CNET More than a decade worth of data on just about every American voter was unprotected. 1 week
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Massive US voter data breach, FTC to block fantasy sports merger video - CNET
CNET Today's major tech stories include a massive data breach that exposes American voters, Time Warner's new content deal with Snap... 7 days
Tesla found not at fault in fatal crash - CNET
CNET The driver in last year's accident kept his hands off the wheel despite numerous automated warnings, according to a US agency report. 7 days
The big flaw with Facebook's new mission video - CNET
CNET CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring the world together using groups -- even as the News Feed's design may keep us divided. 4 days
California earthquake alarm sounded - 92 years late
BBC US geologists apologise for issuing warning about a massive earthquake - that struck in 1925. 5 days
Australian deep sea creatures are the stuff of nightmares video - CNET
CNET Scientists have delved to the bottom of Australia's eastern abyss, and what they found is more terrifying (and ridiculous-looking) than we could have imagined. 6 days
The Latest: Work underway to move massive Idaho sequoia
ABC NEWS Workers in Idaho are preparing to inflate rolling tubes beneath a massive sequoia that grew from a seed sent by naturalist John Muir 4 days
Netflix launches 'choose your own adventure' video video - CNET
CNET Interactive videos let kids decide the fate of characters. The concept is new to Netflix, but you may see this in more places. 7 days
Russian hackers are selling British officials' passwords - CNET
CNET The massive trading market among Russian hackers included senior British politicians, police and diplomats. 4 days
Tesla found ‘not guilty’ of fatal crash, says report - CNET
CNET In the crash last year, the man driving kept his hands off the wheel despite numerous automated warnings telling him not to, found the report. 1 week
Facebook Messenger adds Snapchatty filters to video chat - CNET
CNET Facebook is Snapchat-ifying its Messenger video calls by adding filters, animated reactions and more masks to make you look like a bunny. 15 hours
Richard Branson excuses mistakes of Uber's Travis Kalanick video - CNET
CNET When asked what advice he would give the next CEO, Virgin's founder describes Kalanick as "an extraordinary individual who's human like the rest of us." Branson... 5 days
Sir Richard Branson excuses mistakes of Uber's Travis Kalanick video - CNET
CNET When asked what advice he would give the next CEO, Virgin's founder describes Kalanick as "an extraordinary individual who's human like the rest of... 5 days
Huge transparent, flexible OLED display flows like water - CNET
CNET LG Display's latest insanely futuristic take on "TV" is a massive 77-inch OLED panel that can unroll into a see-through tapestry of awesome. 5 days
The Latest: US gives initial OK to California water tunnels
ABC NEWS U.S. wildlife agencies have given critical first approval to California's ambitious $16 billion project to build two massive tunnels that would re-engineer the water system in the nation's... 14 hours
AeroMobil flying car lets you rule the roads and sky, for $1.6M - CNET
CNET Four wheels, and massive wings that can fold away, let you choose whether to drive or fly to your next... 5 days
Go ahead, stare at the surface of the star Betelgeuse - CNET
CNET A new ALMA telescope image of the massive star Betelgeuse lets you safely gaze upon its blazing-hot surface. 16 hours
US official: Russia 'hacked' 21 US states in election
BBC A US official confirms nearly two dozen states were targeted in the US election hack. 6 days
Ron Howard directing Han Solo 'Star Wars' film video - CNET
CNET The director has a history working with Lucasfilm. 5 days
are you forgetful that s just your brain erasing useless memories Are you forgetful? That's just your brain erasing useless memories
THE VERGE Most of us think “perfect” memory means never forgetting, but maybe forgetting actually helps us navigate... 6 days
This Overwatch-Final Fantasy mashup makes us yearn for JRPGs - CNET
CNET A match made in Gaia. 7 days
'Baby Driver' star, director talk about the perfect heist car - CNET
CNET VIDEO Edgar Wright and Ansel Elgort visit CNET and tell us how to drift, what song to play while getting rid of a body --... 7 days
the nokia 6 lands in the us this july for 229 on amazon The Nokia 6 lands in the US this July for $229 on Amazon
9to5Google VIDEO A few months after its initial announcement, Nokia has today... 19 hours
How to install a Nest Cam video - CNET
CNET Getting your new security camera up and running in under 5 minutes. 4 days
5 common security mistakes you're probably making video - CNET
CNET Learn from these errors to better protect yourself online. 6 days
Nintendo announces the SNES classic video - CNET
CNET For $80, you'll get 21 games, two controllers and a teeny, tiny console in September. 14 hours
your md raises 10m to grow ai driven health information service and marketplace Your.MD raises $10M to grow AI-driven health information service and marketplace
TechCrunch  Your.MD, an AI-driven health information service delivered via a bot, has raised $10 million... 19 minutes
Join us behind the wheel of the race-ready NSX GT3 video - Roadshow
CNET A few laps inside the FIA-legal NSX GT3 racer? Yes, please. 6 days
Xiaomi's Mi 6 is shiny and powerful video - CNET
CNET The Chinese company's flagship phone hits all the right notes except for one: Availability. 5 days
tesla offers another hint that the model 3 is on the way Tesla offers another hint that the Model 3 is on the way
THE VERGE Tesla has started producing the battery cell for the upcoming Model 3 at its massive — and still-under-construction — Nevada gigafactory, an important milestone... 1 week
tim cook to trump you need to improve citizen customer sat give us most modern gov in the world video Tim Cook to Trump: You need to improve citizen customer sat, give US ‘most modern gov in the world’ [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO ... 7 days
Fairly unbelievable
The Nokia 6 lands in the US this July for $229 on Amazon
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