SCIENCE DAILY A compound that mimics a naturally occurring hormone that regulates appetite may help people who have obesity but not diabetes to lose weight, a new study suggests. 1 month
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Medical News Today: Can a vegan diet help you lose weight?
MNT People become vegan for a variety of reasons, from animal welfare and sustainability to improved heart health or weight loss. Learn how a vegan diet may... 2 weeks
Medical News Today: How long will it take me to lose 10 pounds?
MNT Is it possible to safely lose 10 pounds in a week? There are many ways to lose weight, but most require a... 1 week
Artificial sweeteners linked to obesity warn researchers
NEWS MEDICAL While people are getting more and more health conscious they are increasingly bending in favor of artificial sweeteners especially zero-calorie ones. New research has found that these replacements for sugar are likely to cause... 1 day
Can being cold help you lose weight?
ABC NEWS What if being cold could increase your metabolism and help you lose weight? 23 hours
Why zero-calorie sweeteners can still lead to diabetes, obesity
SCIENCE DAILY Increased awareness of the health consequences of eating too much sugar has fueled a dramatic uptick in the consumption of zero-calorie artificial sweeteners in recent decades. However, new research finds... 15 hours
Genome editing identifies neural circuit behind leptin’s anti-obesity and anti-diabetes effects
NEWS MEDICAL Revealing surprising answers to a long-standing enigma about the brain target of the anti-obesity hormone leptin, neuroscientists at Tufts University School of Medicine have used CRISPR... 5 days
Leptin's neural circuit identified
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have identified a neural circuit in the hypothalamus as the primary mechanism mediating the hormone leptin's anti-obesity and anti-diabetes effects and found two mechanisms underlying leptin's inhibition of appetite. The work in mice advances efforts to treat human obesity... 5 days
Obesity linked with higher chance of developing rapid, irregular heart rate
SCIENCE DAILY People with obesity are more likely to develop a rapid and irregular heart rate, called atrial fibrillation, which can lead to stroke, heart failure and other... 4 days
Medical News Today: Physical and mental benefits of swimming
MNT Swimming can benefit the mind and body in various ways. It is a low-impact activity, and this quality helps many people, including older adults and people with certain disabilities, to... 1 week
One class of diabetes drug not associated with reduced risk of death
NEWS MEDICAL One class of drug used to treat type 2 diabetes may not reduce the risk of death when compared with placebo, suggests new findings. 7 days
How do you gain weight quickly and safely?
MNT Doctors may recommend gaining weight to athletes and people who weigh too little. We describe 19 foods that can help a person to gain weight quickly and boost overall health. We also... 7 days
Hacking 'drug trafficking' system could increase effectiveness of diabetes treatment
NEWS MEDICAL Making tiny changes to existing diabetes treatments can alter how they interact with cells, and potentially make the medicines more effective. 14 hours
Medical News Today: How do you gain weight quickly and safely?
MNT Doctors may recommend gaining weight to athletes and people who weigh too little. We describe 19 foods that can help a person to gain weight quickly... 7 days
Medical News Today: Type 2 diabetes: Late breakfast could drive obesity
MNT New research suggests that eating breakfast later may drive a preference for late rising and retiring, which is linked to higher BMI in type 2 diabetes. 6 days
Metabolic differences may contribute to postpartum weight retention in black moms
NEWS MEDICAL Differences in the way women with obesity burn calories during pregnancy may be a contributor to long-term postpartum weight retention in black moms, according to researchers... 22 hours
These are the best times to exercise to lose weight, run faster
ABC NEWS Daniel Pink studied the science of timing for his book, "When." 5 days
People with Type 2 diabetes who eat breakfast later, more likely to have a higher BMI
SCIENCE DAILY Being an "evening person" is linked to higher body mass indices among people with Type 2... 1 week
Neurons derived from super-obese people respond differently to appetite hormones
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have successfully generated hypothalamic-like neurons from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) taken from the blood and skin cells of super-obese individuals and people with a normal... 4 days
Medical News Today: What can you eat on a low-carb diet?
MNT Lots of people try to lose weight by reducing their intake of carbohydrates. To ensure the diet is a success, it is essential to understand what... 4 days
Hacking human 'drug trafficking' network could make diabetes treatments more effective
SCIENCE DAILY Making tiny changes to existing diabetes treatments can alter how they interact with cells, and potentially make the medicines more effective. 14 hours
Having more evening preference linked to higher BMI among people with Type 2 diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL Being an "evening person" is linked to higher body mass indices among people with Type 2 diabetes, and having breakfast... 1 week
WATCH: Findings link artificial sweeteners to obesity, diabetes: Study
ABC NEWS Researchers said some sweeteners used can change the metabolism in mice. 4 hours
New project identifies effective community-based strategies to prevent childhood obesity
NEWS MEDICAL To improve success rates and combat continuing disparities in the fight against childhood obesity, the Childhood Obesity Declines Project is taking a systematic approach to studying community-based strategies... 2 weeks
New study improves 'crowd wisdom' estimates
PHYS.ORG In 1907, a statistician named Francis Galton recorded the entries from a weight-judging competition as people guessed the weight of an ox. Galton analyzed hundreds of estimates and found that while individual guesses varied wildly, the... 6 days
Deep learning predicts drug-drug and drug-food interactions
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have developed a computational framework, DeepDDI, that accurately predicts and generates 86 types of drug-drug and drug-food interactions as outputs of human-readable sentences, which allows in-depth understanding of the drug-drug and drug-food interactions. 6 days
Long-term exposure to cold temperatures reduces diabetes and obesity, shows study
NEWS MEDICAL A new study in fat cells has revealed a molecular mechanism that controls how lifestyle choices and the external environment affect gene expression. 5 days
Most widely prescribed diabetes drug improves nicotine withdrawal symptoms in animal model
SCIENCE DAILY Metformin, the most widely used medication for diabetes, has also been shown to help treat dementia and some cancers. New research shows smoking cessation... 2 weeks
Finding ways to reverse obesity’s lingering, pro-cancer effects
NEWS MEDICAL Like exposure to too much sun and drinking alcohol, obesity is a risk factor for cancer. Researchers at the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center are working to be a... 1 week
Deep learning predicts drug-drug and drug-food interactions
PHYS.ORG Drug interactions, including drug-drug interactions (DDIs) and drug-food constituent interactions (DFIs), can trigger unexpected pharmacological effects, including adverse drug events (ADEs), with causal mechanisms often unknown. However, current prediction methods do not provide sufficient... 6 days
People with vitamin D deficiency may be at greater risk of diabetes
NEWS MEDICAL An epidemiological study conducted by researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Seoul National University suggests that persons deficient in... 4 days
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