and tablet market in customer satisfaction samsung and amazon share second place Mac and iPad lead PC and tablet market in customer satisfaction, Samsung and Amazon share second place
9to5Mac New data... 4 hours
Bioplastics sourced from wood
PHYS.ORG The shift from fossil-based industries to a bioeconomy is creating a growing demand for biobased chemicals, materials and fuels as sustainable and renewable alternatives. One possible source is fructose from wood for use in the production of bioplastics. 4 hours
A facade that is a power plant and a guarantee of wellbeing
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Anyone who spends most of their day indoors knows the importance of a comfortable atmosphere to work and live in. Researchers from EPFL's Solar... 4 hours
How can we limit climate change damage to the global economy?
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The international community's ambition to fight against climate change comes at a cost: between US$50,000 billion and US$90,000 billion over the next 15 years according to the bottom-end estimates of economist Adair... 3 hours
Samsung, Bosch, LG lead in the eternal race to fill your home with appliances - CNET
CNET A survey of 250,000 people have made their appliance alliances. 4 hours
Get The Scoop On The ‘Black Lightning’ S2 Premier, Plus Kearran Giovanni Joins The Cast
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The CW’s ‘Black Lightning’ has added... 4 hours
Novartis slashes thousands of jobs in Switzerland, UK
PHYS.ORG Pharmaceutical giant Novartis said Tuesday it will cut more than 2,000 jobs in Switzerland by 2022, while some 400 jobs could go in Britain as part of a global restructuring. 4 hours
New emissions tests push BMW into profit warning
PHYS.ORG German high-end carmaker BMW said Tuesday that new stricter emissions tests for cars as well as refits to older vehicles and global trade tensions would leave revenues and profits short of its... 4 hours
apple devices earn highest customer satisfaction score among pc and tablet makers Apple Devices Earn Highest Customer Satisfaction Score Among PC and Tablet Makers
MacRumors Apple's Macs and iPads continue to have the highest customer satisfaction score among PC and tablet makers, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index's... 4 hours
RTI's TETRAfuse 3D Technology wins 2018 Spine Technology Award
NEWS MEDICAL RTI Surgical, Inc., a global surgical implant company, announced its TETRAfuse 3D Technology won a 2018 Spine Technology Award from Orthopedics This Week, a widely read publication in the orthopedics... 4 hours
nomad s latest wireless charger can fast charge two phones at once Nomad’s latest wireless charger can fast-charge two phones at once
THE VERGE Nomad’s Base Station is a Qi charging pad that’s able to charge two wireless devices simultaneously... 5 hours
Ancient Mars Had Energy Source for Potential Life Underground
SPACE.COM If life ever got a foothold in the Martian subsurface long ago, it could have tapped into a plentiful chemical energy source, a new study suggests. 6 hours
‘Trouble Brewing’ report highlights steps that governments can take to reduce alcohol-related harms
NEWS MEDICAL Alcohol is a leading contributor to death and disability worldwide, but governments haven’t responded to the issue with the attention, resources and... 6 hours
Charity urges government to increase financial support for dementia research
NEWS MEDICAL Alzheimer’s Research UK, one of the top dementia research funders in the world, is calling on the UK government to adopt a bold new action plan to bring... 6 hours
Philips' new full face DreamWear mask offers more options for patients with respiratory conditions
NEWS MEDICAL Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, has announced the introduction of the next generation mask in its award-winning... 6 hours
I owned the first Android phone in an iPhone world -- and it was amazing - CNET
CNET I bought the T-Mobile G1, the anti-iPhone that started Android's global sweep. 7 hours
3D-printed gun maker Cody Wilson resigns from Defense Distributed - CNET
iPhone XS Max beats out Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in app launch speed test [Video]
Watch Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket launch on its 100th mission to space
Secrets of the Perfect Water-Bottle Flip Unlocked: Thanks, Physicists!
Self-solving Rubik’s Cube could just be a really smart poltergeist
Capturing a miniature world with iPhone XS Max
Trailer for 'The Great Buster: A Celebration' Doc About Buster Keaton
Google Assistant adds commands for Sony Xperia XZ3 features including 4K HDR recording
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald final trailer meets new monsters
Climate change calls for a fresh approach to water woes