CINEMA BLEND Denzel Washington has put on a number of remarkable performances over the course of his career, but few compare to what's on display in Antoine Fuqua's Training Day. 4 weeks
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Will The Equalizer 3 Happen? Here’s What Antoine Fuqua Says
CINEMA BLEND Director Antoine Fuqua has commented on whether or not we could see The Equalizer 3 become... 2 weeks
The Incredible Moment When BlacKkKlansman’s John David Washington Met The Real Ron Stallworth
CINEMA BLEND Actor John David Washington plays Stallworth in BlacKkKlansman, and got... 5 days
Scandal's Kerry Washington Is Set To Star In New Graphic Novel TV Adaptation For Hulu
CINEMA BLEND Kerry Washington has signed on to... 16 hours
Hands Off Approach: New Report Says Dave Filoni Not Involved In “Day To Day” Of Animated ‘Star Wars Resistance’
Jason Momoa Didn’t Want ‘Aquaman’ To Talk To Fish In ‘Justice League’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Aquaman has long been the butt of jokes where his only superpower is being able to talk to fish and a reference to that... 2 weeks
Jason Momoa Didn’t ‘Aquaman’ To Talk To Fish In ‘Justice League’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Aquaman has long been the butt of jokes where his only superpower is being... 2 weeks
BBC Subpoenas Microsoft Over Leaked ‘Doctor Who’ Footage
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Jodie Whittaker is about to make her full debut as the first female incarnation of the infamous Doctor, but it... 7 days
Right On Target: Wilson Bethel Inadvertently Confirmed For Bullseye In ‘Daredevil’ Season 3
SCIENCEFICTION.COM After a lot of online speculation about the truth, and... 1 week
‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Adds Ravi Patel And Gabriella Wilde To The Cast
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Two more cast members have reportedly signed on for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ which is currently filming in the Washington DC area.  Ravi Patel and... 2 weeks
This Rotten Week: Predicting Dog Days, The Meg And Slender Man Reviews
CINEMA BLEND There are some silly looking movies coming out this week with dogs, sharks, and ghouls all making appearances. 1 week
Shane Black Is Still Interested In Making The Nice Guys 2
CINEMA BLEND Shane Black has made some incredibly popular films, but he'd love to make a... 5 days
Blizzard Is Working On More Diablo
CINEMA BLEND Blizzard Entertainment announced that Diablo is making its way back into the mainstream space with a brand new slate of content, and the company... 4 days
The Special Spin Brad Garrett Wanted To Put On Eeyore In The Making Of Christopher Robin
CINEMA BLEND While there are hundreds... 1 week
The Overwatch League Is Planning A Major Expansion Before Next Season
CINEMA BLEND With the first season of the Overwatch League wrapping up over the weekend, Activision... 2 weeks
Why Stanley Tucci Was A Real Perfectionist While Making His Newest Movie
CINEMA BLEND They say that art is a reflection of life, but in the case of the new movie Final Portrait, director Stanley Tucci found the... 2 days
The Hardest Part About Creating The 1980s For The Mystery-Thriller Summer Of '84
CINEMA BLEND In this day and age of Stranger Things or Fargo,... 2 weeks
Avengers: Infinity War’s Gag Reel Is Goofy And Full Of Green Screens
CINEMA BLEND Daydream about what an Avengers sitcom might look like with this behind the scenes look at the making of Avengers: Infinity War. 4 days
Kim Possible's Christy Carlson Romano Revealed To Be In Disney's Live-Action Movie
CINEMA BLEND The former star of Kim Possible will be making an appearance in the upcoming live-action movie. 2 days
Walt Disney World May Add A Wreck-It Ralph Attraction, Remove One Of Its Least Popular Ones
CINEMA BLEND Wreck-It Ralph is about... 2 days
How Fallout 76 Will Deal With Griefers
CINEMA BLEND It's a risky move turning a beloved single-player RPG franchise into a full blown miniature MMO, but Bethesda has plans on making... 1 day
The New Pokemon Go Event Is Here
CINEMA BLEND Niantic Labs is keeping the promotional train running for _Pokemon Go _events by rolling out new Community Day get-togethers for gamers around... 2 days
How Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Is Making Itself More Accessible
CINEMA BLEND In order to make Shadow of the Tomb Raider more accessible to more players,... 6 days
Amber Heard Introduces Mera
SCIENCEFICTION.COM One of the great things about the explosion of superhero movies over the last decade or so is that comparatively lower profile characters are finally getting a chance... 2 weeks
Overwatch Reveals New Summer Games Skins
CINEMA BLEND Blizzard Entertainment recently unveiled that one of the popular events from before is making a return in the form of the Overwatch Summer Games,... 1 week
Is Scott Derrickson Working On ‘Doctor Strange 2’?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Doctor Strange‘ having faded from existence with the other half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’ after the close of... 2 weeks
Reportedly, Marvel Pumped The Brakes On Donald Glover’s Deadpool Series
CINEMA BLEND In a day and age when both Deadpool and Donald Glover are at the height of... 1 week
Chief Concerns: Showtime Execs Reveal ‘Halo’ Series Will Not Directly Adapt The Games, But Will Star Master Chief
Hogan’s Heroes: ‘Infinity War’ Directors Discuss Why They Cut Jon Favreau From The Film
SCIENCEFICTION.COM With ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ now available digitally (and... 2 weeks
The Creative Team And Release Date For ‘Uncanny X-Men’ Have Been Announced!
SCIENCEFICTION.COM   During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con we learned that the ‘Uncanny X-Men’ was making a comeback but didn’t know much past that. Now... 4 days
The Third Season Of ‘Daredevil’ Is Coming In 2018
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Just as Marvel’s film releases are settling into a pattern of three releases per year, so too do... 2 weeks
First Trailer for 'Green Book' with Viggo Mortensen & Mahershala Ali
Official US Trailer for Mario Van Peebles' Conspiracy Thriller 'Armed'
First Teaser for Shark Movie Sequel '47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter'
The Party's Not Over Yet! Official Trailer for Netflix's 'The After Party'
Full Trailer for New 4K Re-Release of Dennis Hopper's 'The Last Movie'
Final Trailer for WB's Animated Movie 'Smallfoot' About a Friendly Yeti
Full UK Trailer for Retired Crooks Heist Comedy 'The King of Thieves'
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