SCIENCE DAILY Off-the-shelf devices that include baby monitors, home security cameras, doorbells, and thermostats were easily co-opted by cyber researchers . As part of their ongoing research into detecting vulnerabilities of devices and networks expanding in the smart home and Internet of Things (IoT), the researchers disassembled and reverse engineered many common devices and quickly uncovered serious security issues. 6 days
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Philips introduces new ultrasound digital health device for point-of-care diagnostics in the UK
NEWS MEDICAL Royal Philips a globally leading heath technology company, has announced that Lumify, a smart device ultrasound solution for use at the point... 6 days
Success report for EASY PULSE in Poland
NEWS MEDICAL SCHILLER Poland has settled on a tender from the Polish Army regarding emergency devices. The EASY PULSE devices will be delivered early November to the military. 7 days
SCHILLER settles on tender from Polish Army for EASY PULSE devices
NEWS MEDICAL SCHILLER Poland has settled on a tender from the Polish Army regarding emergency devices. The EASY PULSE devices will be delivered early November to the military. 7 days
SCHILLER Poland settles on new tender from LPR Air Ambulance for EASY PULSE
NEWS MEDICAL We are pleased to announce that SCHILLER Poland has settled on another tender, this time from the LPR (Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe) Air... 7 days
How gold rush prospectors made the original smart fridge
PHYS.ORG First came smartphones. Then smart watches. Now smart fridges. But how smart were the fridges of the gold rush? 6 days
Got the message? Your brainwaves will tell
SCIENCE DAILY A new technique will allow for a more accurate diagnosis of patients who cannot actively participate in a speech understanding test because they're too young, for instance, or because they're in a coma. In... 2 weeks
Smart glass made better, and cheaper
SCIENCE DAILY New 'smart glass' technology could make curtains and blinds obsolete and provide an instant toggle between light and dark for windshields and roof panes. While this isn't the first 'smart glass' ever developed, it is about... 2 weeks
Nanostructures made of previously impossible material
SCIENCE DAILY One could think that mixing different materials is easy -- why not just melt them and pour them together? But if the goal is to create well-ordered crystals, things are more complicated. Scientists have now found... 1 week
Staying clean keeps seafish smart
PHYS.ORG A team of international researchers led by a Canadian biologist has found that infection with parasites makes it harder for seafish living in coral reefs to think. 2 weeks
In Photos: Research Vessel Headed to 'Hidden' Antarctic Ecosystem
LIVE SCIENCE The expedition was meant to explore the newly exposed seafloor that had been covered by the Larsen C Ice Shelf for about 120,000 years. 1 week
OGT launches new, easy-to-use Cytocell FISH probes website
NEWS MEDICAL Oxford Gene Technology, The Molecular Genetics Company, has launched a new version of its Cytocell fluorescence in situ hybridization probes website - designed to provide a wealth of information and advice, offer... 2 weeks
SCHILLER EASY PULSE successfully used for offshore air rescue
NEWS MEDICAL SCHILLER EASY PULSE successfully deployed by the Northern HeliCopter GmbH - the specialist for offshore air rescue 7 days
Video: The thousand-year-old egg
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Century eggs, or pidan, are a preserved food made by fermenting duck eggs in alkali. The green and black color of these eggs is not very appealing at first blush, and the smell is even worse. However, this Ming dynasty... 6 days
Energy level alignment for molecular electronics
PHYS.ORG NUS physicists have found that complex electron-electron interactions change the energy levels at molecule-metal interfaces, affecting the performance of molecular electronic devices. 5 days
Three scenarios show we have to think carefully about ethics in designing smart cities
PHYS.ORG To improve cities, governments are increasingly promoting the use of technology and data-driven decision-making. They decide how technologies and Big Data are... 3 days
New insights could pave the way for self-powered low energy devices
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have discovered more details about the way certain materials hold a static charge even after two surfaces separate, information that could help improve devices that... 2 weeks
