CNET The Q Acoustics Media 4’s minimalist features set, built-in subwoofer, and fuss-free sound make an attractive alternative to more elaborate sound bar systems. 5 days
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Supreme Court strikes down law restricting social media access - CNET
CNET In an 8-0 decision, the court rules a North Carolina law that bans sex offenders from using social media is unconstitutional. 5 days
iFrogz Impulse Duo review - CNET
CNET This lightweight, affordable in-ear wireless headphone features dual drivers and includes a nifty magnetic clasp. 1 week
Router hack risk not limited to Virgin Media
BBC A weakness in some Virgin Media routers also affects routers by other providers, experts warn. 1 day
Apple MacBook (2017) review - CNET
CNET In its third incarnation, faster processors and a much better keyboard finally make the 12-inch MacBook a contender. 2 days
OnePlus 5 review - CNET
CNET With cameras that hold up against those on the iPhone and Pixel, the affordable OnePlus 5 impresses us again. 4 days
baby driver a 2 hour trailer as familiar as a favourite song cnet 'Baby Driver': a 2-hour trailer as familiar as a favourite song - CNET
CNET VIDEO Music drives Edgar Wright's car chase caper to high-octane thrills but few surprises (spoiler-free review). 4 days
Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad review - CNET
CNET Apple adds a full number pad to its iconic wireless keyboard. Spreadsheet dorks go wild. 4 days
Amazon Fire HD 8 (2017) review - CNET
CNET Except for some new color options, Amazon's 8-inch tablet hardware remains unchanged. But its price drop makes it an even better bargain. 6 days
meltwater acquires hong kong based klarity to boost social media monitoring in asia Meltwater acquires Hong Kong-based Klarity to boost social media monitoring in Asia
TechCrunch  Meltwater, the self-described ‘media intelligence’ company, continues on an acquisition spree. Following the purchase of Oxford Uni spin-out Wrapidity in February, it has acquired... 5 days
Apple iMac (27-inch, 2017) review - CNET
CNET New components under the hood make for a faster iMac. But they’re packed into the familiar chassis of yesteryear. 4 days
Razer Blade (14-inch, 2017) review - CNET
CNET Razer updates its 14-inch Blade laptop for a higher-end take on slim gaming. 6 days
'The Last Knight' needs to be the last Transformers film - CNET
CNET Director Michael Bay's latest robot flick disappoints, but then again, expectations weren't high. Here's our spoiler-free review. 4 days
Electrolux EI30GF45QS review - CNET
CNET The $2,700 Electrolux EI30GF45QS cooks food well -- as long as you have the time to spare. 3 days
Xiaomi Mi 6 review - CNET
CNET You’ll love the Xiaomi Mi 6’s hardware and price. You’ll hate that it’s China-only, at least for now. 3 days
Bots and trolls are swaying opinions on Facebook, Twitter - CNET
CNET A new study shows bots and trolls are using the biggest social media sites to manipulate your views. 4 days
German police said to raid homes over online hate speech - CNET
CNET The raids targeted people accused of posting threats, coercion and incitement to racism on social media, reports The New York Times. 4 days
A wrestling fan’s review of the gloriously weird ‘GLOW’ - CNET
CNET Uranage is the new black. (A uranage is a pro wrestling move. That’s gonna be important later on.) 3 days
'Flawless': 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' earning social media raves - CNET
CNET With great power comes great reviews: Lucky folks who received an early peek at the film are praising it as one of Spidey's best. 5 hours
LG SJ9 review - CNET
CNET The LG SJ9 Atmos sound bar sounds very good, but its main draw is Dolby Atmos audio and Chromecast built-in for a relatively affordable price. 1 day
'The Mist' review: Stephen is still King in unnerving new series - CNET
CNET VIDEO The new Spike TV show does the acclaimed author proud, expanding his 1980 horror novella beyond the supermarket into a 10-episode series.... 3 days
pdp s third party playstation 4 media remote looks way better than sony s official one PDP’s third-party PlayStation 4 media remote looks way better than Sony’s official one
THE VERGE It took Sony almost two years to launch a media... 4 days
Some Uber workers pushing to bring back Kalanick, says report - CNET
CNET An alleged petition says Uber shouldn't have caved to pressure from the media and investors in regard to former CEO Travis Kalanick. 2 days
HBO fills Reddit, Twitter with 'Game of Thrones' Easter eggs - CNET
CNET As the summer solstice rolls around, HBO is using social media to remind us that winter, and a new season of Game of Thrones,... 3 days
Amazon Dash Wand review - CNET
CNET The Amazon Dash Wand scans barcodes to add items to your shopping cart, pays for itself if you already shop on Amazon, and its tiny speaker is home to Alexa, too. 5 days
Chinese media told to 'shut down' talk that makes country look bad - CNET
CNET Weibo and two other sites were hit with an order from the Chinese government to block any "negative talk" about... 2 days
iPad Pro 2017 Review: ProMotion for me! video - CNET
CNET Apple has built the best iPad, with iOS 11 just around the corner. Should you upgrade? If you use the Apple Pencil, absolutely. What can Apple do to... 5 days
twitter takes chance to claim it s fair and balanced cnet Twitter takes Chance to claim it's fair and balanced - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: In a new campaign, the social media site uses Chance the Rapper to show how you can "see every side" of the conversation. Well, if... 5 days
This home theater makes you rethink your priorities in life - CNET
CNET Show Us Yours: Tony's amazing custom-built media room is one of the most impressive we've ever seen. From Runco projector to Kaleidescape server to... 2 days
TYLT Energi Pro review: MrMobile's favorite battery backpack
Windows Central I knew I needed to review the TYLT Energi Pro when I first saw Daniel Bader rocking one on an overseas trip a few months back – and even though he's beaten... 2 days
brideclick acquires mode media BrideClick acquires Mode Media
TechCrunch  The Mode Media story refuses to end — following its abrupt shut down last year, the company’s assets have been acquired by wedding-focused advertising company BrideClick. Mode previously... 6 days
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