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samsung including a pair of gear iconx 2018 earbuds w galaxy s8 or note 8 purchases Samsung including a pair of Gear IconX (2018) earbuds w/ Galaxy S8 or Note 8 purchases
9to5Google Truly wireless earbuds are... 2 days
samsung halts android oreo rollout on galaxy s8 due to unexpected restarts Samsung halts Android Oreo rollout on Galaxy S8 due to ‘unexpected’ restarts
THE VERGE Samsung started rolling out Android Oreo for the Galaxy S8 at the beginning of the week, but then just hours later, it seemed to... 6 days
samsung executive behind bixby knox and samsung pay joins google for iot projects Samsung executive behind Bixby, Knox, and Samsung Pay joins Google for IoT projects
9to5Google According to a new report, a key executive behind some... 1 week
9to5toys last call samsung chromebook pro 449 google home battery base 40 aukey usb c charging station 15 more 9to5Toys Last Call: Samsung Chromebook Pro $449, Google Home Battery Base $40, Aukey USB-C Charging Station $15, more
9to5Google ... 1 week
9to5toys lunch break samsung chromebook pro 449 google home battery base 40 aukey usb c charging station 15 more 9to5Toys Lunch Break: Samsung Chromebook Pro $449, Google Home Battery Base $40, Aukey USB-C Charging Station $15, more
9to5Google ... 1 week
samsung filing hints that smart glasses might still be coming Samsung filing hints that smart glasses might still be coming
THE VERGE For years, there have been rumors that Samsung might be making smart glasses. Now, as reported... 1 week
samsung teases galaxy s9 s animoji ripoff may be full body emoji w customizable clothing and animations video Samsung teases Galaxy S9’s ‘Animoji’ ripoff, may be full body emoji w/ customizable clothing and animations [Video]
9to5Google VIDEO We’re about... 1 week
samsung s galaxy s9 will reportedly include stereo speakers and 3d emoji Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will reportedly include stereo speakers and 3D emoji
THE VERGE Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus devices will be the first to feature 3D... 1 week
Samsung Notebook 9 Pen review: too light for its own good
THE VERGE Samsung’s new premium 2-in-1 feels more like a cheap Chromebook Continue reading… 6 days
Samsung Galaxy S9: 2018 launch date, specs, price and everything else we know - CNET
CNET VIDEO Word on the street is that Samsung has the iPhone X dead in its sights. 6 days
everything we think we know about the samsung galaxy s9 Everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9
THE VERGE We’re only a few days away from Samsung’s official announcement of the Galaxy S9 on February... 2 days
As Galaxy S9 looms, Samsung ad shows how little details matter - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: In a new ad, Samsung offers a heartening look at how hard its robots are working to help make its phones. 2 weeks
samsung is finally updating its terrible emoji Samsung is finally updating its terrible emoji
THE VERGE Samsung has had a bad rap when it comes to emoji. Aesthetically speaking, they’re pretty fug, and worse, the yellow globs often... 1 week
samsung will let people hold the galaxy s9 in augmented reality and of course it leaked early Samsung will let people hold the Galaxy S9 in augmented reality — and of course it leaked early
THE VERGE ... 19 hours
Samsung teases Galaxy S9's take on this iPhone X camera tool - CNET
CNET Samsung released a batch of Galaxy S9 videos that hint at what the phone can do. 7 days
official looking renders of samsung galaxy s9 leak corroborating design rumored features Official-looking renders of Samsung Galaxy S9 leak, corroborating design & rumored features
9to5Google At this point, there’s almost nothing that we don’t know about Samsung’s forthcoming Android flagships. From an external design standpoint, the phone is set... 2 days
The controversial Galaxy Note 8 putting Samsung in a bind - CNET
CNET We got our hands on the special-edition Note 8 that's causing quite a predicament for Samsung and the Olympic Committee. 2 weeks
Can Samsung still claim to be ahead of Apple? - CNET