Japan penalizes several cryptocurrency exchanges after hack
PHYS.ORG The Japanese government is slapping penalties on several cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, after 58 billion yen ($530 million) of virtual coins were lost earlier this year from hacking. 2 weeks
Hacked Japan crypto exchange refunds customers
PHYS.ORG Japan-based virtual currency exchange Coincheck said Tuesday it had refunded more than $440 million to customers following the hack of its systems, which was one of the largest thefts of its kind. 6 days
E-cigarettes introduce same toxins into the body as traditional cigarettes
NEWS MEDICAL There has been a new trend of taking up vaping or using electronic cigarettes among teenagers. Some studies have shown that these electronic devices can help individuals quit... 2 weeks
An eco-friendly alternative to recycling e-waste
SCIENCE DAILY As consumers toss aside old cell phones, tablets and laptops to keep up with the latest technology, landfills are becoming full of the old devices. To address this buildup, scientists are attempting to recover valuable plastics... 5 days
Watchdog: Western tech used for hacking in Turkey, Syria
PHYS.ORG A Canadian company's hardware is being used to hack internet users along Turkey's border with Syria, researchers said Friday, adding that there were signs that Kurdish forces aligned with the... 1 week
Piezomagnetic material changes magnetic properties when stretched
SCIENCE DAILY Piezoelectric materials, which generate an electric current when compressed or stretched, are familiar and widely used: lighters that spark when you press a switch, microphones, sensors, motors and all kinds of other devices. Now... 2 days
Piezomagnetic material changes magnetic properties when stretched
PHYS.ORG Piezoelectric materials, which generate an electric current when compressed or stretched, are familiar and widely used: think of lighters that spark when you press a switch, but also microphones, sensors, motors and all kinds... 2 days
Snow science: Crystal clues to climate change, watersheds
PHYS.ORG Capturing snowflakes isn't as easy as sticking out your tongue. 3 days
Russian Gov't Says Not to Worry About These 54 Severed Human Hands Found in Siberia
LIVE SCIENCE A bag of 54 dismembered hands found in the snow was probably 'not criminal' in origin, officials say. 1 week
New way found to defeat HIV latency
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found a mechanism for making HIV come out of hiding and become susceptible to anti-HIV drugs. 1 week
Thermally driven spin current in DNA
PHYS.ORG An emerging field that has generated a wide range of interest, spin caloritronics, is an offshoot of spintronics that explores how heat currents transport electron spin. Spin caloritronics researchers are particularly interested in how waste heat... 4 days
Research on bismuth ferrite could lead to new types of electrical devices
PHYS.ORG Electrical devices in use today use conductive materials to guide electrons where they are needed. These materials must be fastened in place and insulated... 5 days
Studies point to smarter way to learn procedures, solve problems
PHYS.ORG Easy as 1, 2, 3! Such claims have touted the ease of use of a new gadget, although a closer look would reveal that it would take dozens... 2 weeks
Simple arsenic sensor could save lives
PHYS.ORG A low-cost, easy-to-use sensor which can test drinking water for arsenic in just one minute has been developed by Imperial and UCL researchers. 2 weeks
These are the places that (most likely) host alien life
Signs of symbolic behavior emerged at the dawn of our species in Africa
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NASA finds towering storms in Tropical Cyclone Linda
Interactive, downloadable and 3-D printable scans of newly discovered hermit crabs now available
The future of transportation systems
Trump Says US May Need a 'Space Force'
Algorithm could streamline harvesting of hand-picked crops
Video: The thousand-year-old egg
Metamaterials bend waves of all kinds
A wireless patch for monitoring emergency-room patients
Video: Tour a Mars robot test lab
Artificial "maple seeds" from rockets
New method to create self-tinting windows
Scarce metals going unrecovered from end-of-life vehicles
This modified smartphone measures blood pressure directly from your finger
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