CNET Neill Blomkamp might be an inspired choice, but his Hollywood track record is shaky. 1 month
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How to stream every Marvel movie through Avengers: Infinity War - CNET
CNET VIDEO Are the MCU films streaming on Netflix? Hulu? Amazon Prime? Can I buy or rent them? Don't worry; we got you fam. 1 week
OneCast lets you stream Xbox One games to iOS
Windows Central We can finally stream games to an iPhone. Microsoft offers game streaming from an Xbox One to Windows 10 via the Xbox app. Sometimes, you can't use a television because... 7 days
Fans want Peter Weller to star as RoboCop in upcoming sequel - CNET
CNET Inspired by a two-word tweet from director Neill Blomkamp, fans are clamoring to see this casting happen. 9 hours
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Election hacks and what they mean for 2018 (The 3:59, Ep. 441) - CNET
CNET Catching up on the Defcon and Black Hat cybersecurity conferences. 2 days
Gaming star Ninja sparks outrage by refusing to stream with women
TechCrunch At a Samsung event last week, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins explained why he doesn’t stream with female gamers. “If I have one conversation with one female streamer... 18 hours
Is Magic Leap the AR breakthrough we've all been looking for? (The 3:59, Ep. 439) - CNET
CNET Special guest Scott Stein shares his impressions of the augmented-reality headset. 7 days
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Android promises to make your phone last longer (The 3:59, Ep. 438) - CNET
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Twitch catches Korean wave, will stream 26 dramas this month - CNET
CNET It’s only available in US, Canada and Latin America. Living in Singapore, I am officially jealous. 2 weeks
Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and your privacy (The 3:59, Ep. 442) - CNET
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We've got Samsung's Galaxy Note 9: Get your questions answered here (The 3:59, Ep. 440) - CNET
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ninja s unwillingness to stream with women is a problem that points to a larger problem Ninja’s unwillingness to stream with women is a problem that points to a larger problem
THE VERGE Twitch’s biggest streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins,... 17 hours
Supergirl movie from Warner Bros. to fly into theaters - CNET
CNET Superman's cousin is reportedly getting her own superhero movie written by Oren Uziel, but who will play her? 1 week
We've got Samsung's Galaxy Note 9: Get your questions answered here (The 3:59, Ep. 440) video - CNET
CNET Special guests and Samsung experts Jessica Dolcourt and Shara Tibken break down... 6 days
MoviePass vs. AMC Stubs A-List vs. Movie Club vs. Sinemia: Movie subscriptions compared - CNET
CNET Each subscription promises cheaper access to the cineplex. Is there one that's worth the money? 2 weeks
Linda Hamilton returns in first official look at new Terminator movie - CNET
CNET Here's a peek at the new cast of 2019's Terminator movie. 2 weeks
Upgrade your network with one of the best routers available today
Windows Central Best overall Runner-up Best budget Best gaming Best range Best features Best overall Linksys EA9500 Max Stream Three bands of Wi-Fi, MU-MIMO capabilities, and plenty of... 2 days
MoviePass slims to 3 movies for $10 per month plan to survive - CNET
CNET The company has now changed its plan strategy 11 times since the service launched in 2011. 1 week
Lenovo Flex 11 (2018) review: A two-in-one that's inexpensive without feeling cheap - CNET
CNET Lenovo’s latest 360-degree hybrid keeps costs down but makes for a decent laptop and tablet on-the-go. 4 days
Last-chance back-to-school laptop deal: Acer Chromebook R11 for $239 - CNET
CNET Originally $329 and normally $279, the R11 features a 360-degree hinge and an 11.6-inch touchscreen. 2 days
Klara picks up $11.5 million to improve communication in healthcare
TechCrunch Health tech continues to make impressive strides forward, but some pieces of the healthcare puzzle are still lagging way behind. Communication is one of those pieces. But a... 1 week
MoviePass plans keep changing: 11 times the service altered the deal - CNET
CNET A MoviePass price history from $50 a month to $10 and beyond -- with every fee, surge price and blocked film we... 1 week
New EPA fuel economy plan is sure to anger California - Roadshow
CNET Freezing efficiency rules from 2020 through 2026 is said to save customers money. 2 weeks
White House says lower fuel-economy standards would keep drivers safer - Roadshow
CNET The unusual logic is the latest volley in an attempt to overturn Obama-era rules. 2 weeks
Mazda CX-5 diesel's fuel economy is barely better than the gas version - Roadshow
CNET No wonder Mazda's in no hurry to bring it to the US. 6 days
AutoComplete: Ford celebrates building 10 million Mustangs video - Roadshow
CNET Plus: Tesla's board talks about going private, and the 2019 Camaro gets worse fuel economy than before. 7 days
Jeff Goldblum characters get pieced together in jigsaw collection - CNET
CNET Don't stop to think whether you should put these movie scenes together. 2 days
You can watch every Marvel movie in Imax this month - CNET
CNET It begins Aug. 30, and yes, it definitely includes The Incredible Hulk. 5 days
I got beaten up at Black Hat in the name of cybersecurity - CNET
Evangeline Lilly wanted to play Leia in Star Wars trilogy - CNET
What the duck? Don Cheadle voices Donald Duck in DuckTales - CNET
iOS 12 developer beta 7 for iPhone and iPad coming today [U: Now available … and pulled]
Teddy Ruxpin learns some new words after a quick hack - CNET
The SuitX exoskeleton gave me crazy strength - CNET
Apple Removes Group FaceTime From iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, Says It'll Launch Later This Year
Watch this delightful aerial robot dance with its dangly legs - CNET
Insiders believe AirPower launching in September, priced around $150
Get your first look at Doom Eternal in new trailer
The BlacKkKlansman team previously made the daring Chi-Raq, now streaming on Amazon
PSA: Apple dropping apps from the affiliate program could be good news for some
Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7: Release date, plot and possible spoilers - CNET
Samsung awkwardly pits Note 9 against iPhone X performance in new ‘Ingenius’ ads
Vergecast: hands-on with the Magic Leap, Galaxy Note 9, and Android Pie