PHYS.ORG Researchers at Houston Methodist and Rice University have made a discovery that will impact the design of not only drug delivery systems, but also the development of newer applications in water filtration and energy production. 7 days
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Researchers develop new technology that will impact design of drug delivery systems
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at Houston Methodist and Rice University have made a discovery that will impact the design of not only drug delivery systems, but also... 6 days
New model based on combination of GANs with reinforcement learning for drug discovery
NEWS MEDICAL Insilico Medicine, a Baltimore-based next-generation artificial intelligence company specializing in the application of deep learning for target identification, drug discovery and aging research announces... 2 weeks
Artificial enzyme can activate a gene switch
PHYS.ORG Complex reaction cascades can be triggered in artificial molecular systems: Swiss scientists have constructed an enzyme than can penetrate a mammalian cell and accelerate the release of a hormone. This then activates a gene... 2 days
Diamond 'spin-off' tech could lead to low-cost medical imaging and drug discovery tools
PHYS.ORG It may sound contradictory, but diamonds are the key to a new technique that could provide a very-low-cost alternative to multimillion-dollar medical... 6 days
A lipid 'trap' inside cells reduces drug effectiveness
PHYS.ORG Cellular lipids are more efficient than proteins in trapping most drugs and hence reducing the free intracellular drug concentration. This is shown by researchers at Uppsala University in an article published in... 6 days
New technique can track drug and gene delivery to cells
PHYS.ORG With targeted drug and gene therapies, finding the target cells is only half the battle. Once these agents reach a cell's surface, they still have to get inside... 2 days
Effective methods for automated design of complex technical objects and systems
PHYS.ORG In almost any field of human activity, people choose optimal options from a great variety of possible alternatives. When designing new devices, products and systems, researchers... 3 days
Using deep neural network acceleration for image analysis in drug discovery
PHYS.ORG High content screening of cellular phenotypes is a fundamental tool supporting early drug discovery. The term "high content" signifies the rich set of thousands of predefined... 1 hour
Research proves value of traceability in dairy industry
PHYS.ORG As part of her research, Melissa developed a model for estimating the value added by traceability systems. As well as helping companies gauge the overall benefit of improving their products' traceability, the... 1 week
Frequency-stable laser systems for space
SCIENCE DAILY For the first time a frequency reference based on molecular iodine was successfully demonstrated in space! What sounds a bit like science fiction is an important step towards laser interferometric distance measurements between satellites as well as for... 1 week
A giant 'singing' cloud in space will help us to understand how star systems form
PHYS.ORG VIDEO We know that the birthplaces of stars are large molecular clouds of gas and dust found in space. 2 weeks
Hybrid molecular-colloidal liquid crystals
Science Magazine Order and fluidity often coexist, with examples ranging from biological membranes to liquid crystals, but the symmetry of these soft-matter systems is typically higher than that of the constituent building blocks. We dispersed micrometer-long inorganic colloidal rods in a nematic... 7 days
Chemists develop molecular switch for on-demand cargo release
SCIENCE DAILY Chemists have found a molecular switch such that two compounds that would readily react with each other can be in the same solution, separated by a very thin membrane and kept from... 2 weeks
Mimicking a sweet solution to mop up pollution
PHYS.ORG A fast, safe method to prepare a 3-D porous material that mimics the shape of a honeycomb could have broad applications in catalysis, drug delivery, or for filtering air to remove pollutants... 2 weeks
New link between gut microbiome and artery hardening discovered
SCIENCE DAILY The level of diversity of the 'good bacteria' in our digestive systems has been found to be linked to a feature of cardiovascular disease -- hardening of the arteries --... 2 weeks
New cancer treatment approach targets specific sugar receptors
NEWS MEDICAL In the treatment of cancer, there are still several limitations. Especially the delivery of sufficient amounts of active chemotherapeutic drug is difficult. 1 week
Samsung and Apple are back in court over iPhone design. Here's why.
