9to5Mac Intel and Microsoft today disclosed the latest variant of the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws that were originally revealed in January. Intel is referring to this one as “Variant 4,” and it uses some of the same security vulnerabilities as the initial discovery… more… 3 months
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Intel outs three more Core and Xeon processor exploits
Windows Central Image: Foreshadowattack.eu. Dubbed Foreshadow, the new vulnerabilities operate in a similar manner to the Spectre and Meltdown flaws discovered earlier this year. As if the Meltdown and Spectre attacks didn't... 2 days
Samsung Galaxy 7 vulnerable to hacking due to flaw, researchers say - CNET
CNET The Meltdown vulnerability could leave it open to hacking. 1 week
intel s 9th generation processors rumored to launch october 1st with 8 cores Intel’s 9th generation processors rumored to launch October 1st with 8 cores
THE VERGE Intel is rumored to be introducing its 9th generation processors in October. While Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chips have been delayed until 2019, this... 4 days
Intel steals Nvidia's thunder with sneak peek at its first discrete GPU in years - CNET
CNET VIDEO It's been nearly 20 years since Intel produced a real graphics card. 14 hours
toward a taxonomy of men online Toward a taxonomy of men online
THE VERGE It is an indisputable fact that, online, there are Dads and there are Sons. Lesser known, however, is that there also exist two additional... 2 days
Intel uses Bluetooth to keep flying drones from colliding - CNET
CNET The technology could be good for something besides wireless headsets and keyboards. 18 hours
Intel's 32TB "ruler" SSD is super weird - CNET
CNET The extra-dense solid-state drive has an unusual shape said to maximize efficiency for cloud storage. 6 days
These drones could replace fireworks video - CNET
CNET Intel says its ShootingStar drones are safer than traditional fireworks. 18 hours
'Keto diets' could increase diabetes risk
Sky News Ketogenic diets, which involve eating very low levels of carbohydrates and high levels of fat, could cause an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes according to new research. 1 week
samsung galaxy note 9 tidbits where to pre order camera flaw detection cooling system Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tidbits: Where to pre-order, camera flaw detection, cooling system
9to5Google VIDEO Last week, Samsung officially “unpacked” the Galaxy Note 9 at... 3 days
planet at risk of heading towards irreversible hothouse conditions new report says Planet at risk of heading towards irreversible 'hothouse' conditions, new report says
CBC The world is at risk of entering "hothouse" conditions where global average temperatures will be 4-5 C higher even if emissions reduction targets under... 1 week
Chilling effects
TechCrunch The removal of conspiracy enthusiast content by InfoWars brings us to an interesting and important point in the history of online discourse. The current form of Internet content distribution has made it a broadcast medium akin to television or radio. Apps... 1 week
The Flaw Detection is my favorite unsung Note 9 feature
TechCrunch Today’s big Note 9 event was all about internals, but the company also had a few camera tricks up its sleeve. Scene Optimizer should prove familiar to Android... 7 days
AI Chip startup Cerebras Systems picks up a former Intel top exec
TechCrunch While some of the largest technology companies in the world are racing to figure out the next generation of machine learning-focused chips that will... 1 week
asus chromebook 12 c223 goes official w intel celeron 4gb ram ASUS Chromebook 12 C223 goes official w/ Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM
9to5Google VIDEO There are a lot of great Chromebooks out there from ASUS, and following some... 23 hours
pentagon bars fitness trackers geolocation services in some high risk and sensitive areas Pentagon bars fitness trackers, geolocation services in some high-risk and sensitive areas
CBC Military troops and other defence personnel at sensitive bases or certain high-risk warzone areas won't be allowed to use fitness-tracker or cellphone applications that... 1 week
MSI debuts stealthy WS65 workstation with Intel Core i9 chip
Windows Central Black and copper chassis add some stealthy flair to MSI's mobile workstation lineup. MSI has a new mobile workstation on the market, and it sports a bit of... 3 days
samsung s galaxy note 9 is shaping up to be the anti note 7 Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is shaping up to be the anti-Note 7
THE VERGE VIDEO Two summers ago, Samsung had its Icarus moment with the Galaxy Note 7. That device combined the traditional strengths of the Note line —... 1 week
With $40 million for AuditBoard’s risk and compliance toolkit, LA’s enterprise startups notch another win
TechCrunch Daniel Kim and Jay Lee, the two founders of AuditBoard, a Los Angeles-based provider of a risk and... 1 day
disenchantment lacks the magic of netflix s other animated originals Disenchantment lacks the magic of Netflix’s other animated originals
THE VERGE VIDEO Netflix has been producing some fantastic animated shows over the past few years, using the flexibility of the... 1 week
opinion my money is still against an apple branded car in 2025 Opinion: My money is still against an Apple-branded car in 2025
9to5Mac Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a good (if imperfect) track-record, but his latest note... 1 day
ios concept reimagines siri with non intrusive ui contextual awareness and more iOS Concept Reimagines Siri With Non-Intrusive UI, Contextual Awareness, and More
MacRumors Kévin Eugène, a web developer and UI/UX designer, this week shared a new iOS... 2 weeks
lensbaby s new sol lens makes quirky images Lensbaby’s new Sol lens makes quirky images
THE VERGE Lensbaby lenses are known for being, well, weird, and the new Sol lens may be one of the weirdest yet. The Sol,... 1 week
acer s new chromebook 13 laptops start at 650 and come out in september Acer’s new Chromebook 13 laptops start at $650 and come out in September
THE VERGE After unveiling its new Chrome OS business notebooks in May,... 2 weeks
lenovo made a super thin laptop for people who travel for work Lenovo made a super thin laptop for people who travel for work
THE VERGE Lenovo is adding two new notebooks to its Thinkpad line: the Thinkpad P1 and P72. The former is smaller than Lenovo’s earlier workstation laptops,... 3 days
Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop launch in India, and they're just as costly as you'd expect
Windows Central The top-tier variant of the Surface Book 2 with 1TB SSD, 16GB of RAM,... 1 week
Health records 'put at risk by security bugs'
BBC Almost 100 million patients were affected worldwide, according to security researchers. 1 week
Children 'at risk of robot influence'
BBC A study suggests young children will trust robots and change their minds. 19 hours
Earn free Bitcoin when you shop online - CNET
CNET You've heard of cashback? Get ready for Coinback. Among other things, it's a way to dip a toe into cryptocurrency with little risk. 3 days
Medical hack poses pacemaker risk
BBC Researchers disclose an unfixed vulnerability that threatens medical devices. 1 week
ASUS Chromebook 12 C223 goes official w/ Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM
Intel steals Nvidia's thunder with sneak peek at its first discrete GPU in years - CNET
How to use Light Mode for messages in Mail with Dark Mode on macOS Mojave
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tidbits: Where to pre-order, camera flaw detection, cooling system
Alphabet Scoop 019: Android 9 Pie released, more Pixel 3 leaks, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, more
PSA: Apple dropping apps from the affiliate program could be good news for some
Nerds, rejoice: Jeopardy! is finally bingeable on Hulu
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is shaping up to be the anti-Note 7
HomeKit Weekly: Nanoleaf Remote is the most capable (and colorful) controller
IGN pulls game review after YouTuber’s plagiarism accusations