PHYS.ORG A new method allows researchers to systematically identify specialized proteins that unpack DNA inside the nucleus of a cell, making the usually dense DNA more accessible for gene expression and other functions. The method, developed by a team of researchers at Penn State, and the shared characteristics of these proteins are described in a paper that appears online on July 12th in the journal Molecular Cell. 2 months
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Detangling DNA replication
PHYS.ORG VIDEO DNA is a lengthy molecule—approximately 1,000-fold longer than the cell in which it resides—so it can't be jammed in haphazardly. Rather, it must be neatly organized so proteins involved in critical processes can access the information contained in its nucleotide... 7 days
New method could help researchers find structural variations within cancer cell DNA
NEWS MEDICAL Cancer cells often have mutations in their DNA that can give scientists clues about how the cancer started or which treatment may be most... 2 weeks
Can you evolve while being robust?
PHYS.ORG It was long thought that DNA, together with the genes encoded in it, determined genetic destiny. But equally important is coordinating when genes are turned on and off. In fact, the regulation of gene expression defines... 2 weeks
Heart: Changes in mitochondrial DNA control how nuclear DNA mutations are expressed in cardiomyopathy
SCIENCE DAILY Differences in the DNA within the mitochondria, the energy-producing structures within cells, can determine the severity and progression of heart... 2 weeks
New insights into DNA phase separation
PHYS.ORG A new study by Professor Hajin Kim in the School of Life Sciences at UNIST presents the notion of DNA Phase Separation, which suggests that the DNA within the nucleus may trigger phase separation, like oil... 6 days
New insights into DNA phase separation
SCIENCE DAILY A recent study has presented the notion of 'DNA Phase Separation', which suggests that the DNA within the nucleus may trigger phase separation, like oil in water. 7 days
Watch these new ‘designer proteins’ light up when they hit their target
Science Magazine VIDEO Synthetic proteins could track everything from illegal drugs to gene expression 2 weeks
Protein for deeper insights into the brain
PHYS.ORG To be able to examine the function of individual cells or structures in intact tissue, these need to be visible. This may sound trivial, but it is not. To achieve this, researchers implant fluorescent... 1 week
Scientists discover novel mechanism by which synthesized proteins reach target compartment in cell
NEWS MEDICAL Proteins are essential constituents of cells and their compartments. Prof. Johannes Herrmann, a researcher at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany, and his... 1 week
Detangling DNA replication
MIT Researchers identify an essential protein that helps enzymes relax overtwisted DNA so each strand can be copied during cell division. 1 week
Zapping mutant DNA in mitochondria could treat major class of genetic disease
Science Magazine Mouse studies show gene editing can reduce abundance of mutated mitochondrial DNA 11 hours
Purifying Proteins from Mammalian Cell Culture
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO In many cases mammalian cells are the only option to produce recombinant proteins with correct post-translational modifications, e.g. glycosylation, which are required for proper function of the therapeutic protein. 7 days
Differences in mitochondrial DNA determine severity of heart disease caused by nDNA mutation
NEWS MEDICAL Differences in the DNA within the mitochondria, the energy-producing structures within cells, can determine the severity and progression of heart disease caused... 2 weeks
Proteins surf to mitochondria – a novel transport pathway discovered
PHYS.ORG Prof. Johannes Herrmann, a researcher at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany, and his team discovered a novel mechanism by which newly synthesized proteins reach their respective target compartment... 1 week
DermTech completes enrollment in clinical study to assess DNA damage and reversal
NEWS MEDICAL DermTech, Inc., the global leader in non-invasive molecular dermatology, announced today it has completed enrollment in a clinical study to assess DNA damage induced... 6 days
An ER surface retrieval pathway safeguards the import of mitochondrial membrane proteins in yeast
Science Magazine The majority of organellar proteins are translated on cytosolic ribosomes and must be sorted correctly to function. Targeting routes have... 2 weeks
Scientists map interactions between head and neck cancer and HPV virus
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists mapped the interactions between all HPV proteins and human proteins for the first time. 2 weeks
DNA from seized elephant ivory unmasks 3 big trafficking cartels in Africa
SCIENCE-NEWS Scientists can sleuth out wildlife crime and aid law enforcement by tracing elephant DNA from ivory seizures back to the source. 5 days
LineaRx signs agreement with Takis/Evvivax to develop linear-DNA based anti-cancer vaccines
NEWS MEDICAL Applied DNA Sciences Inc. announced today that LineaRx, Inc., its wholly-owned subsidiary focused on next-generation biotherapeutics, has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Takis S.R.L. and... 5 days
How lactoferrin clamps down on free roaming iron ions to stop nefarious effects on cells
PHYS.ORG What prevents our cells from being overexposed to iron ions roaming freely in the body is a protein... 4 days
The spark that created life
SCIENCE DAILY Evolution by natural selection is immensely powerful -- both in nature and within laboratories. Researchers have identified 'Structural Capacitance Elements' within proteins, which retain the potential to evolve into micro-structures following the introduction of a mutation. These mutated... 2 weeks
P3 microplate accelerates removal of interfering proteins in biological samples
NEWS MEDICAL Porvair Sciences reports how its P3 microplate can be used to accelerate removal of interfering proteins from serum, plasma or even whole blood samples prior to analysis by... 2 weeks
Cell mechanism regulating protein synthesis in stress conditions discovered
PHYS.ORG Genes must be expressed in precise levels and at the exact moment if the complex balance regulating cell activity is to be maintained. Messenger RNA (mRNA) conveys genetic information from... 6 days
DNA tests bring together French son of GI and US half-brother
PHYS.ORG A Frenchman who spent his whole adult life searching for his American father, a soldier who fought in Europe during World War Two, said he was... 3 hours
Scientists examine variations in a cell's protein factory
PHYS.ORG You can think of a cell in your body like a miniature factory, creating a final product called proteins, which carry out various tasks and functions. In this cellular factory, genes control... 5 days
Scientists discover new molecules that work together to remove unwanted DNA
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have discovered a new family of molecules that work together to precisely remove unwanted DNA during reproduction in single-celled, freshwater organisms called ciliates. 6 days
Scientists develop first DNA-based test for predicting risk of leukemia relapse
NEWS MEDICAL A group of Canadian and Korean scientists and physicians have developed the first DNA-based test that allows them to tell which patients will relapse after receiving... 2 weeks
AMSBIO launches circulating tumor DNA Reference Standards
NEWS MEDICAL AMSBIO announce the launch of a new range of circulating tumor DNA Reference Standards for cancer disease management research. 5 days
DNA tests of illegal ivory link multiple ivory shipments to same dealers
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists report that DNA test results of large ivory seizures made by law enforcement have linked multiple ivory shipments over the three-year period, when... 5 days
Researchers study DNA polymerases at the molecular level
PHYS.ORG Complex biological systems can be described as a network of chemical processes that take place in molecules. The scientists of the "ChemLife" research initiative at the University of Konstanz are working together... 6 days
Custom circuits for living cells
How medicine literally gets under your skin
Purifying Proteins from Mammalian Cell Culture
Detangling DNA replication
Watch these new ‘designer proteins’ light up when they hit their target
Science Magazine
Doctor to the stars disciplined over use of controversial menopause therapy