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how crazy rich asians turns a traditional asian rom com trope into a modern statement How Crazy Rich Asians turns a traditional Asian rom-com trope into a modern statement
THE VERGE Minor spoilers ahead for Crazy Rich Asians. With... 5 hours
hug your old mac with these retro pillows Hug your old Mac with these retro pillows
THE VERGE We all love our computers a lot (most of the time). But what if you could give your favorite gadget... 7 hours
making the grade let s move past ipad vs mac and look at the future Making The Grade: Let’s move past iPad vs Mac and look at the future
9to5Mac Making The Grade is a weekly series from... 7 hours
Conditions of first sexual encounter can be indicators of future HIV risk and gender-based violence
NEWS MEDICAL Adolescent girls and young women in Mombasa, Kenya are more likely to experience higher risks of HIV and... 7 hours
valve accidentally unveils its new twitch like steam broadcasting Valve accidentally unveils its new Twitch-like Steam broadcasting
THE VERGE Valve has accidentally revealed it’s working on improving its Twitch-like Steam broadcasting feature. briefly came online on Friday, revealing... 12 hours
gboard 7 5 beta preps clipboard manager floating keyboard smarter search apk insight Gboard 7.5 beta preps clipboard manager, floating keyboard, ‘smarter’ search [APK Insight]
9to5Google The latest beta of Gboard is rolling out ahead of the weekend with a number of useful utilities in development. Version 7.5 reveals a... 16 hours
Exercise shown to improve symptoms of patients with chronic kidney disease
SCIENCE DAILY Just 12 weeks of aerobic and strength-based exercise reduces symptoms and levels of fatigue in patients with chronic kidney disease, a study has found. 21 hours
Official Trailer for Documentary 'Hal' About the Filmmaker Hal Ashby
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "He'd smoke some pot, and he would work all night." Oscilloscope Labs has unveiled an official full-length trailer for a documentary titled Hal, which premiered at the Sundance... 22 hours
Chemists find a surprisingly simple reaction to make a family of bioactive molecules
SCIENCE DAILY Many natural products and drugs feature a so-called dicarbonyl motif -- in certain cases however their preparation poses a challange to organic... 23 hours
More efficient security for cloud-based machine learning
SCIENCE DAILY A novel encryption method secures data used in online neural networks, without dramatically slowing their runtimes. This approach holds promise for using cloud-based neural networks for medical-image analysis and other applications that use sensitive... 23 hours
netflix is testing video promos that play in between episodes Netflix is testing video promos that play in between episodes
THE VERGE Netflix’s latest test feature is a video promo that plays in between episodes of a series... 23 hours
The best back-to-school deals from Amazon - CNET
CNET It's not too late to save money on Fire, Echo and other Amazon products. 23 hours
Novel nanoparticle-based approach detects and treats oral plaque without drugs
SCIENCE DAILY When the good and bad bacteria in our mouth become imbalanced, the bad bacteria form a biofilm (aka plaque), which can cause cavities, and if left untreated over... 23 hours
Texas A&M researchers develop clay-based platform to grow blood vessels
NEWS MEDICAL Formation of new blood vessels, a process also known as angiogenesis, is one of the major clinical challenges in wound healing and tissue implants. To address this issue,... 23 hours
apple s upcoming drama based on child journalist hilde lysiak gains lead actress Apple's Upcoming Drama Based on Child Journalist Hilde Lysiak Gains Lead Actress
MacRumors Child actress Brooklynn Prince has been cast in the lead role of Apple's upcoming drama series that's based on the life of young journalist... 23 hours
upcoming google chromecast w bluetooth will also feature improved wi fi Upcoming Google Chromecast w/ Bluetooth will also feature improved Wi-Fi
9to5Google Back in May, the FCC revealed that Google was working on an updated Chromecast that would... 23 hours
New way to grow blood vessels developed
SCIENCE DAILY Formation of new blood vessels, a process also known as angiogenesis, is one of the major clinical challenges in wound healing and tissue implants. To address this issue, researchers have developed a clay-based platform... 23 hours
motorola s new p30 smartphone blatantly copies iphone x Motorola's New P30 Smartphone Blatantly Copies iPhone X
MacRumors Motorola's latest P30 smartphone is making headlines this week, but not for an impressive feature set or a unique design.... 23 hours
YC-backed Mutiny helps B2B business personalize their website for each visitor
TechCrunch Mutiny, which is part of the current batch of startups at accelerator Y Combinator, helps business-to-business, software-as-a-service companies present a message that’s customized to each visitor... 24 hours
HBO Has Officially Picked Up ‘Watchmen’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM We’ve been covering Damon Lindelof‘s take on ‘Watchmen’ since it was first announced and now are happy to tell you that HBO has officially... 1 day
netflix tests video promos between tv show episodes Netflix Tests Video Promos Between TV Show Episodes
MacRumors Netflix is testing a new feature that adds video promos in between episodes of TV shows, Netflix confirmed to TechCrunch... 1 day
brooklynn prince will play hilde lysiak in apple s upcoming tv series Brooklynn Prince will play Hilde Lysiak in Apple’s upcoming TV series
9to5Mac Variety reports that Brooklynn Prince from “The Florida Project” has been picked to play Hilde Lysiak in Apple’s upcoming TV... 1 day
streaming tv services are now used by 5 percent of us households with wi fi Streaming TV services are now used by 5 percent of US households with Wi-Fi
THE VERGE We’re seeing a lot more households that choose... 24 hours
Scientists introduce microfluidics-based chip for manipulation and analysis of single cells
NEWS MEDICAL A few little cells that are different from the rest can have a big effect. For example, individual cancer cells may be resistant to a specific... 1 day
will apple add airplay 2 to airport express Will Apple add AirPlay 2 to AirPort Express?
9to5Mac VIDEO AirPlay 2 has been out for a few months now and it has generally been well received, but there’s one... 1 day
Photos: Apple welcomes customers to new stores at Orland Square Mall, Irvine Spectrum Center
HBO has picked up its Watchman show for a full season
Roy Orbison died 30 years ago but will perform a Toronto concert - as a hologram
Roy Orbison died 30 years ago but will perform a Toronto concert - as a hologram
Tesla eyes cost savings so it can make $25,000 cars in three years, Elon Musk tells MKBHD
Watch: Engaging Sci-Fi Short Film 'Kept' Questions Recording Dreams
Official Trailer for Documentary 'Hal' About the Filmmaker Hal Ashby
Alphabet Scoop 020: Made by Google Smart Display, Pixel 2 XL sluggishness, Material Theme
Netflix testing ads for its own content in between episodes on ad-free service
Can you use MacBook Pro chargers for iPhone and iPad fast charging?