TechCrunch In the wake of Broadcom failing to complete its takeover of Qualcomm, Intel is buying another chip company as it works on adjusting its own its business to fit the next generation of computing. Today, the company is announcing that it is acquiring eASIC, a fabless semiconductor company that makes customisable eASIC chips for use […] 2 months
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What do you think of Windows 10 IoT?
Windows Central What do you think of Windows 10 IoT? We'd like to hear your thoughts. Windows 10 IoT stands for "Internet of Things," and it's a lightweight platform designed for developers and engineers... 1 week
Microsoft Azure bets big on IoT
TechCrunch At its Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida, Microsoft today announced a plethora of new Internet of Things-focused updates to its Azure cloud computing platform. It’s no secret that the amount of data generated by IoT devices... 14 hours
review akitio node lite w intel optane ssd workstation class performance video Review: Akitio Node Lite w/ Intel Optane SSD – workstation-class performance [Video]
9to5Mac VIDEO I’ve reviewed several Thunderbolt 3 SSDs over the last year or so, and the Akitio Node Lite with Intel Optane SSD is the best... 6 days
Microsoft's riskiest (and most exciting) investments in the future
Windows Central Microsoft's investments in ambitious, forward-looking technologies are risky bets on the future, and they may pay off or leave the company scrambling for relevance. Lack of vision and commitment have... 1 week
An Intel drone fell on my head during a light show
TechCrunch It didn’t hurt. I thought someone dropped a small cardboard box on my head. It felt sharp and light. I was sitting on the floor, along... 6 days
Microsoft acquires Lobe to make AI development more accessible
Windows Central With its latest acquisition, Microsoft is looking to make AI development accessible to anyone. There's no doubt that Microsoft has placed a big bet on the future of AI, as... 2 weeks
Up close with Amazon’s $60 Alexa Microwave
TechCrunch Amazon was quick to note at today’s event that not all that much has been done to update the microwave for the 21st century. While that’s probably a pretty fair criticism of the ubiquitous... 4 days
jamf acquires nomad to assist it departments with active directory integration Jamf acquires NoMAD to assist IT departments with Active Directory integration
9to5Mac I’ve written a lot about identity management when it comes to Apple deployments here... 4 days
amd s new ryzen 45w laptop chips will take on intel s coffee lake h series processors AMD’s new Ryzen 45W laptop chips will take on Intel’s Coffee Lake H series processors
THE VERGE AMD has made two new processors... 6 days
Adobe introduces AI assistant to help Analytics users find deeper insights
TechCrunch Adobe Analytics is a sophisticated product, so much so that users might focus on a set of known metrics at the cost of missing key insights.... 12 hours
Liquid Telecom goes long on Africa’s startups as future clients
TechCrunch Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor African experiments... 5 days
Call for smart home devices to bake in privacy safeguards for kids
TechCrunch A new research report has raised concerns about how in-home smart devices such as AI virtual voice assistants, smart appliances, and security and monitoring... 6 days
Microsoft Ignite 2018: All the most exciting sessions
Windows Central Interested in what's going on at Ignite? Or attending the show yourself? Here's a handful of sessions that are worth keeping an eye on. Microsoft Ignite is just around the corner, and... 5 days
Why the 'gig' economy may not be the workforce of the future
ABC NEWS Why the 'gig' economy might not be the workforce of the future: Tepid pay is limiting growth 17 hours
displaymate iphone xs max has best smartphone display ever DisplayMate: iPhone XS Max Has Best Smartphone Display Ever
MacRumors iPhone XS Max has the best smartphone display ever, according to display testing and calibration firm DisplayMate Technologies.... 10 hours
Slack acquires Astro to conquer email
TechCrunch Slack announced today that it has acquired Astro, the Bay Area startup behind email assistant, Astrobot. The deal, which marks Slack’s largest to date, will go a ways toward helping the popular enterprise chat platform achieve... 10 hours
Should your next computer be a mini PC? These are your best options.
Windows Central Need a PC that doesn't take up much space? Check out these great options. Windows PCs come in all shapes and sizes,... 6 days
Corporate venture investment climbs higher throughout 2018
TechCrunch Many corporations are pinning their futures on their venture investment portfolios. If you can’t beat startups at the innovation game, go into business with them as financial partners. Though many technology companies have robust... 2 days
MariaDB acquires Clusterix
TechCrunch MariaDB, the company behind the eponymous MySQL drop-in replacement database, today announced that it has acquired Clusterix, which itself is a MySQL drop-in replacement database, but with a focus on scalability. MariaDB will integrate Clusterix’s technology into its own database, which... 5 days
MariaDB acquires Clustrix
TechCrunch MariaDB, the company behind the eponymous MySQL drop-in replacement database, today announced that it has acquired Clustrix, which itself is a MySQL drop-in replacement database, but with a focus on scalability. MariaDB will integrate Clustrix’s technology into its own database, which... 5 days
Amazon makes offline retail push in India
TechCrunch Amazon unleashed a flurry of new products this week at a U.S. press event, but halfway across the world, it is getting deeper into physical retail in the Indian market. The U.S. e-commerce giant... 4 days
Microsoft acquires Lobe, a drag-and-drop AI tool
TechCrunch Microsoft today announced that is has acquired Lobe, a startup that lets you build machine learning models with the help of a simple drag-and-drop interface. Microsoft plans to use Lobe, which only launched into... 2 weeks
Facebook unveils “SapFix” AI auto-debugger and AI chip partners like Intel
TechCrunch Facebook has quietly built and deployed an artificial intelligence programming tool called SapFix that scans code, automatically identifies bugs, tests different patches, and suggests the best... 2 weeks
VW Group, BMW and Daimler are under investigation for collusion in Europe - Roadshow
CNET The European Commission is investigating to see whether the companies conspired to keep certain emissions technologies out of passenger cars... 6 days
Synology DS218+ vs. QNAP TS-251+: Which should you buy?
Windows Central As an online tech company, we do a lot of work online as well as local and we need places to store data. As we've gone through several NAS units,... 2 weeks
Chipmaker Renesas goes deeper into autonomous vehicles with $6.7B acquisition
TechCrunch Japan-based semiconductor firm Renesas — one of the world’s largest supplier of chips for the automotive industry — is scooping up U.S. chip company IDT in a $6.7 billion deal... 2 weeks
comment sadly all hope for an iphone se 2 is now lost Comment: Sadly, all hope for an iPhone SE 2 is now lost
9to5Mac When Apple unveiled the iPhone X a year ago, Tim Cook described it as ‘the future of the iPhone.’ A year later, that future... 2 weeks
Surface Pro and Surface Laptop 2 could get Thunderbolt 3, finally
Windows Central If Microsoft times its refreshed Surface line with newer Intel processors, we may finally get that Type-C port we all want. With Microsoft's upcoming media event... 4 days
Amazon introduces a new subwoofer and amp for the Echo line
TechCrunch The Echo Sub isn’t quite a HomePod competitor, but it’s pretty darn close. In fact the the Amazon-made subwoofer actually looks a far bit like Apple’s... 4 days
Samsung announces the $1,700 Odyssey Z gaming laptop
Windows Central The internal cooling system brings a different design to the table. Samsung has announced an all-new gaming laptop, the Odyssey Z, that's designed for everyday use as well. As you'd expect, it's... 6 days
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