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Screening using body mass index alone may miss every second preschooler with excess stomach fat
SCIENCE DAILY When assessing whether preschoolers are overweight, health professionals should use other measures such as waist-to-height ratio in addition... 2 hours
ready for service Ready for service
ESA Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Integration of the European Service Module that will power Orion spacecraft complete 2 hours
Bleximo raises $1.5M for its quantum computing accelerators
TechCrunch Bleximo, a startup that aims to build ‘quantum accelerators’ — basically quantum-based application-specific integrated circuits — today announced that it has raised a $1.5 million seed round led by Eniac Ventures. Other... 1 hour
rachio 3 smart sprinkler system adds homekit and siri integration with free software update Rachio 3 smart sprinkler system adds HomeKit and Siri integration with free software update
9to5Mac Elgato’s smart hose attachment led the way (reviewed) with... 3 hours
Chef launches deeper integration with Microsoft Azure
TechCrunch DevOps automation service Chef today announced a number of new integrations with Microsoft Azure. The news, which was announced at Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida, focuses on helping enterprises bring their legacy applications... 3 hours
Ireland's plan for electric vehicles will reduce emissions, but may come at a cost
PHYS.ORG The level of emissions coming from Ireland's transport sector are undeniably high, which is of particular concern when considering the... 3 hours
rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller gains homekit support Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller Gains HomeKit Support
MacRumors Rachio today announced that it has added HomeKit support to its Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, allowing the device to... 3 hours
Hands-on with Avocor's Windows Collaboration Display (WCD)
Windows Central Avocor looks to shake up collaboration in the office with its 65-inch 4K Windows 10 display. Here's how it works. Although Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 is getting a lot of attention at Ignite 2018,... 4 hours
The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers - CNET
CNET Printer design has been stuck in the '90s, this mobile-first printer aims to change that. 4 hours
A quantum leap toward expanding the search for dark matter
PHYS.ORG Figuring out how to extend the search for dark matter particles – dark matter describes the stuff that makes up an estimated 85 percent of the total mass... 4 hours
Philips's 436M6VBPAB is a fantastic 4K monitor built for console gamers
Windows Central Philips has made a TV with some of the benefits found in a PC monitor. TVs are the go-to displays for console gaming, however, with a... 4 hours
august s auto unlock tech is coming to other smart locks August’s auto-unlock tech is coming to other smart locks
THE VERGE A year after being purchased by the world’s largest lock company, August is starting to share the smart... 4 hours
canada aims for the moon and beyond with new space technology efforts Canada aims for the moon, and beyond, with new space technology efforts
CBC With an eye on future lunar exploration, Canada's space agency is calling on companies to present their ideas for everything from moon-rover power systems... 5 hours
Avocor's first Windows Collaboration Display lands in December for $6,995
Windows Central The 65-inch AVW-6555 will be the first in a series of different display sizes as part of Avocor's lineup. After announcing its first Windows Collaboration Display at the... 5 hours
Planting trees may have significant impact in math achievement even in high-poverty schools
NEWS MEDICAL What if improving academic performance in some of the nation's most disadvantaged and lowest-achieving schools was as easy as planting trees in... 5 hours
Client for Telegram is an attractive alternative to Telegram's official app
Windows Central Client for Telegram is an attractive app, but can it stand out against top-of-the-line competition? Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service that works across all devices.... 5 hours
Schoolyard tree cover predicts math performance in high-poverty urban schools
PHYS.ORG What if improving academic performance in some of the nation's most disadvantaged and lowest-achieving schools was as easy as planting trees in the schoolyard? It's not that simple,... 8 hours
Jaybird Tarah wireless sports headphone: Looks like the X4 but cheaper - CNET
CNET With a $100 price point, Jaybird hopes its new entry-level model has mass appeal. 9 hours
Paralyzed man regains his ability to stand, walk with spinal cord stimulation and physical therapy
NEWS MEDICAL Spinal cord stimulation and physical therapy have helped a man paralyzed since 2013 regain his ability to stand... 11 hours
Google Doodle aims to help button up your voter registration - CNET
CNET Election day is quickly approaching, and Google is reminding voters to make sure they can vote. 11 hours
Lancaster professor aims to understand how genes affect smoking cessation
NEWS MEDICAL The Canadian Institute of Health Research has awarded $929,475 to Professor Jo Knight of Lancaster Medical School, Lancaster Data Science Institute and the Department of Psychiatry at the... 11 hours
'Ground coffee' with soil perks in Brazil
SCIENCE DAILY Coffee harvesting is often done with heavy machinery that can compact the soil. Additionally, up to 20 percent of coffee berries fall to the ground. Researchers brewed up a solution to restore soil and... 21 hours
Walmart is betting on the blockchain to improve food safety
TechCrunch Walmart has been working with IBM on a food safety blockchain solution and today it announced it’s requiring that all suppliers of leafy green vegetable for Sam’s and... 22 hours
Hubble Space Telescope Catches Giant Cluster: SDSS J1050+0017
SCI-NEWS.COM A new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the diverse collection of galaxies in the huge cluster SDSS... 1 day
Chip ramps up artificial intelligence systems' performance
PHYS.ORG Princeton researchers, in collaboration with Analog Devices Inc., have fabricated a chip that markedly boosts the performance and efficiency of neural networks—computer algorithms modeled on the workings of the human brain. 1 day
Watch Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket launch on its 100th mission to space
Secrets of the Perfect Water-Bottle Flip Unlocked: Thanks, Physicists!
Self-solving Rubik’s Cube could just be a really smart poltergeist
Capturing a miniature world with iPhone XS Max
Trailer for 'The Great Buster: A Celebration' Doc About Buster Keaton
Google Assistant adds commands for Sony Xperia XZ3 features including 4K HDR recording
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald final trailer meets new monsters
Climate change calls for a fresh approach to water woes
This new fish species displays a splash of highlighter hues
How can we limit climate change damage to the global economy?
Kirsten Foster in First Trailer for Sci-Fi Drama 'Zoe and the Astronaut'
Third Trailer for 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' Sequel
OnePlus 6T launch event may be on October 17th according to leaked invitation
Culturally competent robots – the future in elderly care
Graphics—key to science and maths success in schools