THE VERGE The Aquila drone isn’t the only aerial internet project Facebook abandoned in the last year. The Tether-tenna, a small helicopter drone that could temporarily replace cellular service in emergency situations, was discontinued a few months after being shown off at the F8 developer conference in May of 2017, the company has confirmed to The Verge. “Tether-tenna was a proof of concept project we were evaluating when we discussed it at F8 in early 2017,” a spokesperson for Facebook said. “It wasn’t 1 month
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hands on with facebook s unreleased dating features on ios Hands-on with Facebook’s unreleased dating features on iOS
9to5Mac Facebook announced its new dating service at F8 earlier this year. Codenamed “Gemstone”, the project is supposed to be a competitor... 7 days
This NASA drone hit a major milestone video - CNET
CNET NASA's Predator Drone 'Ikhana' flew for the first time in public airspace without a chase plane. 1 week
Facebook and Instagram now show how many minutes you use them
TechCrunch It’s passive zombie feed scrolling, not active communication with friends that hurts our health, according to studies Facebook has been pointing to for the last seven... 2 weeks
facebook has started internal testing of its dating app Facebook has started internal testing of its dating app
THE VERGE Two months after announcing the product at its F8 developer conference, Facebook is testing its dating app internally... 2 weeks
Win a chance to watch Will Smith bungee jump from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon - CNET
CNET The weirdness is looking to raise money for charity. 14 hours
Facebook and Instagram apps updated with tools to help you use them less
Windows Central You can set usage limits, mute notifications, and more. Similar to what we've seen from Google and Apple over the last couple... 2 weeks
facebook pulls a snapchat and launches social ar games for messenger Facebook pulls a Snapchat and launches social AR games for Messenger
9to5Mac Three months ago Snapchat launched a new social AR gaming feature called Snappables —... 7 days
dji put a cute line bear on its latest spark drone DJI put a cute Line bear on its latest Spark drone
THE VERGE DJI has teamed up with Japanese chat app giant Line for what it describes... 1 week
facebook is making two factor a requirement for some page managers Facebook is making two-factor a requirement for some Page managers
9to5Mac Facebook, as part of its growing efforts of transparency, is rolling out a new verification process... 4 days
DJI teams up with Line Friends for a drone of cuteness - CNET
CNET It can take your selfie with a hand gesture. 1 week
What the Facebook Crypto team could build
TechCrunch Facebook is invading the blockchain, but how? Back in May Facebook formed a cryptocurrency team to explore the possibilities, and today it removed a roadblock to revealing its secret plans. Former head of Messenger David... 5 days
facebook s security chief is leaving and no one s going to replace him Facebook’s security chief is leaving, and no one’s going to replace him
THE VERGE Facebook’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos, said today that he’ll be leaving the company later this month. The announcement comes just a day after... 2 weeks
PSA: Automatic cross-posting tweets to Facebook no longer works as of today
TechCrunch You can no longer automatically cross-post your tweets to Facebook . Twitter announced today that functionality is now coming to an end, and users... 2 weeks
PSA: Cross-posting tweets to Facebook no longer works as of today
TechCrunch You can no longer automatically cross-post your tweets to Facebook . Twitter announced today that functionality is now coming to an end, and users will instead... 2 weeks
Facebook now requiring Pages with large US audiences to go through additional authorization
TechCrunch Facebook today announced it’s implementing a new measure to secure Facebook Pages with large U.S. followings in order to make it harder... 5 days
the first hour of spider man on the ps4 strains against the limits of open world storytelling The first hour of Spider-Man on the PS4 strains against the limits of open-world storytelling
THE VERGE To get it out of the... 2 weeks
a shadowy influence campaign on facebook is targeting liberal activists A shadowy influence campaign on Facebook is targeting liberal activists
THE VERGE We are 97 days away from the midterm elections, there’s an active campaign to undermine our... 2 weeks
Facebook now deletes posts that financially endanger/trick people
TechCrunch It’s not just inciting violence, threats, and hate speech that will get Facebook to remove posts by you or your least favorite troll. Endangering someone financially, not just physically, or tricking them... 6 days
Facebook is putting $4.5 million to helping the news industry - CNET
CNET Facebook's latest quarterly profit was more than $5 billion. 2 weeks
PSA: Automatic cross-posting of tweets to Facebook no longer works as of today
TechCrunch You can no longer automatically cross-post your tweets to Facebook. Twitter announced today that functionality is now coming to an end, and... 2 weeks
Facebook taps banks, but for chatbots not purchase data like Google
TechCrunch Backlash swelled this morning after Facebook’s aspirations in financial services were blown out of proportion by a Wall Street Journal report that neglected how the social... 1 week
Facebook Dating will be a feature, not an app. Here’s a peek
TechCrunch Facebook Dating doesn’t plan to launch a standalone dating app, which should temper expectations about how deeply it’s diving into Tinder and Match Group’s... 2 weeks
facebook plots rollout of dating feature to its main app but it plans to be cautious Facebook plots rollout of ‘Dating’ feature to its main app, but it plans to be cautious
9to5Mac Earlier this year at... 2 weeks
facebook announces tools to help limit your use of the main app and instagram Facebook announces tools to help limit your use of the main app and Instagram
9to5Google Facebook has announced tools to help people monitor and... 2 weeks
facebook wants to partner w banks for new messenger features but it promises to protect your data Facebook wants to partner w/ banks for new Messenger features, but it promises to protect your data
9to5Mac A pair... 1 week
Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds today
TechCrunch Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds sometime today, according to a message posted in the Facebook app. The feature allowed users to scroll through only those posts from one of their... 6 days
WATCH: Facebook tests new dating feature
ABC NEWS Once the feature is released users will be able to browse matches based on what Facebook already knows about them. 1 week
Facebook opens up on vote meddling, but is the shift real?
ABC NEWS Facebook's election-interference revelations: Real change or 'window dressing'? 2 weeks
Facebook shuts down another misinformation campaign using the same playbook as Russian trolls video - CNET
CNET From The 3:59 show: It's happened again -- Facebook removed 32 accounts focused on spreading political... 2 weeks
Facebook and Instagram introduce time limit tool
Sky News Facebook has announced new tools to tackle social media addiction, available in its app and on Instagram. 2 weeks
Nvidia teaser suggests ‘RTX 2080’ GPU is launching next week
Google may deliver Windows 10 dual-boot support on multiple Chromebooks w/ ‘Campfire’
Red Dead Redemption 2’s new trailer is six minutes of pure gameplay
Here are Fortnite’s requirements on Android, and every device that supports the beta
The rise and fall of Project V13, the online Fallout game that never was
Monster Hunter World is just as good on PC
Google launches Android 9 Pie, rolling out now to Pixel and Pixel 2
Venezuela says that assassination attempt against its president was carried out by drone
Good Omens: Release date, photos, first look, plot details and more - CNET
Amazon and Walmart’s rivalry is reshaping how we’ll buy everything in the future