nasa finds evidence of 10 new earth sized planets in our corner of the galaxy
THE VERGE NASA has found new evidence of 219 planets outside our Solar System. Ten of those exoplanets appear to be similar to the size of the Earth and orbit their stars in the habitable zone — just far enough away to develop water, but not so far that they freeze. If confirmed, they would be added to a small but growing list of Earth-sized planets that occupy our corner of the Milky Way galaxy, supporting the idea that rocky worlds are more common than we once thought. The potential discoveries are part 5 days
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nasa telescope finds 10 more earth sized potentially habitable planets NASA telescope finds 10 more Earth-sized, potentially habitable planets
CBC NASA says its planet-hunting telescope has found 10 new planets outside our solar system that are likely the... 5 days
Kepler telescope finds 10 new Earth-like planets video - CNET
CNET Scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center on June 19 announce the discovery of 219 new planet candidates, 10 of which might be very similar to our own Earth. 5 days
NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life
ABC NEWS NASA's planet-hunting Kepler telescope found 10 new planets that are not too hot or cold and just the right size to have life on them 5 days
NASA reveals 10 new potentially Earth-like planets - CNET
CNET The Kepler space telescope's latest and most complete planet catalog adds 219 new candidates, including one that could be a close cousin to Earth. 5 days
'We are probably not alone' - NASA finds new worlds
Sky News NASA has discovered more than 200 new planets and 10 of them are the right size and temperature to sustain life. 5 days
founder s corner wealthfront s andy rachleff on growing a business Founder’s Corner: Wealthfront’s Andy Rachleff on growing a business
TechCrunch  Omidyar Network’s Emerging Tech team has launched the second season of its podcast, Founder’s Corner, with lessons from today’s... 3 days
Deep-space craft to join hunt for new planets
Sky News A new observatory to be built and sent into deep-space to search out habitable planets has been approved by the European Space Agency. 3 days
samsung reportedly planning august event for galaxy note 8 announcement Samsung reportedly planning August event for Galaxy Note 8 announcement
9to5Google Despite last year’s fiery fiasco, it does not appear that the next device in Samsung’s Galaxy... 4 days
Too hot to handle: Study shows Earth's killer heat worsens
ABC NEWS A new study finds that deadly heat waves are getting worse and more frequent and have already been bigger killers than we thought 5 days
Leaks from Dual-Camera Galaxy S8 prototype
Samsung Rumors New leaks from the dual-camera setup on the Galaxy S8 were found online this Tuesday. This only confirms how Samsung are dedicated on bringing this technology on their devices. The prototype on the image looks very... 4 days
planetary resources is pulling the plug on its earth observatory satellite network Planetary Resources is pulling the plug on its Earth observatory satellite network
THE VERGE Space startup Planetary Resources is killing its nascent Earth observation system, Ceres, opting to focus on its core mission of asteroid mining. Planetary Resources... 1 week
samsung intent on continuing note brand despite note 7 fires will reveal galaxy note 8 in august Samsung 'Intent' on Continuing Note Brand Despite Note 7 Fires, Will Reveal Galaxy Note 8 in August
MacRumors Samsung is... 5 days
India could grab the Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 next week
Samsung Rumors During the next week, Samsung could announce the Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 in India. As reports say, the company already sent invites for the launch, that should happen... 6 days
New Galaxy Note 8 images showing its design
Samsung Rumors In late August, Samsung have set to unveil the newest Galaxy Note 8 device on an event in New York City. That might mean that we are going to see more and... 1 day
Galaxy Note 8 Will be Launched on 26th August 2017
Samsung Rumors We previously heard that Samsung is planning for an August launch of Galaxy Note 8 and it seems that that rumor is possibly true. According to a new... 4 days
inside the hawaiian seed bank figuring out how to store the rarest seeds on earth Inside the Hawaiian seed bank figuring out how to store the rarest seeds on Earth
THE VERGE ‘We’re losing species right in front... 4 days
Galaxy Note 8 Will be Launched on 28th August 2017
Samsung Rumors We previously heard that Samsung is planning for an August launch of Galaxy Note 8 and it seems that that rumor is possibly true. According to a new... 5 days
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 said to cost $900, launch in September - CNET
CNET If rumors are true, the Note 8 will be Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy phone to date. 1 day
Hands on with Windows 10 build 16226 showcasing new features and changes (video)
Windows Central Build 16226 is here with a number of new noteworthy features and changes! Here's our quick hands on video tour of the... 2 days
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update's top 5 features
Windows Central Here's our list of the top five new features and improvements coming in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update later this year. Microsoft's next major version of Windows 10, known as the... 1 day
Galaxy S5 Neo probably being tested with Nougat
Samsung Rumors Two years ago, Samsung have launched a new variant of the Galaxy S5, the S5 Neo. The device features a 5.1-inch display screen with 1920×1080 resolution. It also has an octa-core Exynos... 3 days
google play music releases an exclusive feature for the samsung galaxy s8 Google Play Music releases an exclusive feature for the Samsung Galaxy S8
THE VERGE Google Play Music became the default music player on the Galaxy S8 when it launched back in April. Now the service has launched a... 5 days
The extra-rugged Galaxy S8 Active is looking pretty certain - CNET
CNET Documents on Samsung's website mention the Galaxy S8 Active, which is the closest we've gotten to an official announcement. 5 days
this week s top stories 10 5 inch ipad pro reviews benchmarks and our hands on video iphone 8 reports ios 11 homekit more This week’s top stories: 10.5-inch iPad Pro reviews, benchmarks and our hands-on video, iPhone 8 reports, iOS 11 & HomeKit, & more
9to5Mac ... 1 week
Galaxy S9 rumored to feature Exynos 9810 with CDMA
Samsung Rumors The next flagship device of the Galaxy family of Samsung, the Galaxy S9, is rumored to feature the Exynos 9810 system-on-chip with CDMA support. It is still unclear if the... 3 days
google play music adds new exclusive radio station for samsung galaxy s8 Google Play Music adds new ‘exclusive’ radio station for Samsung Galaxy S8
9to5Google Back in April, Google and Samsung announced a partnership that provides Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners with several Play Music exclusives. The latest — a personalized... 5 days
The Galaxy Note 8 could be unveiled on August 26
Samsung Rumors Previously it was expected that Samsung will unveil their Galaxy Note 8 at IFA this year in Berlin, Germany. Today, we have report from the South Korean publication... 4 days
not a minimalist startups will gladly store manage and deliver your items Not a minimalist? Startups will gladly store, manage and deliver your items
TechCrunch  If our civilization collapses and archaeologists return centuries later to excavate our ruins, what will they make of our storage facilities? Will they see... 10 hours
A clash of rumors for the Galaxy Note 7 FE
Samsung Rumors Even though Samsung have made a slight delay for the refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7, it is still happening. The release date is for now set... 6 days
samsung s galaxy note 8 will reportedly be announced in august Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly be announced in August
THE VERGE Samsung is planning to announce the Galaxy Note 8 in August, according to a new report... 4 days
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