CNET Scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center on June 19 announce the discovery of 219 new planet candidates, 10 of which might be very similar to our own Earth. 5 days
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NASA reveals 10 new potentially Earth-like planets - CNET
CNET The Kepler space telescope's latest and most complete planet catalog adds 219 new candidates, including one that could be a close cousin to Earth. 5 days
NASA telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life
ABC NEWS NASA's planet-hunting Kepler telescope found 10 new planets that are not too hot or cold and just the right size to have life on them 5 days
nasa telescope finds 10 more earth sized potentially habitable planets NASA telescope finds 10 more Earth-sized, potentially habitable planets
CBC NASA says its planet-hunting telescope has found 10 new planets outside our solar system that are likely the... 5 days
nasa finds evidence of 10 new earth sized planets in our corner of the galaxy NASA finds evidence of 10 new Earth-sized planets in our corner of the galaxy
THE VERGE NASA has found new evidence of 219 planets... 5 days
'We are probably not alone' - NASA finds new worlds
Sky News NASA has discovered more than 200 new planets and 10 of them are the right size and temperature to sustain life. 5 days
Inside and outside Boeing's 787-10 - CNET
CNET Boeing's new 787-10 had its world premiere at the Paris Air Show. Climb aboard with CNET to experience this strikingly modern aircraft. 4 days
Hands on with Windows 10 build 16226 showcasing new features and changes (video)
Windows Central Build 16226 is here with a number of new noteworthy features and changes! Here's our quick hands on video tour of the... 2 days
Deep-space craft to join hunt for new planets
Sky News A new observatory to be built and sent into deep-space to search out habitable planets has been approved by the European Space Agency. 3 days
Too hot to handle: Study shows Earth's killer heat worsens
ABC NEWS A new study finds that deadly heat waves are getting worse and more frequent and have already been bigger killers than we thought 5 days
Netflix launches 'choose your own adventure' video video - CNET
CNET Interactive videos let kids decide the fate of characters. The concept is new to Netflix, but you may see this in more places. 4 days
apple promoting photos memories feature in the archives ad new tutorial Apple promoting Photos Memories feature in ‘The Archives’ ad, new tutorial
9to5Mac VIDEO Apple’s latest video series promotes an iOS 10 Photos feature called Memories that automatically... 4 days
planetary resources is pulling the plug on its earth observatory satellite network Planetary Resources is pulling the plug on its Earth observatory satellite network
THE VERGE Space startup Planetary Resources is killing its nascent Earth observation system, Ceres, opting to focus on its core mission of asteroid mining. Planetary Resources... 1 week
Ring Video Doorbell 2 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET
CNET Ring's latest buzzer, the Video Doorbell 2, comes with a removable, rechargeable battery. 5 days
How the iPhone came to be (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 89) video - CNET
CNET It's the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, and Scott Forstall talks about how the iPhone happened. So which... 1 day
Tesla cleared in fatal collision video - Roadshow
CNET An investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board finds Tesla not at fault for a May 2016 crash. 4 days
Microsoft ransomware-protected Windows 10 S gets hack-tested - CNET
CNET We asked a leading security researcher to test Microsoft's claim that "no known ransomware" installs on its newest, locked down version of Windows 10. 2 days
How to install a Nest Cam video - CNET
CNET Getting your new security camera up and running in under 5 minutes. 2 days
your mom will soon be able to text the bitcoin symbol along with a bunch of new emoji Your mom will soon be able to text the Bitcoin symbol, along with a bunch of new emoji
THE VERGE ... 4 days
taking screenshots in ios 11 hands on with 10 handy tips video Taking screenshots in iOS 11: hands-on with 10+ handy tips [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO It’s no secret that taking screenshots in iOS 11 is now a lot more... 1 day
this week s top stories 10 5 inch ipad pro reviews benchmarks and our hands on video iphone 8 reports ios 11 homekit more This week’s top stories: 10.5-inch iPad Pro reviews, benchmarks and our hands-on video, iPhone 8 reports, iOS 11 & HomeKit, & more
9to5Mac ... 1 week
Sir Richard Branson excuses mistakes of Uber's Travis Kalanick video - CNET
CNET When asked what advice he would give the next CEO, Virgin's founder describes Kalanick as "an extraordinary individual who's human like the rest of... 3 days
Richard Branson excuses mistakes of Uber's Travis Kalanick video - CNET
CNET When asked what advice he would give the next CEO, Virgin's founder describes Kalanick as "an extraordinary individual who's human like the rest of us." Branson... 3 days
Uber now lets you tip drivers video - CNET
CNET The long-awaited feature is one of several new driver benefits rolling out over the next 180 days. 4 days
File History backup returns in Windows 10 preview build 16226
Windows Central For a brief period, it looked like Microsoft was set to kill off its File History backup feature in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but that no... 1 day
Try Safari's new autoplay video blocker right now - CNET
CNET You can take the next version of Apple's browser for a spin with the Safari Technology Preview. 3 days
20 percent of planet Earth visits YouTube every month - CNET
CNET While we can't say for sure all 1.5 billion people are watching cat videos, it's a good bet. 2 days
'The Mist' review: Stephen is still King in unnerving new series - CNET
CNET VIDEO The new Spike TV show does the acclaimed author proud, expanding his 1980 horror novella beyond the supermarket into a 10-episode series.... 3 days
microsoft now lets surface laptop owners revert back to windows 10 s Microsoft now lets Surface Laptop owners revert back to Windows 10 S
THE VERGE Microsoft is now allowing Surface Laptop owners to switch back to Windows 10 S after they’ve upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. While the upgrade... 5 days
The big flaw with Facebook's new mission video - CNET
CNET CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring the world together using groups -- even as the News Feed's design may keep us divided. 1 day
'Valerian': a sci-fi spectacular forty years in the making video - CNET
CNET Go behind the scenes of the new movie "Fifth Element" director Luc Besson has waited his entire life to make. 4 days
Quiz: 40-Year-Old Virgin or Jared Kushner
Take a look inside Steve Jobs Theater with the latest Apple Park drone tour [Video]
New Google Pixel 2 rumors reveal specs, interesting design tweaks for ‘walleye’ & ‘taimen’
Relive Sonic the Hedgehog’s glory days with this eclectic remix album
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Hands-on: Bixby Voice still isn’t ready for prime time, but the beta gets it started [Video]
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Friday 5: Getting started with and customizing the OnePlus 5 [Video]
HTC’s next Edge Sense features for the U11 still seem very gimmicky
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 may be priced at €999/$900 and come with 6GB of RAM
Instagram testing a new way to let you share photos with select friends 
How the iPhone came to be (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 89) - CNET
'Preacher' season 2 makes 'Game of Thrones' seem like 'Downton Abbey' - CNET
Taking screenshots in iOS 11: hands-on with 10+ handy tips [Video]
Ana Lily Amirpour on romance in the desert and the racial controversy over her new film, The Bad Batch