PHYS.ORG Samsung and Apple return to a San Jose, Calif. district courtroom Monday to resume a patent infringement dispute that dates to 2011. The latest... 1 week
Artificial 3D hierarchical and isotropic porous polymeric materials
Science Magazine Hierarchical porous materials that replicate complex living structures are attractive for a wide variety of applications, ranging from storage and catalysis to biological and artificial systems. However, the preparation of structures with... 2 weeks
FDA just approved the first drug to prevent migraines. Here’s the story of its discovery—and its limitations
Science Magazine A new class of drugs is finally offering relief for some who frequently suffer... 6 days
Medical News Today: When can I have sex after being pregnant?
MNT What are the recommendations for how long women should wait before resuming sexual intercourse after pregnancy? How does giving birth affect sex? Factors influencing the decision... 1 week
Glass-forming ability: Fundamental understanding leading to smart design
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers studied the glass-forming ability of two simple systems, establishing the 'thermodynamic interface penalty,' which is an indicator of the extent of the structural difference between a crystal and its melt. The... 1 week
X-ray laser reveals ultrafast dance of liquid water
PHYS.ORG Water's lack of color, taste and smell make it seem simple – and on a molecular level, it is. However, when many water molecules come together they form a highly complex network... 1 week
Designer cells: Artificial enzyme can activate a gene switch
SCIENCE DAILY Complex reaction cascades can be triggered in artificial molecular systems: Scientists have constructed an enzyme than can penetrate a mammalian cell and accelerate the release of a hormone. This then... 1 day
Astronomers Create Detailed Map of Orion A Molecular Cloud
SCI-NEWS.COM The new map, created by astronomers from Yale University and elsewhere, provides unprecedented detail of the structure of... 2 days
Mayo discovery could enable development of personalized ovarian, brain cancer treatments
NEWS MEDICAL Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered that a molecular communication pathway – thought to be defective in cancer – is a key player in determining the effectiveness... 1 week
Eczema drug effective against severe asthma
SCIENCE DAILY New studies of patients with difficult-to-control asthma show that the eczema drug dupilumab alleviates asthma symptoms and improves patients' ability to breathe better than standard therapies. Dupilumab, an injectable anti-inflammatory drug, was approved in 2017 by... 3 days
Space station accepts special delivery from Virginia
PHYS.ORG The International Space Station accepted delivery Thursday of more than 7,000 pounds of supplies from Virginia. 32 minutes
Discovery of how HIV hedges its bets opens the door to new therapies
SCIENCE DAILY HIV covers its bases in a volatile environment by generating both active and dormant infections. But if the virus is randomly switching... 2 weeks
Target cuts delivery fee by almost half, putting pressure on Walmart, Amazon
PHYS.ORG Target will cut its next day delivery fee nearly in half for household staples ranging from paper towels to peanut butter as it rolls... 1 week
Toward tailoring Majorana bound states in artificially constructed magnetic atom chains on elemental superconductors
Science Magazine Realizing Majorana bound states (MBS) in condensed matter systems is a key challenge on the way toward topological quantum computing.... 2 weeks
Plasma rain in the sun’s atmosphere falls in surprising places
Mapping the Genes Responsible for Pluripotency
Raising Awareness of Childhood Dementia
Researchers are creating a spot colder than the vacuum of space inside the International Space Station
Some tropical frogs may be developing resistance to a deadly fungal disease – but now salamanders are at risk
How high can seas rise? On a tropical isle, the answers are not always obvious
New series of proofs toward proving the Unique Games Conjecture
Counter-terrorism police are now training with virtual terrorists
Suicidally-sexed marsupials listed as endangered
A giant 'singing' cloud in space will help us to understand how star systems form
NICER mission finds an X-ray pulsar in a record-fast orbit
Mini-antibodies discovered in sharks and camels could lead to drugs for cancer and other diseases
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