CNET VIDEO Commentary: Samsung keeps insisting that Apple is always behind. With the release of the Galaxy S9, how true might that be? 3 days
apple takes market share from samsung in korean company s home market Apple takes market share from Samsung in Korean company’s home market
9to5Mac Apple achieved its highest ever market share in rival Samsung’s market of South Korea... 1 day
Samsung begins production of record-breaking 30.72TB SSD - CNET
CNET Samsung's PM1643 SSD will be the largest solid state drive in the industry with twice the capacity and performance of previous designs. 1 day
samsung to slash oled panel production on weak demand for iphone x claims nikkei Samsung to Slash OLED Panel Production on 'Weak Demand' for iPhone X, Claims Nikkei
MacRumors Samsung plans to slash its OLED panel output... 1 day
what to expect from samsung s next galaxy flagships What to expect from Samsung’s next Galaxy flagships
TechCrunch  It’s that time of year again. Samsung is getting ready to unpack some shiny new high end smartphones at the... 2 weeks
samsung s galaxy s9 expected to copy iphone x s animoji feature Samsung's Galaxy S9 Expected to Copy iPhone X's Animoji Feature
MacRumors Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will reportedly copy one of the iPhone X's... 1 week
nikkei reiterates iphone x production being cut in half leaving samsung scrambling for oled buyers Nikkei reiterates iPhone X production being cut in half, leaving Samsung scrambling for OLED buyers
9to5Mac A new report from Nikkei today... 3 days
samsung is planning to copy animoji on the galaxy s9 will reportedly be more advanced Samsung is planning to copy Animoji on the Galaxy S9, will reportedly be ‘more advanced’
9to5Mac Whenever Apple debuts a unique feature,... 1 week
New bug causes issues for Apple, Samsung pulls Android update video - CNET
CNET The biggest news of the day includes a flaw that causes apps on iOS, MacOS and WatchOS devices to crash. Meanwhile, Samsung... 5 days
report samsung galaxy s9 will pack stereo speakers and more advanced 3d emoji Report: Samsung Galaxy S9 will pack stereo speakers and ‘more advanced’ 3D emoji
9to5Google We’re just about a week away from the debut of... 1 week
north korean athletes can t take olympic edition samsung phones home with them North Korean athletes can’t take Olympic-edition Samsung phones home with them
THE VERGE Winter Olympics attendees from North Korea, as well as Iran, won’t be getting Samsung... 2 weeks
here s samsung s new ringtone for the galaxy s9 video Here’s Samsung’s new ringtone for the Galaxy S9 [Video]
9to5Google Each year, Samsung releases a new rendition of its ‘Over the Horizon’ song for its latest flagship phones.... 1 day
The S9 to dominate MWC, Samsung reducing OLED production video - CNET
CNET Today's big tech headlines include the Galaxy S9's expected dominance ahead of MWC, Samsung cutting OLED production and the start of Google Pay's rebranding. 3 hours
Parallels Toolbox update includes Presentation Mode, video editing tools, much more
Samsung blasts its previous world record with massive new enterprise-grade 30TB SSDs
Parallels Desktop 13 + over $450 worth of FREE Mac apps: $80 or upgrade for $50
Apple shares new video tips on shooting B&W photos, taking overheads, and editing slow-mo timing with iPhone
Only a fool would dare interrupt Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini from opening a door
Here are the latest banks & credit unions to add Apple Pay support
Hands on: Google’s ‘Reply’ app uses AI for quick responses and automatic replies in your notifications [Video]
How to restore the old Snapchat design on Android
Samsung reveals soothing ringtone for Galaxy S9 - CNET
VLCKit 3.0 adds support for H.265, better 4K memory management, and 3D video
Android Wear will add support for an unread notification indicator in v2.9
‘A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia’ coming to macOS around end of April [Video]
Can Samsung still claim to be ahead of Apple? - CNET
Chrome OS adds ‘Material Design visual indicators’ for browser navigation gestures
LG’s 2018 flagship rumored for June launch, Snapdragon 845, 6.1-inch MLCD+ screen w/ white sub-pixel