SPACE.COM Over 40 years ago, a NASA mission may have accidentally destroyed what would have been the first discovery of organic molecules on Mars, according to a report from New Scientist. 1 week
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Massive Mars Dust Storm Won't Stop NASA's Next Lander
SPACE.COM The global dust storm currently raging on Mars shouldn't disrupt the touchdown of NASA's InSight lander this fall, agency officials said. 1 week
Happy Anniversary, Viking 1! What Early Landers Taught Us About Mars
SPACE.COM NASA's Viking 1 Mars lander pulled off the first American touchdown on the Red Planet 42 years ago today (July 20). The mission reshaped our understanding... 11 hours
As Opportunity Rover Sleeps, Other NASA Craft Study Mars' Raging Dust Storm
SPACE.COM NASA’s Opportunity rover remains silent on the Red Planet, blanketed by a monster dust storm that many other Mars spacecraft are studying in detail. 5 hours
Image: Jamming with the 'spiders' from Mars
PHYS.ORG This image from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, acquired May 13, 2018 during winter at the South Pole of Mars, shows a carbon dioxide ice cap covering the region and as the sun returns in... 4 days
What was hot before 1976? A trip down British weather's memory lane
PHYS.ORG As clouds and the odd shower break the spell of the recent heat wave, it's a good time to reflect on our fascination with... 1 week
NASA Discovered Evidence of Life on Mars 40 Years Ago, Then Set It On Fire
LIVE SCIENCE The Viking landers that touched down on Martian soil in the 1970s may have set all the evidence... 1 week
Image: Ice block avalanche
PHYS.ORG One of the most actively changing areas on Mars are the steep edges of the North Polar layered deposits. This image from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) shows many new ice blocks compared to an earlier image in December 2006. 2 weeks
Gravity Assist Podcast: Exploring Mars, with Steve Squyres
SPACE.COM NASA's Chief Scientist, Dr Jim Green, talks to Professor Steve Squyres, who as the Principal Investigator on the Mars Exploration Rover missions Spirit and Opportunity, has been at the forefront of our... 3 days
unique mars spacecraft design earns engineering students a big win from nasa Unique Mars Spacecraft Design Earns Engineering Students a Big Win from NASA
ASTRO WATCH After a nine-month long effort designing a Mars transport vehicle for NASA’s space travel competition, a team of USC Viterbi School of Engineering students... 2 weeks
Scientists discover 'ghost dunes' on Mars
PHYS.ORG Scientists have discovered hundreds of crescent-shaped pits on Mars where sand dunes the size of the U.S. Capitol stood billions of years ago. The curves of these ancient dune impressions record the direction of prevailing winds... 1 week
Mars 2020 Rover Team Adds 4th Candidate to Landing-Site List
SPACE.COM A fourth candidate landing site, dubbed "Midway," has been added for evaluation by the engineering and science teams working on NASA’s Mars 2020 rover mission. 2 weeks
How HIV is shielded from immune attack
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have discovered that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) hijacks a small molecule from the host cell to protect itself from being destroyed by the host's immune system. 1 week
NASA awards contract to study flying drones on Venus
PHYS.ORG In the coming decades, NASA and other space agencies hope to mount some ambitious missions to other planets in our Solar System. In addition to studying Mars and the outer... 2 weeks
esa awards mars sample return study contracts as international cooperation plans take shape ESA awards Mars sample return study contracts as international cooperation plans take shape
SPACE NEWS The European Space Agency awarded two contracts to Airbus to... 2 weeks
Image: Mars dust storm
PHYS.ORG The high resolution stereo camera on board ESA's Mars Express captured this impressive upwelling front of dust clouds – visible in the right half of the frame – near the north polar ice cap of Mars in April this year. 10 hours
Guide to Mars Opposition 2018
PHYS.ORG Have you checked out Mars this season? Mars reaches opposition on July 27th at 5:00 Universal Time (UT) shining at magnitude -2.8 and appearing 24.3" across—nearly as large as it can appear, and the largest since the historic... 1 day
Why Mars Appears to Be Moving Backward
LIVE SCIENCE What's really happening when Mars is in retrograde? 4 days
Mars Curiosity: Facts and Information
SPACE.COM The mission of the one-ton rover is to find out if Mars is, or was, capable of supporting life. 3 days
Touring Where the Mars-500 'Astronauts' Pretended to Take a Red Planet Journey
SPACE.COM It's a quiet morning on Mars when I carefully walk on the dusty ground. 1 week
Mars’ Atmosphere Acts as Single, Interconnected System
SCI-NEWS.COM A new study using data from the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding (MARSIS) instrument on ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft... 11 hours
NASA surveys hurricane damage to Puerto Rico's forests
PHYS.ORG VIDEO On Sept. 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria barreled across Puerto Rico with winds of up to 155 miles per hour and battering rain that flooded towns, knocked out communications networks and destroyed the... 1 week
NASA surveys hurricane damage to Puerto Rico's forests
SCIENCE DAILY On Sept. 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria barreled across Puerto Rico with winds of up to 155 miles per hour and battering rain that flooded towns, knocked out communications networks and destroyed the... 1 week
'Storm chasers' on Mars searching for dusty secrets
PHYS.ORG VIDEO Storm chasing takes luck and patience on Earth—and even more so on Mars. 10 hours
Geometry Helps Solve the Mystery of Mars' Water
SPACE.COM Studying the angles of river features on Mars helped a trio of scientists determine that the water fell from the air rather than seeping up from the ground. 1 week
New, Life-Hunting Organic Molecule Analyzer Set to Launch to Mars in 2020 (Video)
SPACE.COM Europe's upcoming Mars rover features a powerful toaster oven-size lab that will search for signs of life on the Red Planet. 2 days
moon mars station Moon, Mars, Station
ESA Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Moon and Mars seen from the International Space Station 3 days
name europe s robot to roam and search for life on mars Name Europe’s robot to roam and search for life on Mars
ESA The UK Space Agency has launched a competition to name a rover that is... 10 hours
ESA’s Mars Express Orbiter Spots Small-Scale Dust Storm
SCI-NEWS.COM A new image from the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) aboard ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft shows a local dust storm... 4 hours
Image: Moon, Mars, station
PHYS.ORG This image was taken by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst from the International Space Station on 30 June 2018 when the Moon and Mars were at its closest so far during his six-month Horizons mission. 2 days
china claims progress in new landing technology for crewed spacecraft mars landings China claims progress in new landing technology for crewed spacecraft, Mars landings
SPACE NEWS China is claiming progress on a number of reentry and landing technologies for human spaceflight and Mars missions, underlining apparently significant plans for deep... 2 weeks
NASA prepares to launch Parker Solar Probe, a mission to touch the Sun
'Storm chasers' on Mars searching for dusty secrets
Two NASA satellites confirm Tropical Cyclone Ampil's heaviest rainfall shift
Researchers report two-faced Janus membrane applications
Newly discovered armored dinosaur from Utah reveals intriguing family history
Traveling to the sun: Why won't Parker Solar Probe melt?
Tropical Cyclone Son-Tinh makes landfall and NASA examines its trail of rainfall
Team creates high-fidelity images of Sun's atmosphere
Metal too 'gummy' to cut? Draw on it with a Sharpie or glue stick, science says
Novel approach studies whale shark ages the best way—while they are swimming
First major Carbon Landscape restoration project is officially opened
Oleo Sponge successful in real-world conditions off California coast
Students challenged to redesign 3D-printed space part
India's deadly monsoon rainfall measured with NASA's IMERG
A scientist's final paper looks toward Earth's future climate