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Egypt president ratifies law imposing internet controls
ABC NEWS Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has ratified an anti-cybercrime law that rights groups say paves the way for censoring online media 2 hours
how crazy rich asians turns a traditional asian rom com trope into a modern statement How Crazy Rich Asians turns a traditional Asian rom-com trope into a modern statement
THE VERGE Minor spoilers ahead for Crazy Rich Asians. With... 5 hours
What Team Windows Central is watching and listening to this weekend
Windows Central It's nearly the weekend, and that means it's time for more of the TV, movies, music, and books the Windows Central team is enjoying this week.... 8 hours
Study evaluates how students change their breakfast consumption when given extra time
NEWS MEDICAL Primary school students are more likely to eat a nutritional breakfast when given 10 extra minutes to do so, according to a new study... 7 hours
facebook fights us government demand to break messenger encryption in criminal case Facebook Fights US Government Demand to Break Messenger Encryption in Criminal Case
MacRumors Facebook is contesting a demand from the U.S. government that it break the encryption of its popular Messenger app so that law enforcement can... 9 hours
valve accidentally unveils its new twitch like steam broadcasting Valve accidentally unveils its new Twitch-like Steam broadcasting
THE VERGE Valve has accidentally revealed it’s working on improving its Twitch-like Steam broadcasting feature. briefly came online on Friday, revealing... 12 hours
us reportedly pressuring facebook to break messenger s encryption over ms 13 investigation US reportedly pressuring Facebook to break Messenger’s encryption over MS-13 investigation
THE VERGE The US Department of Justice is reportedly trying to have Facebook break the end-to-end... 22 hours
Facebook reportedly asked by US government to help wiretap Messenger - CNET
CNET That would mean breaking encryption on the chat app. 21 hours
Watch: Engaging Sci-Fi Short Film 'Kept' Questions Recording Dreams
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "It's the intensity; it's the purity of what you are seeing. No conscious interventions." Now this is the kind of sci-fi I'm hoping to discover. Kept is a sci-fi short... 21 hours
u s government asks facebook to break messenger encryption to wiretap voice messages U.S. government asks Facebook to break Messenger encryption to wiretap voice messages
9to5Mac Facebook has arguably always been in a grey area with its business model. On one hand, it’s super popular and nearly everyone you know... 22 hours
9to5rewards still time to enter our 2018 macbook pro giveaway 10 off at hyper 9to5Rewards: Still time to enter our 2018 MacBook Pro giveaway!! (+ 10% off at Hyper)
9to5Mac Thanks to our sponsor Hyper, we have Apple’s... 22 hours
10 best smart-home gadgets for newbies video - CNET
CNET The smart home has never been more accessible, so what's the best place to start? 22 hours
More efficient security for cloud-based machine learning
SCIENCE DAILY A novel encryption method secures data used in online neural networks, without dramatically slowing their runtimes. This approach holds promise for using cloud-based neural networks for medical-image analysis and other applications that use sensitive... 23 hours
Before He Was Batman’s Butler He Was ‘Pennyworth’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM EPIX is putting ‘Pennyworth‘ into production on November 21st, 2018, which is their prequel story that puts a focus on... 24 hours
transit app expands real time crowdsourced data to 175 cities Transit App Expands Real-Time Crowdsourced Data to 175 Cities
MacRumors The developers of the Transit app this week announced the expansion of real-time crowdsourced data for buses, trains,... 1 day
Windows 10 SDK preview build 17733 now available for developers
Windows Central It's time for developers to tinker with another new SDK. Microsoft this week made available another new Windows 10 SDK preview build for developers to check out. ,!--break-->... 1 day
Windows 10 build 17741 rolling out for Insiders in the Fast ring
Windows Central Another Redstone 5 build is rolling out for Insiders now with new changes! Microsoft is rolling out yet another Windows 10 Redstone 5 Insider... 1 day
3 ways Android apps make Chromebooks more like Windows PCs
Windows Central Google markets Chromebooks as more secure, simpler to use, and easier to maintain than Windows PCs. But Android apps on Chrome may have changed things. Unfortunately for Google... 1 day
Samsung Odyssey+ mixed reality headset breaks cover in FCC documents
Windows Central Samsung is cooking up a followup to its Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset, newly surfaced FCC documents show. Samsung may soon have a new Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)... 1 day
Quantum material is promising 'ion conductor' for research, new technologies
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have shown how to shuttle lithium ions back and forth into the crystal structure of a quantum material, representing a new avenue for research and potential applications... 1 day
samsung has a new odyssey mixed reality headset on the way Samsung has a new Odyssey+ Mixed Reality headset on the way
THE VERGE A new FCC filing shows that Samsung may be prepping to release an updated... 1 day
NASA's Opportunity Rover on Mars Still Silent 2 Months into Epic Dust Storm
SPACE.COM Opportunity has been silent since June 10, when a monster Red Planet dust storm began blocking sunlight from reaching the solar-powered rover.... 1 day
Narrow-beam laser technology enables communications between underwater vehicles
PHYS.ORG Nearly five years ago, NASA and Lincoln Laboratory made history when the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD) used a pulsed laser beam to transmit data from a satellite orbiting the moon to... 1 day
Image: Sun's magnetic field modeled
PHYS.ORG NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) scientists used their computer models to generate a view of the Sun's magnetic field on August 10, 2018. 1 day
Six things about Opportunity's recovery efforts
PHYS.ORG NASA's Opportunity rover has been silent since June 10, when a planet-encircling dust storm cut off solar power for the nearly-15-year-old rover. Now that scientists think the global dust storm is "decaying"—meaning more dust is falling... 1 day
Photos: Apple welcomes customers to new stores at Orland Square Mall, Irvine Spectrum Center
HBO has picked up its Watchman show for a full season
Roy Orbison died 30 years ago but will perform a Toronto concert - as a hologram
Roy Orbison died 30 years ago but will perform a Toronto concert - as a hologram
Tesla eyes cost savings so it can make $25,000 cars in three years, Elon Musk tells MKBHD
Watch: Engaging Sci-Fi Short Film 'Kept' Questions Recording Dreams
Official Trailer for Documentary 'Hal' About the Filmmaker Hal Ashby
Alphabet Scoop 020: Made by Google Smart Display, Pixel 2 XL sluggishness, Material Theme
Netflix testing ads for its own content in between episodes on ad-free service
Can you use MacBook Pro chargers for iPhone and iPad fast charging?