NEWS MEDICAL A new robotic system developed by UPM researchers and AURA Innovative Robotics Company can help diagnose neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia and Parkinson, through the analysis of eye movements. 2 weeks
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Scientists develop artificial intelligence platform to diagnose many diseases
NEWS MEDICAL A platform that can diagnose several diseases with a high degree of precision using metabolic markers found in patients' blood has been developed by scientists at the University of Campinas... 2 weeks
Low-cost plastic sensors could monitor a range of health conditions
SCIENCE DAILY An international team of researchers have developed a low-cost sensor made from semiconducting plastic that can be used to diagnose or monitor a wide range of health conditions,... 2 days
Researchers develop low-cost plastic sensors to monitor wide range of health conditions
NEWS MEDICAL An international team of researchers have developed a low-cost sensor made from semiconducting plastic that can be used to diagnose or monitor a wide... 2 days
Important step towards a computer model that predicts the outcome of eye diseases
SCIENCE DAILY Understanding how the retina transforms images into signals that the brain can interpret would not only result in insights into brain computations,... 2 days
Novel system mimics focus activity of the human eye
SCIENCE DAILY A new computational system effectively mimics the natural way the human eye corrects focus, specifically while viewing objects that are closer rather than farther away. 2 weeks
Novel system mimics focus activity of the human eye
PHYS.ORG With aging comes deteriorating vision. At SIGGRAPH 2018, attendees will have the chance to test a new computational system that effectively mimics the natural way the human eye corrects focus,... 2 weeks
Miniaturized infrared cameras take colored photos of the eye
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers report a new miniaturized camera module that can be used to diagnose the eye. The module uses three wavelengths of near infrared light to give a clear image of... 4 days
Riverview Medical Center now offers full and partial robotic knee replacement surgery
NEWS MEDICAL Hackensack Meridian Health Riverview Medical Center located in Red Bank, now offers full and partial robotic knee replacement surgery thanks to the addition of... 2 weeks
Coconut oil diet increases vitality, lifespan of fruit flies with peroxisomal disorder
NEWS MEDICAL "Lorenzo's Oil" was to help a seriously ill boy suffering from a peroxisomal disorder (adrenoleukodystrophy/ALD). The true story was turned into a film which... 4 days
New classification system for periodontal health, diseases and conditions announced at EuroPerio9 congress
NEWS MEDICAL A new global classification system for periodontal health, diseases and conditions, as well as peri-implant diseases and conditions, has been announced today at the EuroPerio9 congress,... 3 days
Combining stem cell technology and artificial intelligence to diagnose genetic cardiac diseases
NEWS MEDICAL A new study by Professors Martti Juhola and Katriina Aalto-Setälä of the University of Tampere in Finland demonstrates that with the use of artificial... 4 days
AbCellera and Denali collaborate to discover new antibodies to fight neurodegenerative diseases
NEWS MEDICAL AbCellera Biologics Inc. today announced the successful completion of the first phase of its collaboration with Denali Therapeutics Inc. 2 weeks
Researchers find transport molecule has unexpected role
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers recently reported a basic science finding that might someday lead to better treatments for neurodegenerative diseases like a hereditary form of Lou Gehrig's disease. 1 week
Medical News Today: How to get debris out of your eye
MNT Getting an object stuck in the eye is a common problem. It does not usually cause lasting damage, but it is essential to remove it to... 2 days
Neural Analytics wins CE Mark for NeuralBot System
NEWS MEDICAL Neural Analytics, Inc., a medical robotics company developing and commercializing technologies to measure and track brain health, announced today that it received CE Mark for its NeuralBot™ System, a robotic assistance technology... 2 days
UC Riverside researcher receives grants to advance cancer, ALS research
NEWS MEDICAL Maurizio Pellecchia, who holds the Daniel Hays Chair in Cancer Research at the University of California, Riverside, has received two grants to continue his research aimed at finding... 3 days
Scientists Synthesize First Artificial Human Prion
SCI-NEWS.COM A team of scientists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has created the first artificial human prion. Human prions — proteins that... 2 weeks
Planned movements and spontaneous reactions are processed differently in the brain
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have been able to show in their recently published study of two rhesus monkeys that planned and spontaneous gripping movements have the same brain activity... 4 days
Nanoscale 'crack-junctions' can speed up DNA sequencing
PHYS.ORG The time-consuming, expensive process of sequencing DNA molecules – a technology used to identify, diagnose and possibly find cures for diseases – could become a whole lot faster and cheaper as a result of... 5 days
Probiotic bacteria can diagnose, prevent, and treat infections
PHYS.ORG MIT engineers have developed a probiotic mix of natural and engineered bacteria to diagnose and treat cholera, an intestinal infection that causes severe dehydration. 1 week
World's first intra-operative MRI-guided robot for bilateral stereotactic neurosurgery
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have recently designed the first neurosurgical robotic system capable of performing bilateral stereotactic neurosurgery inside a magnetic resonance imaging ('MRI') scanner. 5 days
Keyhole may trump robotic surgery for mitral valve repair
SCIENCE DAILY Keyhole surgery for heart valve repair may trump robotic surgery, because it is associated with lower rates of subsequent heart flutter and blood transfusions, and a shorter hospital stay, reveals... 5 days
WATCH: Is laser eye surgery riskier than people think?
ABC NEWS One man is speaking out about the potential risks of laser eye surgery, after he says the procedure left his vision permanently impaired. 1 week
Building a robotic eel that swims through your body
PHYS.ORG As a kid, physicist Seth Fraden loved the movie "Fantastic Voyage," about a microscopic submarine traveling through a human bloodstream. Almost 10 years ago, Fraden began a quest to create... 2 weeks
Robotic surgery appears to be as effective as open surgery in treating bladder cancer
NEWS MEDICAL The first comprehensive study comparing the outcomes of robotic surgery to those of traditional open surgery in any organ has... 2 days
A webcam is enough to produce a real-time 3-D model of a moving hand
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Capturing hand and finger movements within milliseconds is becoming increasingly important for many applications, from virtual reality to human-machine interaction... 2 weeks
New method helps make orthotopic brain-tumor imaging clearer and faster
PHYS.ORG Currently, tumors inside the central nervous system are among the most challenging cancers to diagnose. Different from conventional brain-imaging techniques, near-infrared fluorescence imaging (NIR) demonstrates particular merits including... 2 weeks
Artificial intelligence senses people through walls
MIT Wireless smart-home system from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory could monitor diseases and help the elderly “age in place.” 2 weeks
Miniaturized infrared cameras take colored photos of the eye
PHYS.ORG Look into one's eye and you might be able to see their soul—or at least you can see signs of a stroke or diabetes. By looking at the blood vessels... 3 days
New blood test better than having a needle inserted into the eye
NEWS MEDICAL People diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer will no longer face the prospect of having a needle inserted into their eye thanks to... 2 weeks
GPM satellite probes soaking storms in Southern Texas and the Gulf
DNA enzyme shuffles cell membranes a thousand times faster than its natural counterpart
Stereo vision using computing architecture inspired by the brain
New tissue-imaging technology could enable real-time diagnostics, map cancer progression
Controlling robots with brainwaves and hand gestures
Misinformation and biases infect social media, both intentionally and accidentally
Self-heating drinks cans set for a relaunch—here's how they work
WHO releases new International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)
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What's the minimum number of people you should send in a generational ship to Proxima Centauri?