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Tractor driver dies as fire consumes Oregon wheat fields
ABC NEWS Authorities say a man killed in an Oregon wildfire appears to have been trying to protect his neighbor's property from flames sweeping through vast wheat fields in a rural farming... 19 hours
Drone Reveals Massive Stonehenge-Like Circular Monument in Ireland
LIVE SCIENCE New finds in Ireland show the importance of ancient tombs and circular henges to Neolithic people, hundreds of years before the Egyptian pyramids were built. 1 day
In Photos: Ireland's Newgrange Passage Tomb and Henge
LIVE SCIENCE A drone flyby has revealed a huge Neolithic henge near a passage tomb at Newgrange in Ireland. 1 day
Kitty Hawk Flyer: 'A big drone that a human can fit in'
BBC A look inside the Kitty Hawk Flyer, a new flying car from the firm backed by Google's Larry Page. 2 days
Drone saves missing 65-year-old climber in the Himalayas - CNET
CNET Rick Allen had been missing for 36 hours, according to the BBC. 2 days
Medical News Today: Is eating tilapia fish safe and healthful?
MNT Tilapia is a popular edible fish that is low in fat and a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Tilapia farming occurs around the world, but... 3 days
This drone explores the ocean video - CNET
CNET The Navatics MITO drone is a remote-operated underwater vehicle. 3 days
Tiny AirSelfie2 drone with full HD is finally available - CNET
CNET After being delayed a few months, the second generation of this pocket-sized selfie drone is shipping. 3 days
NASA finds fading Sub-Tropical Storm Beryl devoid of center precipitation
PHYS.ORG On Sunday, July 15, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) noted that Sub-Tropical Storm Beryl was devoid of precipitation around its center of circulation and infrared imagery from NASA's... 4 days
gao report on commercial crew suggests the hell they will launch operational crew before 2019 GAO Report on Commercial Crew Suggests: ‘The Hell They Will Launch (Operational Crew) Before 2019’
ASTRO WATCH Predictions by SpaceX’s president, Gwynn Shotwell,... 5 days
Stolen sensitive drone files sold on dark web
BBC Tank tactics and drone details were up for sale by hackers who got them from military networks. 1 week
US Air Force drone documents found for sale on the dark web for $200
TechCrunch You never quite know what you’ll find on the dark web. In June, a threat intelligence team known as Insikt... 1 week
U.S. Air Force drone documents found for sale on the dark web for $200
TechCrunch You never quite know what you’ll find on the dark web. In June, a threat intelligence team team known as... 1 week
Drones survey African wildlife
SCIENCE DAILY In collaboration with a nature reserve in Namibia, researchers are developing a new approach to counting animals: combining drone flights and automated image analysis. 1 week
Google parent 'graduates' moonshot projects Loon, Wing
PHYS.ORG Google parent Alphabet announced Tuesday it was raising the profile of two "moonshot" projects—one for drone delivery and the other for global internet connectivity with balloons. 1 week
project loon wing graduate from x to become latest alphabet companies Project Loon, Wing graduate from X to become latest Alphabet companies
9to5Google VIDEO Two of X’s aerial projects are graduating from the Moonshot Factory today to become... 1 week
a hacker was caught selling a stolen air force drone manual for 200 on the dark web A hacker was caught selling a stolen Air Force drone manual for $200 on the dark web
THE VERGE Hackers love... 1 week
DJI offering drone deals on Amazon Prime Day - CNET
CNET A nice deal on the Mavic Pro may point to its replacement on the horizon. 1 week
Mystic drone takes on DJI with one big feature - CNET
CNET Hint: It’s all about AI. 1 week
Tropical Storm Chris gives NASA satellite a signature 'C'
PHYS.ORG When NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, an instrument aboard looked at Tropical Storm Chris' water vapor and cloud temperatures. Appropriately, the image showed a backwards "C"... 1 week
Carbon farming in WA
PHYS.ORG Reducing our carbon footprint is a critical step to combat climate change, and WA is doing its part with new approaches to farm CO2. 1 week
This week's Xbox Deals with Gold feature Farming Simulator 17 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3
Windows Central Every week Microsoft and certain publishers discount numerous games for Xbox Live users. Every week Microsoft and certain... 1 week
facebook abandoned helicopter drone project months after first demo Facebook abandoned helicopter drone project months after first demo
THE VERGE The Aquila drone isn’t the only aerial internet project Facebook abandoned in the last year. The Tether-tenna, a... 2 weeks
NASA sees a well-organized typhoon Maria
PHYS.ORG Maria appeared as a well-organized storm on infrared NASA satellite imagery on July 9. Maria has fluctuated between typhoon and super typhoon strength and was a typhoon when NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead. 2 weeks
NASA satellite tracking remnants of ex-Tropical Cyclone Beryl
PHYS.ORG Infrared imagery from NASA revealed two small area of strong storms remained in the remnants of Tropical Storm Beryl, moving into the eastern Caribbean Sea. 2 weeks
First Trailer for Next Norwegian Disaster Movie 'The Quake' Set in Oslo
AT&T names three more of the dozen cities to get mobile 5G this year
Researchers report two-faced Janus membrane applications
Teaser Trailer for Renny Harlin's 'Legend of the Ancient Sword' Movie
'Storm chasers' on Mars searching for dusty secrets
At Comic-Con 2018, why Funko is the unofficial king of pop culture - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Nightflyers Season 1 new trailer is killing everyone
How new telescope technology captured this image of Neptune from down here on Earth
Taco Bell's Comic-Con pop-up was delicious. Thanks Demolition Man! - CNET
Marvel’s Iron Fist season 2 will begin streaming on September 7th
Google the word 'idiot,' get pics of Donald Trump - CNET