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Weaponizing oxygen to kill infections and disease
SCIENCE DAILY The life-threatening bacteria MRSA can cripple a medical facility since it is resistant to treatment. But scientists report that they are now making advances in a new technique that avoids antibiotics, instead using light... 8 hours
HPI, INTEGRIS and USPI enter into agreement to offer patients more choice, flexibility of care
NEWS MEDICAL HPI Holdings LLC, an operator of hospitals, outpatient centers and clinics in Oklahoma City, INTEGRIS, Oklahoma's most advanced... 12 hours
Insight into endocrine cancers and treatment options
NEWS MEDICAL Aretha Franklin died of a neuroendocrine pancreatic tumor, a rare disease where patients often exhibit few symptoms at first. 13 hours
Original Content podcast: ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is a charming high school romance
TechCrunch While Hollywood’s interest in romantic comedies seems to be fading, Netflix has been picking up some... 14 hours
Weaponizing oxygen to kill infections and disease
PHYS.ORG The life-threatening bacteria called MRSA can cripple a hospital since it spreads quickly and is resistant to treatment. But scientists report that they are now making advances in a new technique that avoids antibiotics.... 20 hours
get amazon s highest rated ipad case now available in ferrari red Get Amazon’s highest rated iPad case now available in Ferrari Red
9to5Mac ZUGU CASE, maker of Amazon’s highest rated case for iPad, is releasing a new... 1 day
Loyola Medicine offers scalp cooling treatment to reduce risk of chemotherapy hair loss
NEWS MEDICAL Loyola Medicine is offering cancer patients a treatment that reduces the risk of hair loss by cooling the scalp. 1 day
Insight into development of lung cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Lung cancer results from effects of smoking along with multiple genetic components. A new study identifies two main pathways for the role of chromosome 15q25.1 -- a leader in increasing susceptibility to lung cancer -- in... 1 day
how crazy rich asians turns a traditional asian rom com trope into a modern statement How Crazy Rich Asians turns a traditional Asian rom-com trope into a modern statement
THE VERGE Minor spoilers ahead for Crazy Rich Asians. With... 2 days
Should You Get That Scan? Your Doctor Might Not Be Great At Helping You Decide
NPR In a new study, researchers found that doctors are better at explaining the benefits of a common cancer... 2 days
Conditions of first sexual encounter can be indicators of future HIV risk and gender-based violence
NEWS MEDICAL Adolescent girls and young women in Mombasa, Kenya are more likely to experience higher risks of HIV and... 2 days
Colorectal Cancer Screening: Guidelines, Options and Risks
LIVE SCIENCE Colorectal cancer is preventable. Here are the types of colorectal cancer screenings and when you should get tested. 2 days
Exercise shown to improve symptoms of patients with chronic kidney disease
SCIENCE DAILY Just 12 weeks of aerobic and strength-based exercise reduces symptoms and levels of fatigue in patients with chronic kidney disease, a study has found. 2 days
Patients with healthcare-associated infections suffer social, emotional pain
SCIENCE DAILY The consequences of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) reach well beyond patients' physical health, souring social relationships, and leading some healthcare providers (HCP) to distance themselves from affected patients, according to a qualitative, systematic... 2 days
New aid to help identify and manage patients with diabetes at increased risk of fracture
SCIENCE DAILY A new expert review summarizes key research, highlights clinical issues, and provides a helpful 'decision-tree' style algorithm for... 2 days
There's no place like home: Study finds home care effective for patients with blood clots
SCIENCE DAILY Study finds that patients with low-risk blood clots may be better off receiving treatment at home versus being... 2 days
Y Combinator invests in non-invasive breast cancer screening bra EVA
TechCrunch According to a report by the American Cancer Society, an estimated 266,120 women will be newly diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States this year and (according to... 2 days
Cells agree: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
SCIENCE DAILY Brief exposures to stressors can be beneficial by prompting cells to trigger sustained production of antioxidants, molecules that help get rid of toxic cellular buildup related to normal metabolism --... 2 days
Scientists identify pathways that reveal insights into mechanism of lung cancer etiology
NEWS MEDICAL Lung cancer is the leading cause of preventable cancer death. A disease of complex origin, lung cancer is usually considered to result from effects... 2 days
Like shark attacks and the lottery, unconscious bias influences cancer screening
SCIENCE DAILY Study shows that doctors with personal experience of cancer are more likely to act against established guidelines to recommend that low-risk women receive ovarian cancer screening. 2 days
HSS takes young patients with physical challenges on a surfing trip
NEWS MEDICAL Hospital for Special Surgery made a splash this week with a surfing trip for young patients. Giving new meaning to the term "patient care," the Adaptive... 2 days
More efficient security for cloud-based machine learning
SCIENCE DAILY A novel encryption method secures data used in online neural networks, without dramatically slowing their runtimes. This approach holds promise for using cloud-based neural networks for medical-image analysis and other applications that use sensitive... 2 days
Novel nanoparticle-based approach detects and treats oral plaque without drugs
SCIENCE DAILY When the good and bad bacteria in our mouth become imbalanced, the bad bacteria form a biofilm (aka plaque), which can cause cavities, and if left untreated over... 2 days
Texas A&M researchers develop clay-based platform to grow blood vessels
NEWS MEDICAL Formation of new blood vessels, a process also known as angiogenesis, is one of the major clinical challenges in wound healing and tissue implants. To address this issue,... 2 days
apple s upcoming drama based on child journalist hilde lysiak gains lead actress Apple's Upcoming Drama Based on Child Journalist Hilde Lysiak Gains Lead Actress
MacRumors Child actress Brooklynn Prince has been cast in the lead role of Apple's upcoming drama series that's based on the life of young journalist... 2 days
Jack Ryan review: Amazon's action analyst ain't that interesting - CNET
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
More Trailers for Studio Ponoc's 'Modest Heroes' Short Film Anthology
Two Brothers Spot UFOs in First Trailer for Indie Sci-Fi 'Watch the Sky'
Apple’s Amsterdam store evacuated after iPad battery explodes
Camp W is a great game for the end of summer
You can now download tickets to visit museums for free on Sept. 22nd
Here’s how I backup my family photos and videos using the 3-2-1 method