Science Magazine Study of 2 million New Yorkers suggests heritability for hundreds of conditions 7 days
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Emergency contact info helps researchers branch out family tree
SCIENCE DAILY A collaborative team of researchers from three major academic medical centers in New York City is showing that emergency contact information, which is included in individuals' electronic health records (EHRs),... 7 days
Medical News Today: Inflammatory bowel disease may raise Parkinson's risk
MNT Having IBD is tied to a 22 percent higher risk of Parkinson's disease, according to a nationwide Danish population study that covered nearly 40 years. 2 days
The hidden value of paper records
Science Magazine 2 weeks
Gov't approves $10B deal to overhaul VA medical records
ABC NEWS The government has signed a $10 billion deal to overhaul the electronic health records of millions of veterans 7 days
Vascular risk interacts with amyloid levels to increase age-related cognitive decline
SCIENCE DAILY Risk factors for heart disease and stroke appear to hasten the risk of cognitive decline in normal older individuals with evidence of very early Alzheimer's-disease-associated changes... 2 days
Combination of vascular risk and brain amyloid levels may accelerate age-related cognitive decline
NEWS MEDICAL Risk factors for heart disease and stroke appear to hasten the risk of cognitive decline in normal older individuals with evidence of... 2 days
Inflammatory bowel disease may raise Parkinson's risk
MNT Having IBD is tied to a 22 percent higher risk of Parkinson's disease, according to a nationwide Danish population study that covered nearly 40 years. 2 days
Study shows potential of using electronic health records for more complete clinical trial results
NEWS MEDICAL The study entitled "Long term extension of a randomized controlled trial of probiotics using electronic health records" led by researchers... 1 week
Combination of atrial fibrillation and carotid artery disease increases patient's risk of dementia
NEWS MEDICAL Atrial fibrillation patients who are diagnosed with carotid artery disease face higher risks for developing dementia, according to new research from the... 1 week
The digital doctor's visit: Enormous potential benefits with equally big risk
SCIENCE DAILY One out of at least 10 patients records doctors' visits, usually on a cell phone; Apple recently released a new Health Records feature built into the... 1 week
Medical News Today: One egg per day may keep stroke at bay
MNT Eating eggs might lower your risk of stroke and heart disease. At least, this is what a new, large-scale study from China now suggests. 2 days
Dogs born in the summertime more likely to suffer heart disease
SCIENCE DAILY Dogs born June through August are at higher risk of heart disease than those born other months, rising in July to 74 percent higher risk, according... 4 days
Cause of pesticide exposure, Parkinson's link
SCIENCE DAILY Previous studies have found an association between two commonly used agrochemicals (paraquat and maneb) and Parkinson's disease. Now a professor has determined that low-level exposure to the pesticides disrupts cells in a way that mimics the... 11 hours
FDA allows KU Medical Center to begin clinical trial of novel cellular therapy for HR/SR aGvHD
NEWS MEDICAL The University of Kansas Medical Center announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared... 1 week
Wearable technology and AI to predict the onset of health problems
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers found that applying artificial intelligence to the right combination of data retrieved from wearable technology may detect whether your health is failing. The study found... 1 week
Avoiding the car for travel could significantly lower risk of illness and death
SCIENCE DAILY People who are more active when commuting to work by walking or cycling could be cutting their relative risk of developing ischaemic... 2 days
Medical system is structured to favor white physicians and patients, says family medicine resident
NEWS MEDICAL "Our medical system is structured to individually and systemically favor white physicians and patients in ways that white people are... 1 week
Study uncovers why pesticide exposure increases Parkinson's disease risk in some people
NEWS MEDICAL A new University of Guelph study has discovered why exposure to pesticides increases some people's risk of developing Parkinson's disease. 8 hours
New tool predicts the lifetime risk of Alzheimer’s
NEWS MEDICAL A new study has shown that the risk of Alzheimer’s disease significantly varies depending on age, gender and the presence of any signs or symptoms of dementia. 2 days
Scientists discover a variation of the genome predisposing to Alzheimer's disease
SCIENCE DAILY A new article shows that the inheritance of small changes in DNA alters the expression of the PM20D1 gene and is associated with an increased risk... 1 week
Research suggests novel therapies to lower cardiovascular disease risk in rheumatoid arthritis patients
NEWS MEDICAL Preclinical and early clinical research conducted by teams at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and in Australia suggests that patients with... 1 week
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ESA Space Science Image of the Week: Herschel reveals massive stars hidden in a dark bubble, triggering the birth of a new stellar generation 3 days
Medical News Today: Certain antibiotics increase kidney stone risk
MNT For the first time, researchers find a link between antibiotics and an increased risk of kidney stones. It seems that young people are most affected. 2 weeks
Gene variant may increase psychiatric risk after traumatic brain injury
SCIENCE DAILY A gene variant known to predict Alzheimer's risk was linked to worse psychiatric symptoms in those with a traumatic brain injury. Study participants with the gene variant and... 1 week
Point patterns help to predict landslides
PHYS.ORG Examining the detail of a natural disaster in Italy in 2009 has helped KAUST researchers develop a statistical model that could help predict landslides in specific areas under given storm scenarios. 6 minutes
Medical News Today: Can bats 'tell us' when and where Ebola will strike next?
MNT A new study suggests that we may be able to predict exactly when and where Ebola will next break out... 20 hours
New study to explore link between diet, intestinal microbiota and cognitive decline
NEWS MEDICAL Are abnormal intestinal microorganisms a risk factor for developing cognitive impairment? Researchers at Rush University Medical Center are trying to answer that question with... 1 week
Reduction in heart disease risk factors could help prevent frailty among older adults
NEWS MEDICAL New research has shown that older people with very low heart disease risks also have very little frailty, raising the possibility that... 3 days
Teen Unearths Milk Cans Holding WWII Heirlooms from Aristocratic Prussian Family
LIVE SCIENCE A teenager unexpectedly discovered a cache of World War II artifacts — including an officer's uniform from the Wehrmacht, the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany... 2 weeks
New LIVE scoring tool effectively predicts future risk of hospitalization for COPD patients
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers have developed a new tool that utilizes basic laboratory tests to effectively identify patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who are... 2 days
Arabica coffee genome sequenced
Bendy laser beams can examine human tissue like never before
What’s really behind ‘gluten sensitivity’?
Science Magazine
Previously unreported Arctic phytoplankton transport could jeopardize fish populations
Pairing AI with optical scanning for real-world product authentication
A necessary evil? What you need to know about animal research
Medical News Today: How to get a splinter out
ANU invites citizen scientists to search for exploding stars
Malaria-causing parasite manipulates liver cells to survive
How coyotes conquered the continent
An eco-friendly cure for a global fish-killing disease
Childhood leukemia linked to lack of childhood infections
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