PHYS.ORG The scientific community needs to listen more to people outside academia if it wants to continue to help politicians create good evidence-based policies that will benefit the public, a conference has heard. 2 months
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Arizona EMTs have 39% higher risk for suicide than general public
NEWS MEDICAL Arizona emergency medical technicians' risk for suicide is 39-percent higher than the general public, according to a new study conducted by University of Arizona College of... 5 days
Greater awareness of science can help public overcome fear of vaccines
NEWS MEDICAL The increasing distrust in vaccinations has triggered an extensive scientific and public debate over whether or not it is useful, safe and ethical to vaccinate children... 22 hours
Philly refinery fails to include public input in cleanup efforts
PHYS.ORG Over a decade of remediation planning and regulatory approvals at Philadelphia's neighborhood refinery has occurred without the benefit of municipal or public involvement, says a new report from... 4 days
New research on sperm quality updates advice for couples trying to conceive
NEWS MEDICAL Could doctors at fertility clinics be giving men bad advice? Dr. Da Li and Dr. XiuXia Wang, who are clinician-researchers at the Center for... 1 week
Researchers use larval zebrafish model to reveal role of locus coeruleus in anesthesia
NEWS MEDICAL The application of general anesthesia in clinical therapy has been an indispensable part of modern medicine for more than a century. However,... 5 days
Database shines a bright light on Washington lobbying
PHYS.ORG Follow the money. It's a famous phrase from the Watergate era, but it applies to everyday life in modern Washington as well. That advice just got easier for everyone to carry out,... 2 weeks
Probiotic supplementation may reduce use of antibiotics, scientific analysis shows
NEWS MEDICAL Global demand exists for new ways to reduce antibiotic use, given the urgent public health threat of antibiotic resistance. 1 week
Thermo Fisher Scientific and Diamond collaborate to launch new cryo-EM capability for use in life sciences industry
NEWS MEDICAL An agreement to launch a new cryo-EM capability for use in the life sciences... 2 weeks
Scientific institutions continue to lag behind the #TimesUp movement
SCIENCE DAILY Scientific and medical institutions must fundamentally reconsider how they address sexual harassment in the workplace, experts argue in a new article. 2 weeks
Doubts and dialogue may alter public perceptions of science
SCIENCE DAILY Science projects within controversial fields such as synthetic biology could benefit from experimenting with communication settings in which experts share their thoughts and feelings with each other and the public.... 4 hours
SP Scientific's versatile benchtop freeze dryer for pharmaceutical and biotech labs
NEWS MEDICAL The AdVantage Pro freeze dryer with advanced controller from SP Scientific now offers users the benefit of ethernet communication to allow you to monitor your cycle... 16 hours
Healthcare cuts 'strongly linked' to the resurgence of measles in Italy
SCIENCE DAILY Studies show that primary reason for the measles outbreak, affecting several European countries, is the decline in vaccination coverage, for which mainly the 'spread of anti-scientific... 2 weeks
Muscle relaxants used during general anesthesia can increase risk of pulmonary complications
NEWS MEDICAL Muscle relaxants that are used during general anesthesia increase the risk of pulmonary complications after surgery, according to the European milicenter study POPULAR, in... 7 days
Rough waters for California's not so public beaches
PHYS.ORG The sandy cove along California's picturesque coast beckons visitors to what is supposed to be a public beach. But the imposing gate, the security guard and the annual $100 access fee tell... 20 hours
LGBT community reports more number of poor mental health days than general population
NEWS MEDICAL The local LGBT community reports twice the number of poor mental health days as the general population of Richmond and Columbia Counties,... 20 hours
Digitizing the vast 'dark data' in museum fossil collections
PHYS.ORG The great museums of the world harbor a secret: They're home to millions upon millions of natural history specimens that almost never see the light of day. They lie hidden... 1 week
Political actions are required to address biodiversity loss, not additional scientific knowledge
PHYS.ORG Over 15 years, almost 13,000 scientific papers have been published in leading conservation science journals. Yet biodiversity remains threatened at a global scale. Two... 2 weeks
Sperm quality study updates advice for couples trying to conceive
SCIENCE DAILY New clinical and molecular evidence shows sperm quality and reproductive outcomes are improved when semen is provided after just 1-3 hours of abstinence. 1 week
Thinking beyond yourself can make you more open to healthy lifestyle choices
SCIENCE DAILY Many people feel threatened when reminded of their unhealthy behavior. However, a group of 220 sedentary adults became more receptive to health advice --... 1 week
New knowledge on the condition of cull sows prior to transportation to the abattoir
PHYS.ORG About half of Danish sows are culled and destined for slaughter each year—approximately 500,000 animals—and are sent on their last... 2 weeks
People display clear signs of confirmation bias when judging on sensory input
NEWS MEDICAL People have a tendency to interpret new information in a way that supports their pre-existing beliefs, a phenomenon known as confirmation bias. 2 weeks
Antibiotics in landfills pose public health risk
PHYS.ORG The large quantities of discarded antibiotics in Hong Kong's landfills pose a pollution problem and a potential hazard to public health and ocean life, a new study by a Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)... 6 days
Toward a more scientific science
Science Magazine 4 days
FDA awards grants to enhance development of medical devices for pediatric patients
NEWS MEDICAL The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today that it has awarded five grants totaling up to $6 million per year over the next... 2 weeks
FDA and USDA announce joint public meeting on cell cultured food products derived from livestock, poultry
NEWS MEDICAL U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, DVM and U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb,... 2 weeks
Public awareness of urological conditions found to be alarmingly low across Europe
NEWS MEDICAL Public awareness of urological conditions is alarmingly low throughout Europe. Results of a new international survey of more than 2,500 responders from 5 countries... 23 hours
Despite red flags at surgery centers, overseers award gold seals
NEWS MEDICAL At his surgery center near San Diego, Rodney Davis wore scrubs, was referred to as "Dr. Rod" and carried the title of director of surgery. But he was... 5 days
Peer effects, personal characteristics and asset allocation
PHYS.ORG Both academic researchers and practitioners know that behavioural biases can drive household financial decisions away from standard finance models, and that people don't always follow the professional advice they receive. Peer effects have been... 2 weeks
Meta-analyses were supposed to end scientific debates. Often, they only cause more controversy
Science Magazine Compiling the evidence from dozens of studies doesn't always bring clarity 6 days
World’s largest general science society OKs stripping honors from scientists found to be sexual harassers
Science Magazine AAAS adopts new rules for removing society’s fellows found to have committed misconduct 6 days
Kidnapping in the Antarctic animal world?