SCIENCE DAILY A collaborative team of researchers from three major academic medical centers in New York City is showing that emergency contact information, which is included in individuals' electronic health records (EHRs), can be used to generate family trees. Those family trees in turn can be used to study heritability in hundreds of medical conditions. 7 days
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Emergency 911 technology struggles to keep up with the times
PHYS.ORG High school students hiding from the gunman in Parkland, Florida, were forced to whisper in calls to 911 for fear of tipping off their location. Others texted friends... 1 week
Whole-tree logging may not hinder plant biodiversity
SCIENCE DAILY When it comes to timber harvesting, removing the whole tree -- from stump to twigs -- doesn't reduce plant diversity any more than old-fashioned logging, which leaves tree branches behind in the woods, new... 1 week
Researchers build most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites
PHYS.ORG A new study led by the American Museum of Natural History puts forth the most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites to date. Known for being a... 22 hours
Jurassic fossil tail tells of missing link in crocodile family tree
SCIENCE DAILY A 180-million-year-old fossil has shed light on how some ancient crocodiles evolved into dolphin-like animals. 2 weeks
Jurassic fossil tail tells of missing link in crocodile family tree
PHYS.ORG A 180 million-year-old fossil has shed light on how some ancient crocodiles evolved into dolphin-like animals. 2 weeks
Most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites
SCIENCE DAILY A new study puts forth the most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites to date. Among the researchers' findings is that the diverse malaria parasite genus Plasmodium (which includes those species... 12 hours
Bunya pines are ancient, delicious and possibly deadly
PHYS.ORG The Bunya pine is a unique and majestic Australian tree – my favourite tree, in fact. Sometimes simply called Bunya or the Bunya Bunya, I love its pleasingly symmetrical dome shape. 1 day
Researchers uncover genomic info linking extinct giant ground sloth to modern species
PHYS.ORG Researchers have uncovered important genomic data from the remains of an ancient giant ground sloth, or Mylodon darwinii, the emblematic creature named after Charles... 1 week
Study highlights environmental cost of tearing down Vancouver's single-family homes
PHYS.ORG Rising property values in Vancouver have resulted in the demolition of an unprecedented number of single-family homes in recent years, many of which were replaced with the same... 20 hours
Ebola in Congo not yet a global health emergency, WHO says
ABC NEWS Ebola outbreak in Congo not yet a global health emergency, WHO says; vaccinations start Sunday 6 days
14 confirmed Ebola cases in Congo as emergency meeting held
ABC NEWS 14 confirmed Ebola cases in Congo as World Health organization holds emergency meeting 6 days
Physicists with green fingers estimate tree spanning rate in random networks
PHYS.ORG Networks are often described as trees with spanning branches. How the tree branches out depends on the logic behind the network's expansion, such as random expansion.... 2 days
New study puts forth most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites
NEWS MEDICAL A new study led by the American Museum of Natural History puts forth the most comprehensive tree of life for malaria parasites to date. 6 hours
stellar family portrait Stellar family portrait
ESA Explore Gaia’s second data release with this interactive visualisation of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, the family portrait of stars in our Milky Way 1 week
The Latest: WHO: Ebola in Congo not global health emergency
ABC NEWS The Latest: WHO says Ebola outbreak in Congo not yet a global health emergency 6 days
20 AGs back lawsuits by family planning groups against Trump
ABC NEWS Twenty attorneys general are challenging Trump administration rule changes they say will reduce access to family planning services 1 week
How Can a Smartphone Survive a 100-Foot Drop But Crack on Your Floor?
LIVE SCIENCE It's all about the angle of contact. 3 days
Study explores brain chemistry of alcohol exposure in people with family history of AUD
NEWS MEDICAL People with a family history of alcohol use disorder release more dopamine in the brain's main reward center in response... 12 hours
New method of measuring internal stresses for aerospace and aircraft engineering
PHYS.ORG Composite materials have become integral to industry, used in aviation and space technologies, as well as auto manufacturing and mining. However, internal stress assessment with composite... 2 weeks
New research helps to de-gender the teaching profession
PHYS.ORG A new qualitative study, published in the journal Gender and Education and carried out by researchers at the Universities of Hertfordshire and Hildesheim, found that teacher gender has no effect on how... 24 hours
Positive site selection bias in meta-analyses comparing natural regeneration to active forest restoration
Science Magazine Several recent meta-analyses have aimed to determine whether natural regeneration is more effective at recovering tropical forests than active restoration (for example,... 1 week
Scientists find how immune system helps to clear HBV infection after treatment interruption
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists from Karolinska Institutet and Hannover Medical School have published two studies that provide insights into how the immune system responds and... 7 days
Genetic diversity helps protect against disease
PHYS.ORG So much for survival of the fittest – diversity is the key: a team of researchers from the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) has succeeded in demonstrating experimentally that genetic diversity makes populations... 23 hours
China hails Trump's ZTE olive branch ahead of trade talks
PHYS.ORG China on Monday hailed President Donald Trump's offer to prevent Chinese telecom giant ZTE from collapsing due to a US technology ban, as the two sides prepare for... 1 week
Study offers novel solution to suppress metastatic spread of deadly breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL USC researchers have pinpointed a remedy to thwart a protein that helps the metastatic spread of breast cancer, a leading cause of death for... 6 days
World-class battery storage system helps to power country town
PHYS.ORG A new energy storage system developed by University of Adelaide researchers and industry partners is now successfully supporting the electricity network for the country town of Cape Jervis, South Australia. 6 days
A soft solution to the hard problem of energy storage
PHYS.ORG It's great in the lab, but will it actually work? That's the million-dollar question perpetually leveled at engineering researchers. For a family of layered nanomaterials, developed and studied... 6 days
Plant peptide spells relief from salty stress
PHYS.ORG Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) have discovered a hormone-like peptide in plants that helps increase their tolerance to excessive salt. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of... 1 week
How REM and non-REM sleep may work together to help us solve problems
SCIENCE DAILY Sleep is known to be important for creative thinking, but exactly how it helps and what role each sleep stage -- REM... 1 week
Despite spread to port city, Congo Ebola outbreak isn’t an international emergency yet, WHO says
Science Magazine Advisory committee says there’s no “significant” threat yet of cross-border spread 6 days
Study details the history of Saturn's small inner moons
How coyotes conquered the continent
Researchers are creating a spot colder than the vacuum of space inside the International Space Station
Meet the speedsters of the plant world
How a deep-sea geology trip led researchers to a doomed octopus nursery
Mini tractor beams help arrange artificial cells into tissue structures
Scientists make a maze-running artificial intelligence program that learns to take shortcuts