iceland s bitcoin miners will guzzle more energy than its homes in 2018
CBC Iceland is expected to use more energy "mining" bitcoins and other virtual currencies this year than it uses to power its homes. 1 week
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Bitcoin energy use in Iceland set to overtake homes, says local firm
BBC Data centres mining the crypto-currency will use more electricity than homes this year, an energy firm says. 1 week
Energy riches fuel bitcoin craze for speculation-shy Iceland
ABC NEWS Virtual currencies like Iceland for its renewable energy sources and cool climate but the 2008 banking crisis left locals wary of financial speculators 1 week
New gold rush: Energy demands soar in Iceland for bitcoins
ABC NEWS Hand in hand with the rise of bitcoin is a soaring cost of "mining" the cryptocurrency 1 week
EE launches 4G antennas for rural homes - CNET
CNET VIDEO The shoebox-sized solution could provide more than 500,000 homes across the UK with high-speed internet access. 2 weeks
apple in talks to buy key battery ingredient cobalt directly from miners Apple in Talks to Buy Key Battery Ingredient Cobalt Directly From Miners
MacRumors Apple is in talks to purchase long-term supplies of cobalt directly from miners to ensure a steady supply of the key battery ingredient amid... 10 hours
How a $20 bitcoin buy led to a multiyear hassle - CNET
CNET Commentary: My encounter with a bitcoin ATM four years ago turned $20 into a saga of frustration, forgetfulness and jackpots won and lost. 3 days
Are your favorite websites mining Bitcoin? Here's how to find out - CNET
CNET Some websites might be using your CPU to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin without your knowledge. 5 days
My glamorous life with bitcoin video - CNET
CNET Downswings be damned. Life with bitcoin is great, says Daniel Van Boom. Let him show you how he got there. 2 weeks
as stripe backs away from crypto payments coinbase offers a new solution for e commerce As Stripe backs away from crypto payments, Coinbase offers a new solution for e-commerce
TechCrunch  Popular payment enabler Stripe announced plans to end... 6 days
Nuke scientists 'mined Bitcoin on supercomputer'
Sky News A team of Russian nuclear engineers have been arrested for allegedly using a powerful government supercomputer to mine Bitcoin. 2 weeks
Apple reportedly looking to buy cobalt directly from miners - CNET
CNET The metal is essential to production of batteries for smartphones and electric cars. 11 hours
Bitcoin won't be the dark web's top cryptocurrency for long - CNET
CNET Cybercriminals are moving on from bitcoin. The next cryptocurrency to emerge from the dark web will likely be litecoin, researchers say. 2 weeks
crypto prices mount a comeback following huge losses Crypto prices mount a comeback following huge losses
TechCrunch  What goes up, must go down… what does down, must go up…? After a big and bloody plunge this week —... 2 weeks
Recreating outer space in the lab
SCIENCE DAILY Thermodynamics provides insight into the internal energy of a system and the energy interaction with its surroundings. This relies on the local thermal equilibrium of a system. 1 week
Winter Olympics USA luge team embraces bitcoin donations - CNET
CNET USA Luge welcomes risk both on the Winter Olympics sliding track and in investments as it gathers bitcoin donations. 7 days
Apple's new speaker making an unwelcome mark in some homes
ABC NEWS Apple's new speaker is making an unwelcome mark in some homes 7 days
How to stop websites from using your computer to mine Bitcoin (and more) - CNET
CNET Some websites may use your computer to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero. Here's how to stop them. 5 days
poor cloud security let hackers mine cryptocurrency on tesla s dime Poor cloud security let hackers mine cryptocurrency on Tesla’s dime
TechCrunch  The strange new breed of malicious cryptocurrency miners spares no one, it seems: Tesla is the... 20 hours
EE 'shoebox' to tackle broadband not-spots
BBC EE will sell a 4G antenna to bring fast broadband to homes in rural areas. 2 weeks
Powerful LED-based train headlight optimized for energy savings
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have designed a new LED-based train headlight that uses a tenth of the energy required for headlights using conventional light sources. If operated 8 hours every day, the electricity savings of... 1 week
PicoBrew's Z Series appliance is for serious brewers only - CNET
CNET PicoBrew is back with a scalable beer brewing appliance for homes and businesses. 1 week
How to handle cryptocurrency on your taxes - CNET
CNET You sold some bitcoin. Now the IRS wants its cut. 41 minutes
apple may buy cobalt direct from mining companies protecting both parties Apple may buy cobalt direct from mining companies, protecting both parties
9to5Mac Apple is reportedly in talks about buying cobalt direct from miners in a long-term... 7 hours
google assistant set to rollout in 2 3x more countries and languages in 2018 Google Assistant set to rollout in 2-3x more countries and languages in 2018
9to5Google VIDEO At its 2018 Digital News Initiative Summit today, Google announced... 6 days
apple is trying to lock down battery components before electric carmakers get them Apple is trying to lock down battery components before electric carmakers get them
THE VERGE Apple is in talks to buy cobalt directly from miners... 4 hours
Sony's promising 2018 X900F TV ships soon, starts at $1,300 - CNET
CNET The maker of some of our favorite 2017 TVs is among the first to price new 2018 models. 2 weeks
Our Mobile World Congress preview show (The 3:59, Ep. 358) - CNET
CNET We talk Samsung Galaxy S9 and 5G, as well as bitcoin and the "Free Money" guy from the '90s. 24 hours
Sony's promising 2018 X900F TV ships soon, starts at $1,500 - CNET
CNET The maker of some of our favorite 2017 TVs is among the first to price new 2018 models. 2 weeks
Chime in: What's the best Windows tablet in 2018?
Windows Central There are to be a number of new Windows tablets released in 2018, packing more advanced internals and offering enhanced experiences. What are you most looking forward to? And what's... 2 weeks
Blockchain explained: It builds trust when you need it most - CNET
CNET VIDEO Here’s everything you need to know about the technology powering the bitcoin cryptocurrency today and, soon, a myriad of services that will change your... 1 week
Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended certifies devices for work, security needs
Only a fool would dare interrupt Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini from opening a door
Gboard 7.0.2 beta adds unified emoji/sticker/GIF search and support for Chinese, Korean
Parallels Toolbox update includes Presentation Mode, video editing tools, much more
The 'Free Money' guy from the '90s bursts your bitcoin bubble - CNET
A new Netflix show wants to manipulate people into committing murder
Hennessey Exorcist Camaro is a 1,000-hp Demon destroyer - Roadshow
Apple Shares Three New iPhone Photography Tutorials
LastPass adds non-beta support for Android Oreo’s Autofill API, but keeps accessibility
‘A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia’ coming to macOS around end of April [Video]
Google’s Tez service in India adds support for bill payments
Android Wear will add support for an unread notification indicator in v2.9
Rutger Hauer wasn't a fan of 'Blade Runner 2049' - CNET
The Pixel 2’s live wallpapers are displaying an annoying streak over the Earth
Even black-out drunk, the Pixel 2 takes some great low-light portrait shots