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RIP Al Matthews: As Sgt. Apone, he fought to the end in Aliens - CNET
CNET The actor and singer was a military vet himself when he played the cigar-chomping space leader. 2 hours
bridenstine says relationship with roscosmos head rogozin is positive Bridenstine says relationship with Roscosmos head Rogozin is positive
SPACE NEWS NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine played down any differences with his Russian counterpart as he gears up for meetings... 2 hours
The spookiest movies and shows on Netflix: October 2018 - CNET
CNET Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Shining are coming to Netflix! 6 hours
Trailer for Orson Welles Doc 'They'll Love Me When I'm Dead' on Netflix
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Orson was such a perfectionist." Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for the documentary They'll Love Me When I'm Dead, a film... 6 hours
How Earth sheds heat into space
PHYS.ORG Just as an oven gives off more heat to the surrounding kitchen as its internal temperature rises, the Earth sheds more heat into space as its surface warms up. Since the 1950s, scientists have observed a... 6 hours
How Earth sheds heat into space
MIT New insights into the role of water vapor may help researchers predict how the planet will respond to warming. 6 hours
Netflix Says Stranger Things Game Isn't Dead Yet
CINEMA BLEND One of the big projects Telltale was supposed to be working on was Stranger Things, a narrative adventure based on... 7 hours
the iphone xs max is outselling the iphone xs according to analyst report The iPhone XS Max is outselling the iPhone XS, according to analyst report
THE VERGE Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities has provided... 8 hours
Netflix Reveals First Look At Inbar Lavi As Eve On ‘Lucifer’ Season Four
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Inbar Lavi, the former star of Bravo’s ‘Imposters’, is joining... 9 hours
Astronaut Trump? Ivanka Says She Wanted to Go to Space in NASA Visit
SPACE.COM While Ivanka Trump has a high-profile job advising her father, the president of the United States, she told the International Space Station... 9 hours
Hubble Space Telescope Catches Giant Cluster: SDSS J1050+0017
SCI-NEWS.COM A new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the diverse collection of galaxies in the huge cluster SDSS... 9 hours
Four things we learned from the Apple Watch 4 teardown - CNET
CNET Apple packs a lot into the smaller space, yet makes replacing the screen and the battery easier. 9 hours
Medical News Today: How the smell of disease can affect healthy people
MNT Disease can affect an individual's bodily odor. New research investigates to what extent this change in smell may impact groups that share a living... 9 hours
ios keyboard cursor now works on all devices running ios 12 iOS keyboard cursor now works on all devices running iOS 12
THE VERGE One of the iPhone’s most useful 3D Touch features is the ability to turn... 9 hours
'Personal Space': Museum Exhibits Astronauts' Spaceflight Mementos
SPACE.COM A comic strip beagle shares space with a romantic novel and an iconic starship in a new exhibit that asks the public to consider: What would you pack if you were leaving Earth? 10 hours
urban planning app takes top prize at space app camp Urban planning app takes top prize at Space App Camp
ESA An app that uses satellite imagery to assist urban planners scooped the top prize of €2500... 10 hours
iphone xs camera is the major upgrade over iphone x comparison iPhone XS camera is the major upgrade over iPhone X [Comparison]
9to5Mac VIDEO I’ve upgraded my iPhone each year since replacing my months-old white iPhone 4 with... 10 hours
next generation life support system heading to space station Next-generation life-support system heading to Space Station
ESA On Saturday the Japanese cargo vessel HTV-7 was launched into space from Tanegashima, Japan. Already orbiting Earth it will arrive at the... 11 hours
‘Jessica Jones’ Isn’t Looking Past Melissa Rosenberg’s Departure At The End Of Season Three
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Melissa Rosenberg has been attached to ‘Jessica Jones’... 11 hours
Jeph Loeb Teases A Possible ‘Daughters Of The Dragon’ Series
SCIENCEFICTION.COM ‘Iron Fist’ Season Two was just released on Netflix and ‘Daredevil’ Season Three is due on October 19. ... 11 hours
Weight loss can be boosted fivefold thanks to novel mental imagery technique
SCIENCE DAILY A new study has shown how overweight people lost an average of five times more weight using Functional Imagery Training (FIT) -- a brief... 10 hours
Watch: Trailer for Original 'Star Wars: A New Hope' Remade into Anime
FIRSTSHOWING.NET Somewhere, in space, this could all be happening right now. Check out this new fan-made trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope, remade into... 11 hours
microsoft brings onedrive files on demand to the mac Microsoft brings OneDrive Files On-Demand to the Mac
THE VERGE Microsoft is bringing its OneDrive Files On-Demand feature to macOS. OneDrive beta testers will be able to get access to... 11 hours
Japan has launched a miniature space elevator
SCIENCE-NEWS The Japanese space agency just launched a prototype space elevator to the International Space Station to test motion along a taut cable in space. 11 hours
‘Hellboy’ Writer Seems To Have Confirmed That Netflix’s ‘Diablo’ Animated Series Is Coming
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Andrew Cosby, writer of the upcoming ‘Hellboy‘ reboot, is attached... 12 hours
How drones and lasers will help us predict volcanic eruptions - CNET
Parasite makes quick exit when researchers remove the handbrake
These are the best apps with Dark Mode support on macOS 10.14 Mojave
Official Trailer + Poster for the 56th New York Film Festival This Fall
A controversial YouTuber’s suicidal claims have fans questioning his motives
A controversial YouTuber’s suicidal claims have fans questioning his motives
A controversial YouTuber’s suicidal claims have fans questioning his motives
Lotus needs your help finding its very first car - Roadshow
Crowd counting through walls with WiFi
Second Trailer for Ghostwriting Story 'Colette' Starring Keira Knightley