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The Strange, Secret Backstory For Sonic The Hedgehog's Logo
CINEMA BLEND So, the Sonic emblem featured in the older games is an iconic piece of imagery. It features some... 6 hours
Snap reportedly bought its very own 3D game engine
TechCrunch Snapchat’s parent company bought a web-based 3D game engine startup out of the UK this past May, Business Insider (paywalled) reports. PlayCanvas is a development tool focused on letting people... 7 hours
Snap reportedly buys its very own 3D game engine
TechCrunch Snapchat’s parent company has bought a web-based 3D game engine startup out of the UK, Business Insider (paywalled) reports. PlayCanvas is a development tool focused on letting people easily design... 7 hours
Why Outlander's Season 4 Villain Will Be Worse Than Black Jack Randall
CINEMA BLEND Outlander will introduce a brand new bad guy in Season 4, and he'll be even worse than Black Jack Randall for some big reasons. 9 hours
19 games at GDC 2018 that redefine what a video game even is - CNET
CNET You thought you knew what gaming was. You're wrong. 9 hours
Final Frontier Friday: ‘Haven’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Hello and welcome back to ‘Final Frontier Friday’! This week, we’ll be taking a look at ‘Haven’, an early first season installment of ‘The Next Generation’. ‘Haven’ is... 9 hours
How Suits Will Say Goodbye To Meghan Markle And Patrick J. Adams
CINEMA BLEND Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams will leave Suits at the end of the current season, and the creator has spoken about what to... 12 hours
Watch ‘Silicon Valley’ actors rip a VR bong in the hacker hostel
TechCrunch HBO’s Silicon Valley is returning to the air with Season 5 debuting on Sunday. To prep fans, HBO released a virtual reality experience where... 13 hours
Best Racing Games for Xbox One in 2018
Windows Central If you like to tear up the tarmac on your Xbox One, then you're in luck — there are some great racing games available for Microsoft's console! Racing games aren't for everyone,... 14 hours
WATCH: 'GMA' Hot List: Study reveals how many minutes of exercise you need
ABC NEWS Plus, 19-year-old pro car driver Aurora Straus, who deferred admission to Harvard to pursue her racing career, hopes to inspire more girls... 14 hours
New ‘Silicon Valley’ VR experience lets you rip a bong in the hacker hostel
TechCrunch HBO’s Silicon Valley is returning to the air with Season 5 debuting on Sunday. To prep fans, HBO is teasing... 13 hours
psa apple s march 27 event won t be live streamed PSA: Apple's March 27 Event Won't Be Live Streamed
MacRumors While Apple often offers a live stream for its special events, the company has confirmed there will be... 15 hours
apple submits new accessibility emojis to unicode consortium Apple Submits New Accessibility Emojis to Unicode Consortium
MacRumors Apple today submitted a new proposal [PDF] to the Unicode Consortium, suggesting the committee introduce a series of accessibility emojis... 16 hours
pubg creator says it s great fortnite is growing the battle royale genre PUBG creator says it’s great Fortnite is growing the battle royale genre
THE VERGE Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds creator Brendan Greene told a crowd on the final day of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco that he’s happy that... 16 hours
‘Ready Player One’ Covers Entertainment Weekly With Nine New Images
SCIENCEFICTION.COM You can tell the summer blockbuster season is kicking off early.  The last issue of Entertainment... 17 hours
silicon valley s vr experience looks ironically fun Silicon Valley’s VR experience looks ironically fun
THE VERGE VIDEO HBO’s Silicon Valley is a show that’s largely about how hot tech trends are either dumb or actively harmful. And its last... 17 hours
My essential laptop accessories for everyday use
Windows Central I've been using the LG gram 15Z980 as my primary laptop for a couple months; these are the accessories I use the most. As far as thin, light laptops go, LG's refreshed lineup of... 18 hours
puppet shows zombie heads and a unicorn costume meet the weird controllers of alt ctrl gdc Puppet shows, zombie heads, and a unicorn costume: meet the weird controllers of Alt.Ctrl.GDC
THE VERGE A rhythm game where you fist-bump and high-five... 19 hours
HBO’s Silicon Valley gets the VR treatment for Season 5
TechCrunch For a long time, we’ve heard that VR is three to five years from becoming mainstream. While that premise remains questionable, HBO’s Silicon Valley is celebrating its fifth... 20 hours
Chime in: What's your favorite battle royale game on PC right now?
Windows Central Fortnite is attempting to take down PUBG for the title of best battle royale title, but there are also other games on the horizon.... 20 hours
Research suggests low density of snow leopards in Nepal's Conservation Area
PHYS.ORG The snow leopard is a mammal species of the cat family found at high altitudes in Nepal and other countries around the Himalayan range. However, it... 21 hours
nintendo s wiiware dies this weekend so download these games while you can Nintendo’s WiiWare dies this weekend, so download these games while you can
THE VERGE VIDEO You wouldn’t know it from the Switch’s ever-growing library of indie games, but there was a time when Nintendo really didn’t know how to... 22 hours
'Santa Clarita Diet' season 2 now on Netflix - CNET
CNET The dark comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant returns for a 10-episode run. 1 day
ARK: Survival Evolved Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch
CINEMA BLEND You know what the Nintendo Switch doesn't have enough of? Games where you get to build forts, scavenge... 1 day
Sea Of Thieves Addresses Technical Problems
CINEMA BLEND Sea of Thieves finally set sail on Xbox One this week and, according to early reports, the waters have been a bit choppy. Thankfully,... 1 day
OnePlus will no longer be selling the 5T in North America
Elephant caught on video mysteriously 'breathing smoke' - CNET
Rock On - Official Trailer for 'Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb' Documentary
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Fuchsia Friday: Maxwell and the secret ‘agents’ of Fuchsia
Qualcomm deal is dead, but Broadcom coming to the US anyway - CNET
Congress is giving NASA more money than it requested to build a second launch platform
Review: Yale’s Assure Lock SL is an awesome HomeKit-enabled smart lock with room to grow [Video]
NASA begins latest airborne Arctic ice survey
The Odds of Getting Hit With Space Station Debris Are 1 in 300 Trillion