Sky News Two members of a London-based Nigerian cyber crime group have been jailed after stealing more than £1m. 4 days
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White House sheds cyber coordinator role
TechCrunch The White House has opted to eliminate the cyber coordinator role on the National Security Council, in what some see as a step back in strong cybersecurity policy. The duties formerly performed by the coordinator will... 6 days
apple reduces usb c to lightning cable price amid rumors 2018 iphones dropping usb a Apple reduces USB-C to Lightning Cable price amid rumors 2018 iPhones dropping USB-A
9to5Mac VIDEO Apple’s 1m USB-C to Lightning Cable, which allows faster charging... 10 hours
The $35 Corsair Survivor Stealth is a tough 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive
Windows Central Keep all your files safe. The Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive is down to $34.99 on Amazon from... 1 week
Melania Trump faces new plagiarism row over cyber safety booklet
BBC A cyber safety booklet released by the First Lady bears an uncanny resemblance to an Obama-era edition. 2 weeks
MoviePass parent drops 31% on looming cash crunch
TechCrunch The big question in the media world today is whether MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson can stanch the bleeding of its cash flows before it becomes insolvent. In a new filing... 2 weeks
World of Warcraft attacker jailed in US
BBC A man accused of disrupting the video game's computer servers faces a year in prison. 2 weeks
How to pair a controller with your Oculus Rift
Windows Central Your Rift won't be much use without some sort of input device. During the initial setup of your Oculus Rift, you were no doubt prompted to pair at least one... 2 weeks
Uber says its self-driving cars could return in ‘next few months’
TechCrunch Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi spoke briefly of what’s been going in the world of Uber’s self-driving cars in light of the fatal accident in Tempe, Arizona... 2 weeks
best selling realistic racing sim project cars coming to mobile but no date yet Best-selling realistic racing sim Project CARS coming to mobile, but no date yet
9to5Mac If you’re more interested in a realistic driving experience than... 5 days
11 new cars and SUVs America forgot we can still buy - Roadshow
CNET Did these new cars and SUVs slip your mind? Don't worry, you're not alone. 1 week
Intel starts testing self-driving cars in Jerusalem
TechCrunch Intel and its subsidiary Mobileye have started testing 100 self-driving cars in Jerusalem. In the “coming months,” the plan is to deploy the fleet in the U.S. and other regions, Mobileye CEO Amnon Shahsua... 4 days
Meet Donkervoort, Dutch maker of extreme cars video - Roadshow
CNET Nestled in the centre of The Netherlands is a small, family-run company that has quietly been making some of the most extreme road cars in the world. 7 days
The crypto alternative
TechCrunch Suppose, just for a moment, just for argument’s sake, that (some) cryptocurrencies are not a giant scam, and what’s more, they’re not just another kind of financial asset. Come on. Don’t look at me like that. Work with me here.... 1 week
Job hunting service Glassdoor sold to Japan’s Recruit for $1.2 billion
TechCrunch U.S. job hunting service Glassdoor, which is best known for providing insight into company working cultures, has been acquired for $1.2 billion in cash by Recruit,... 2 weeks
Apple’s self-driving car fleet grows to 55 in California
TechCrunch Apple now has 55 self-driving cars registered with the DMV, compared to 27 earlier this year and just three last year. That means Apple has the second largest fleet of... 1 week
Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks team up to share road hazard data - Roadshow
CNET Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks are actually two entirely separate entities. 2 weeks
Uber’s aerial taxi play
TechCrunch Uber’s flying taxis are taking off, as the transportation upstart looks for new ways to shorten trips made long because of distance or traffic congestion. Flying cars were once nearly the exclusive domain of tech aphorisms (“You promised us flying... 2 weeks
Intel Mobileye's autonomous cars in Jerusalem - Roadshow
CNET Join us for a look inside Intel's prototype autonomous cars in Jerusalem. 5 days
How Alphabet is working to stop election cyber attacks (The 3:59, Ep. 403) - CNET
CNET Plus: CIA leaker and Twitter trolls. 5 days
‘Pakistan's army tried to hack my Facebook’
BBC A harassed human rights activist reveals to the BBC how she was a target for repeated cyber attacks. 7 days
arca designed a 6 450 pair of leather bdsm headphones Arca designed a $6,450 pair of leather BDSM headphones
THE VERGE Venezuelan DJ and music producer Arca has collaborated with luxury retailer Ssense and leather company Fleet Ilya to... 2 weeks
NHS cyber-hero 'discussed bank hack role'
BBC Marcus Hutchins is trying to suppress a phone call transcript in which malware code was mentioned. 6 days
Kaspersky moves operations after spy claims
BBC Cyber-security firm Kaspersky will move infrastructure after it was linked to Kremlin spying. 6 days
Durham Sixth Form Centre paid ransom after cyber-attack
BBC Students' coursework was affected by the attack which the school reported to police, the BBC learns. 2 weeks
tesla rejected more advanced driver monitoring features on its cars Tesla rejected more advanced driver monitoring features on its cars
THE VERGE Engineers inside Tesla wanted to add robust driver monitoring systems to the company’s cars to help... 1 week
Didi Chuxing can now test self-driving cars in California
TechCrunch Quite a number of companies — 53, to be exact — have received permits to test self-driving cars with a safety driver in California. One of the more notable companies... 1 week
mit built a self driving car that can navigate unmapped country roads MIT built a self-driving car that can navigate unmapped country roads
THE VERGE Taking the road less traveled is extremely difficult for self-driving cars. Autonomous vehicles rely... 1 week
uber will resume testing self driving cars in a few months ceo says Uber will resume testing self-driving cars in ‘a few months,’ CEO says
THE VERGE Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said Wednesday that the company would resume testing its self-driving cars “in a few months.” The ride-hailing company grounded its... 2 weeks
Lil Tay's Instagram feed will melt your brain video - CNET
CNET A 9-year-old throwing cash over a Ferrari? That's the brand of internet we're mainlining these days... 4 days
Cyberattack on Tennessee election website preceded outage
ABC NEWS A cyber security firm says "a specific attack" was among the possible reasons for the crash of a website that was reporting results in a Tennessee county's primary elections 1 week
Avengers: Infinity War Thor scene crackles in Lego form - CNET
OnePlus appears to be re-branding ‘Dash Charge’ due to Amazon trademark
Apple reduces USB-C to Lightning Cable price amid rumors 2018 iPhones dropping USB-A
Google kills the Assistant’s ‘Your stuff’ tab on Android, simplifying Explore
App creators form ‘Developers Union’ to push free trials and better revenue split on App Store
Forget Laurel and Yanny, Green Needle and Brainstorm will blow your mind - CNET
Hands-on: Google Pixel 2 XL versus iPhone X multitasking [Video]
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will feature a Fortnite-style battle royale mode
NASA astronaut totally forgot his GoPro SD in space - CNET
Apple Stores hosting events with Nike+ head coach, disability rights activist for Global Accessibility Awareness Day