PHYS.ORG Furniture giant Ikea is set to open its first store and restaurant in India after years of trying but arguably its most famous item is off the menu—Swedish meatballs. 3 months
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india s pslv launches two british satellites for sstl India’s PSLV launches two British satellites for SSTL
SPACE NEWS The launch, India’ first in five months, highlighted the United Kingdom’s desire to bolster trade with India as well as... 4 days
The myth of a vegetarian India
PHYS.ORG India has a reputation as a vegetarian nation, and Indians certainly consume far less meat than the global average. But the view of India as a predominantly vegetarian nation may not be quite accurate. 2 weeks
When gold prices go up, so does the cost of a dowry – and baby girl survival rates in India fall
PHYS.ORG When world gold prices go up,... 13 hours
In Lab Turned Casino, Gambling Monkeys Help Scientists Find Risk-Taking Brain Area
NPR Scientists at Johns Hopkins have identified a brain region in monkeys that influences their desire to take big risks. When this area is inactivated,... 2 days
Waste plastic in concrete could support sustainable construction in India
PHYS.ORG Research at the University of Bath has shown waste plastic to be a viable partial replacement for sand in structural concrete, providing one possible solution for future sustainable... 1 week
UK-India project to develop innovative diagnostics to curb antimicrobial resistance
NEWS MEDICAL A £3 million interdisciplinary research project is to address the growing threat of drug-resistant infections in India. The project will develop innovative diagnostics to curb antimicrobial resistance (AMR),... 1 week
defense contractors step up investments in commercial space companies Defense contractors step up investments in commercial space companies
SPACE NEWS Boeing's $10 million investment in BridgeSat and Raytheon's strategic investment in Hawkeye 360 continues the trend of major defense contractors... 1 week
Argentina bets on $600 million satellite to boost agriculture sector
REUTERS Argentina is launching a new microwave imaging satellite to monitor natural disasters and soil moisture, in... 6 hours
India Unveils Its Own Spacesuit Design for 2022 Astronaut Flights
SPACE.COM The Indian Space Research Organisation showed off the spacesuit it has designed in-house for its first human space missions at an event held on Sept. 6. 2 weeks
Out of control means off the menu
PHYS.ORG Fishing pressure on threatened shark populations has increased dramatically in recent years and it is urgent that consumers reject shark fin products altogether—a study in Marine Policy by researchers from the Swire Institute of... 1 week
India probes death of 12 endangered lions
PHYS.ORG Indian authorities Friday ordered a probe into the deaths of a dozen endangered wild Asiatic lions, half of them cubs, over the last 10 days, officials said. 14 hours
The big slosh: Florence begins days of rain, wind on coast
PHYS.ORG The big slosh has begun, and the consequences could be disastrous. 1 week
Dozens of high fever deaths cause panic in northern India
ABC NEWS Indian health authorities are rushing medical supplies to some north Indian towns and villages where high fever has claimed at least 50 lives in the past two weeks 1 week
Big data is synergized by team and open science
PHYS.ORG For some time, "big data" has loomed large as a source of challenges and opportunities for science, but as yet, guidance on how to manage the data deluge has been... 1 week
Big Tech is overselling AI as the solution to online extremism
PHYS.ORG In mid-September the European Union threatened to fine the Big Tech companies if they did not remove terrorist content within one hour of appearing online. The... 5 days
Images of suffering can bring about change – but are they ethical?
PHYS.ORG In a series of provocative photographs, poor children in India were made to pose in front of fancy tables covered with fake food. A... 1 week
two british earth observing satellites launched atop india s pslv booster Two British Earth-Observing Satellites Launched Atop India's PSLV Booster
ASTRO WATCH Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched on Sunday, September 16, its flagship Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)... 5 days
Early shifts lead to big changes
Science Magazine 1 day
How Do You Dispose of a Dead Whale? (Hint: Not in a Tiny Dumpster)
LIVE SCIENCE Big whales washing ashore create logistical challenges, as the city of Rye, New Hampshire, found out the hard way. 1 day
Building big experiments to study very little things
SCIENCE-NEWS Editor in Chief Nancy Shute discusses our behind the scenes look at the giant equipment used to study the smallest bits of matter. 1 day
'Science Fair' Documentary Showcases the Real-Life Genius of Teenage Scientists
SPACE.COM In science fairs all over the world, students dream big and work hard, hoping to impress with their creative hypotheses. 1 week
How meteorologists predict the next big hurricane
PHYS.ORG Hurricane Florence is heading toward the U.S. coast, right at the height of hurricane season. 1 week
This ice-covered Icelandic volcano may emit more carbon dioxide than all of the country’s other volcanoes combined
Science Magazine Katla is a surprisingly big emitter of carbon dioxide 11 hours
air force eyes commercial options to gain intelligence on space threats Air Force eyes commercial options to gain intelligence on space threats
SPACE NEWS Melanie Stricklan, Slingshot Aerospace: “We see a big need for SSA solutions, not just... 3 days
Tiny protein has big impact in times of stress
PHYS.ORG Ribosomes churn out proteins that carry out all of life's functions, but when missing a key and previously overlooked factor, they can break down in times of stress, Yale University... 1 week
Mapping vast unknown territory of long non-coding RNA
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have developed a powerful method for exploring the properties of mysterious molecules called long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), some of which have big roles in cancer and other serious conditions. 4 days
One big reason why women drop out of doctoral STEM programs
PHYS.ORG Many women in doctoral degree programs in fields like engineering and physics are in a class of their own—and that's not a good thing. 5 days
EU copyright war 'a shame', says big tech lobby
PHYS.ORG Tech giants and open-internet activists, not always natural bedfellows, are fighting a proposed copyright law that returns for approval at the European Parliament on Wednesday. 2 weeks
Small molecule plays big role in weaker bones as we age
SCIENCE DAILY With age, expression of a small molecule that can silence others goes way up while a key signaling molecule that helps stem cells make healthy bone... 4 days
VW faces first big German court date over 'dieselgate'
PHYS.ORG The first major German court case against Volkswagen over the "dieselgate" scandal that has shaken up the car industry gets under way Monday, as investors pursue the world's largest automaker... 2 weeks
How medicine literally gets under your skin
Purifying Proteins from Mammalian Cell Culture
Climate change poses uncertain future for Indiana's aquatic habitats
Doctor to the stars disciplined over use of controversial menopause therapy
Watch: Dolphin Superpod Chases Billions of Baitfish in Monterey Bay
Robot can pick up any object after inspecting it