MNT Romidepsin, a compound that is already approved for treating cancer, reversed social deficits in a mouse model of autism by restoring gene expression. 6 days
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Autism's social deficits are reversed by an anti-cancer drug
SCIENCE DAILY New research reveals the first evidence that it may be possible to use a single compound to alleviate the behavioral symptoms of autism spectrum disorder by targeting sets of genes... 6 days
Medical News Today: How an existing diabetes drug controls pancreatic cancer
MNT A new study suggests that targeting the RET signaling pathway with metformin might offer a new way to stop the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer. 4 days
[Research Articles] Obesity promotes resistance to anti-VEGF therapy in breast cancer by up-regulating IL-6 and potentially FGF-2
Science Magazine Anti–vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) therapy has failed to improve survival in patients with... 4 days
Medical News Today: Vitamin D may protect against cancer
MNT In a study of more than 33,000 Japanese adults, researchers found that a higher level of vitamin D could reduce the risk of cancer by a fifth. 1 week
Medical News Today: New drug 'could save the hearing of millions'
MNT Researchers reveal how a compound known as kenpaullone prevented drug- and noise-induced hearing loss in rodent models by blocking an enzyme called CDK2. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: New drug could reduce hot flashes 'by 72 percent'
MNT Fresh analysis of trial data finds that a new class of drug rapidly reduces severity and frequency of hot flashes and other symptoms in... 5 days
Medical News Today: Colorectal cancer: The importance of diet
MNT Colorectal cancer is a common condition, and an unhealthful diet is a top risk factor. So, what should you eat for prevention and to aid treatment? 1 week
Medical News Today: Unlocking the personality of a social media addict
MNT Addiction to social media is a real and growing problem. A recent study attempted to develop a picture of the personality traits that increase the risk. 2 days
Medical News Today: Cancer cells' survival strategy defeated with new approach
MNT Cancer cells can evade destruction by entering a 'limbo' state. A new study explains how this happens and suggests a new approach to eliminate tumor cells. 5 days
Medical News Today: Too much TV may raise men's colorectal cancer risk
MNT Men who watch at least 4 hours of TV every day could see their risk of colorectal cancer increase by more than a third,... 1 week
Medical News Today: What to know about Lamictal rash
MNT Rashes are a common side effect of the epilepsy drug lamotrigine. Find out what’s normal, warning signs to look out for, and complications. 1 week
Adolescent, young adult cancer survivors have stronger social networks than non-cancer peers
NEWS MEDICAL Survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer often have stronger social networks than their non-cancer peers, according to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital researchers,... 1 week
Many adolescent and young adult cancer survivors have more social connections than peers
SCIENCE DAILY Survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer often have stronger social networks than their non-cancer peers, according to researchers, who hope to... 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Stress: How social conflict alters gut bacteria
MNT The state of our gut microbiota has been tied to our mental well-being, but how do stressful conditions impact our inner bacterial environment? 1 week
UH researchers improve understanding of autism spectrum disorders
NEWS MEDICAL Two University of Houston scientists are reporting that defects in a portion of the brain's hippocampus, called the dentate gyrus, is regulated by the nuclear receptor LXRβ (Liver X receptor Beta). The... 4 days
Medical News Today: What can you do about mucus in urine?
MNT A look at mucus in urine, which is usually a symptom of an underlying condition. Included is detail on when to see a doctor and signs... 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Seven causes of pinpoint pupils
MNT Pinpoint pupils are pupils that remain very small even in bright light. They can signify many issues, including drug use, poisoning, or a hemorrhage. 4 days
Medical News Today: Arthritis supplement may drive skin cancer
MNT Study using mice and cells finds that chondroitin-4-sulfate, a widely used dietary supplement for osteoarthritis, drives cell growth in a type of melanoma. 3 days
We're not addicted to smartphones, we're addicted to social interaction
SCIENCE DAILY Mobile-device habits may not be anti-social, but rather hyper-social -- stemming from a healthy human need to socialize. This is the finding of a new review of the... 2 weeks
Arms races and cooperation among amoebae in the wild
SCIENCE DAILY The social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum is a powerful social study system because of the hard work of generations of cell and molecular biologists who have figured out many of the... 2 weeks
New imaging technology could significantly improve the accuracy of cancer diagnosis
NEWS MEDICAL A new cutting-edge imaging technology can grade cancer tumors, thereby eliminating human subjectivity and variability in the grading of cancer severity. 6 days
Medical News Today: How to deal with bad news
MNT Whether you've lost your job or just found out that a loved one has passed away, bad news of any kind can cause distress. Here are some ways to cope. 3 days
Does autism arise because the brain is continually surprised?
Science Magazine An emerging theory of autism suggests that people with it can't effectively "predict" the world around them 1 week
Higher doses of radiation don't improve survival in prostate cancer
SCIENCE DAILY A new study shows that higher doses of radiation do not improve survival for many patients with prostate cancer, compared with the standard radiation treatment. The analysis included... 2 days
Medical News Today: Natural remedies for gastritis
MNT While there are instances where medical treatment is necessary to treat gastritis, many people find they can manage the symptoms at home. 2 weeks
Eliminating cost barriers helps heart patients comply with drug regimens
SCIENCE DAILY Doctors often cite the high price of a prescription drug as a reason they don't prescribe it, while patients similarly say that cost is a main reason they... 6 days
Novel use for drug shows promise as effective treatment for postoperative nausea and vomiting
NEWS MEDICAL An innovative use for a known drug is showing promise as an effective treatment for preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting,... 4 days
Medical News Today: How to treat muscle knots
MNT Muscle knots are small, bump-like areas of muscle that can be painful to the touch. The medical term for muscle knots is myofascial trigger points. 2 days
Slow-release hydrogel aids immunotherapy for cancer
SCIENCE DAILY An immunotherapy drug embedded in a slow-release hydrogel appears to be highly effective at killing cancer cells. 2 weeks
Medical News Today: Do you really know how your partner feels?
MNT We think that we know our long-term partners well, and that we can tell if they're facing an emotional struggle. But how accurate are we, really? 1 week
Scientists mimic neural tissue
Researchers measure gene activity in single cells
Signs of symbolic behavior emerged at the dawn of our species in Africa
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Interactive, downloadable and 3-D printable scans of newly discovered hermit crabs now available
Trump Says US May Need a 'Space Force'
A wireless patch for monitoring emergency-room patients
The social life of the humble fruit fly revolves around alcohol
Researchers work with communities to shore up effects of erosion
The Cold War's toxic legacy—costly, dangerous cleanups at atomic bomb production sites
New technique opens new research possibilities for novel drugs and tasty food