CNET There are a few exceptions, but users must have equal access to legal online content for the same price and speed, according to The Times of India. 3 months
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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says California net neutrality rules are 'illegal' - CNET
CNET California lawmakers voted to move forward with a "gold standard" net neutrality bill last month. 1 week
fcc chairman says california s net neutrality bill is egregious and illegal FCC chairman says California’s net neutrality bill is ‘egregious’ and ‘illegal’
THE VERGE FCC chairman Ajit Pai said that California’s newly passed net neutrality bill is “egregious,”... 1 week
The New York Times sues the FCC to investigate Russian interference in Net Neutrality decision
TechCrunch The ongoing saga over the FCC’s handling of public comments to its net neutrality proposal continues after The... 1 day
Senator claps back after Ajit Pai calls California’s net neutrality bill ‘radical’ and ‘illegal’
TechCrunch FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has provoked a senatorial response from California after calling the "nanny state's" new net neutrality legislation... 1 week
See a satellite play Spider-Man and net space junk in orbit - CNET
CNET The RemoveDebris satellite just proved it could snare space junk by shooting a net. 5 days
satellite uses giant net to practice capturing space junk Satellite uses giant net to practice capturing space junk
THE VERGE VIDEO A British satellite, designed to test out ways to clean up debris in space, just successfully ensnared a... 5 days
WhatsApp hits India’s Jio feature phones amidst fake news violence
TechCrunch False rumors forwarded on WhatsApp have led angry mobs to murder strangers in India, but the Facebook-owned chat app is still racing to add users in the country.... 2 weeks
GE Appliances' FirstBuild microfactory expands to India - CNET
CNET The facility will open in 2019. 2 weeks
experimental net captures orbiting space junk Experimental net captures orbiting space junk
CBC A net has managed to capture space junk, in a demonstration of ways to clean up debris in orbit. 4 days
Rick & Morty writer reportedly behind new 'Lazy Rich Asians' TV series - CNET
CNET Taking cues from Crazy Rich Asians, Jessica Gao, the Emmy-winning writer behind "Pickle Rick" is reportedly working on a new... 2 weeks
UK's mass surveillance violated humans right convention, court rules - CNET
CNET It’s official: GCHQ’s spying activities were illegal. 2 weeks
Samsung opens its largest store worldwide in former opera house - CNET
CNET The company is trying to beat Apple and Chinese rivals in the world's second biggest smartphone market: India. 2 weeks
UK's mass surveillance violated human rights convention, court rules - CNET
CNET It’s official: GCHQ’s spying activities were illegal. 2 weeks
EU lawmakers vote for new online copyright rules
ABC NEWS EU lawmakers have voted for new copyright rules that could shake up the way internet companies use media, books, music and other content posted online 2 weeks
Visiting the village where a WhatsApp rumor led to the deaths of 5 people - CNET
CNET The lynchings in Rainpada, India, turned the village into a ghost town, BuzzFeed News reports. 2 weeks
net tossed from space station captures space junk in orbit cleanup experiment Net tossed from space station captures space junk in orbit-cleanup experiment
CBC A tossed net has managed to capture space junk in a demonstration of ways... 4 days
Samsung could reportedly save Apple from Korean investigators - CNET
CNET Analysis: Now that would be a twist. 2 weeks
Actor locked out of Twitter over tweet that violated rules
ABC NEWS Actor James Woods has been locked out of his Twitter account over a tweet from July that Twitter found to be in violation of its rules 1 day
Indonesian fintech startup Moka raises $24M led by Sequoia India
TechCrunch Indonesia’s Moka, a startup that helps SMEs and retailers manage payment and other business operations, has pulled in a $24 million Series B round for growth. The investment... 2 weeks
YouTube removes Putin critic's ads prior to vote - CNET
CNET Alexei Navalny's aide slams the removal as "political censorship." YouTube says it was following the rules. 2 weeks
WhatsApp hires ‘grievance officer’ to help combat false information in India
TechCrunch Following widespread criticism of the way its service is used to spread false information and news in India, WhatsApp has hired a “grievance officer” for the... 13 hours
Middle East’s Careem is the latest ride-sharing unicorn to get an India-based tech team
TechCrunch India is the new tech outsourcing destination for ride-hailing companies. Southeast Asia’s Grab and Go-Jek both have sizable engineering teams... 12 hours
Space is full of trash. This spaceship could fix that video - CNET
CNET This ship fires a space net to clean up space junk. 12 hours
India’s Livspace raises $70M for its one-stop-shop for interior design
TechCrunch Livspace, an India-based startup that helps consumers manage home renovations and interior design, has pulled in a $70 million Series C deal that’s led by Goldman Sachs and TPG... 5 days
Tossed net captures space junk in orbit-cleanup experiment
ABC NEWS A tossed net has managed to capture space junk in an orbit-cleanup demonstration 4 days
Ticketmaster partners with scalpers to rip you off, two undercover reporters say - CNET
CNET The company is reportedly helping ticket resellers violate its own terms of use. 5 days
Sony to end PlayStation Vita production in Japan in 2019 - CNET
CNET The company reportedly has no plans for a successor to its handheld. 5 days
spacex will send japanese billionaire yusaku maezawa around the moon SpaceX will send Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa around the Moon
THE VERGE This evening, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire and founder of... 7 days
despite juul crackdown the fda isn t enforcing its own vaping rules Despite Juul crackdown, the FDA isn’t enforcing its own vaping rules
THE VERGE Earlier this month, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that e-cigarette startups like... 9 hours
Amazon is reportedly making a microwave -- and 7 other secret Alexa gadgets - CNET
CNET Amazon also apparently has an "in-car gadget" of some kind. What could that be? 1 week
How drones and lasers will help us predict volcanic eruptions - CNET
Star Wars gets an anime makeover with fan-made trailer - CNET
Microsoft Ignite 2018: Everything Microsoft just announced - CNET
VR's missing link? A killer app that convinces us to buy in - CNET
How an inflatable sex doll and an Xbox controller are changing the game - CNET
Adopt a life-size Star Wars porg ... in Lego form - CNET
McGregor vs. Khabib fight: Start time, how to stream, odds, and more - CNET
Red Hydrogen One looks badass in titanium, just like a Terminator should - CNET
This Is Us season 3: Premiere date, how to watch and more - CNET
You can now watch The Room for free on YouTube - CNET
Netflix’s Daredevil will return in October
Resident Evil 2 remake: Ada Wong makes her first appearance in TGS trailer - CNET
Satellite uses giant net to practice capturing space junk
The Fortnite cube finally does something, turns Loot Lake into bouncy lake - CNET
People are lining up to watch PewDiePie lose his spot as the top YouTube channel