CINEMA BLEND Katherine Heigl shared her thoughts on what's happening with Izzie's ex Alex over on Grey's Anatomy. 2 months
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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Trailer Has Meredith Hooking Up With DeLuca
CINEMA BLEND Grey's Anatomy has had a lot of staying power over at ABC, largely thanks... 2 weeks
Why Grey's Anatomy's Love Triangle Was A Challenge For The Writers
CINEMA BLEND A big love triangle is on the way for Grey's Anatomy Season 15, and... 7 days
Why Shonda Rhimes Stopped Trying To Plan How Grey's Anatomy Will End
CINEMA BLEND Shonda Rhimes has revealed why she stopped trying to plan the ending of Grey's Anatomy. 20 hours
We Finally Know More About Grey's Anatomy's New (Mc)Dreamy Doc
CINEMA BLEND Nashville alum Chris Carmack is playing the mysterious surgeon so far only known as Link, and... 2 weeks
Why Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Was Able To Push For Her Big Raise
CINEMA BLEND Ellen Pompeo's deal has gotten plenty of press for her... 3 days
Deleted Scene Shows ‘Supergirl’ Breakup Between Alex And Maggie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Fans of the show ‘Supergirl’ will remember that heartbreaking breakup between Alex and Maggie at the end of... 6 days
Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara Is Heading To Arrow Season 7
CINEMA BLEND While she might not be on Shadowhunters for that much longer, Katherine McNamara is heading to the Arrow-verse... 1 day
‘Arrow’ Recruits ‘Shadowhunters’ Star Katherine McNamara For Season 7
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Katherine McNamara will be appearing on two fan favorite series this coming season.  Freeform still has ten episodes... 1 day
Alex & Nat Wolff Star Together in Full Trailer for 'Stella's Last Weekend'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Don't go near that girl again - no matter how much you like her." The Orchard has debuted the official trailer for... 2 weeks
Festival Teaser for Alex Ross Perry's New Film 'Her Smell' from TIFF
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "Your honor, is it a crime in this country to prefer the witching hour?" The first festival teaser is available for the new Alex... 2 weeks
People Are Obsessed With Alek Trebek's New Jeopardy Beard
CINEMA BLEND Folks are loving Alex Trebek's new look. 2 weeks
Is James Marsden’s Character In ‘Westworld’ In Trouble As The Actor Takes On A New Role?
SCIENCEFICTION.COM James Marsden (‘X-Men: Days... 1 week
TIFF 2018: Jimmy Chin & E. Chai Vasarhelyi's Documentary 'Free Solo'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET There's a quote in this film that sums up everything about how mind-blowing this feat is. "People who know a little bit about climbing, they're like,... 2 weeks
Watch: Short Comedy 'Ciao Lola' Filmed in Venice, Starring Jane Levy
FIRSTSHOWING.NET "Who are all these people?" Nothing like a funny short film set in a romantic city to brighten up your day! Ciao Lola is a short... 6 days
The Defenders Could Possibly Return For Season 2 With Big Changes, According To Jeph Loeb
CINEMA BLEND The head of Marvel television cleared... 4 days
The Life Is Strange Developers Already Have A Bunch Of Ideas For Future Seasons
CINEMA BLEND We could be seeing a lot more Life... 2 weeks
You Can Pay To Have Yourself Photoshopped Into Porn Scenes Now
CINEMA BLEND You can be photoshopped into porn now. This is the future. 2 weeks
William Shatner Responds To Chris Pine’s Star Trek Negotiations
CINEMA BLEND The future of the Star Trek franchise is in question as Chris Pine has reportedly walked away from... 2 weeks
Walt Disney World's New Pricing System Starts In October, Here's What We Know
CINEMA BLEND Walt Disney World is one of the most popular tourist... 2 hours
Watch Ryan Gosling's Awkward Reaction When Asked If He'd Play Batman
CINEMA BLEND Nobody is quite sure what the future of Batman really is on the big... 2 weeks
Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Wants A Younger Actor To Take Over As Ash
CINEMA BLEND Bruce Campbell recently announced he's done playing the iconic role... 2 weeks
How Henry Cavill's Superman Issues Could Help The DC Universe Streaming Service
CINEMA BLEND Henry Cavill's future as Superman on the big screen is uncertain. Here's what DC Universe could do about it. 2 weeks
Henry Cavill May Be Leaving Superman And The DC Movies
CINEMA BLEND Henry Cavill's time in the classic Superman tights appears to have come to a close. Sources... 2 weeks
Get A First Look At Shane West As King Snake On ‘Gotham’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM The final season of ‘Gotham‘ has Shane West slated to be Bane’s father and now the actor is sharing off his look. The fifth... 13 minutes
TV Review: ‘Iron Fist: War Without End’ (Season 2, Episode 9)
SCIENCEFICTION.COM And now we’re here, the final two episodes of ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2, and... 2 weeks
Movie Review: The Predator
SCIENCEFICTION.COM There were a lot of great action films released during the 1980’s, from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes... 2 weeks
The Last Laugh Is On Us As Todd Phillips Releases A New ‘Joker’ Picture
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Director Todd Phillips is clearly clowning around while... 2 hours
The Dominos Are Falling As We’ve Got Our First Look At Zazie Beetz In ‘Joker’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Zazie Beetz (‘Atlanta’) has the comic... 18 hours
Not A Stunt: Jeph Loeb Claims Marvel Already Has Ideas For ‘Daredevil’ Seasons 4-6
SCIENCEFICTION.COM WARNING: Some spoilers for the most recent seasons... 13 minutes
Big Changes To Universal Studios’ ‘Harry Potter’ Parks Mean The Cancellation For One Popular Event
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Universal Studios theme park in Orlando... 2 weeks
Official Trailer + Poster for the 56th New York Film Festival This Fall
Full US Trailer for Mélanie Laurent's Film 'Galveston' with Elle Fanning
Jason Patric & Danny Trejo in First Trailer for Action Western 'Big Kill'
Official US Trailer for Luis Ortega's Argentinian Crime Drama 'El Angel'
Official Trailer for Repulsive Documentary 'Caniba' About Cannibalism
First UK Trailer for 'Stan & Ollie' Starring Steve Coogan & John C. Reilly
'We Choose to Go to the Moon!' Third Trailer for Chazelle's 'First Man'
Full Trailer for Zeek Earl & Chris Caldwell's Indie Sci-Fi Film 'Prospect'
Super Crazy Trailer for 'Extreme Haunt' Horror Indie Film 'Extremity'
Sarah Greene Plays a Homeless Mother in Trailer for Irish Drama 'Rosie'