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See The Cool Suit The Flash Almost Wore In Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman
CINEMA BLEND A new concept image shows off a very... 8 minutes
New study shows Florida Keys' corals are growing but have become more porous
PHYS.ORG Researchers have long questioned what impact climate change has on the rate at which corals are growing and building reef habitats in... 9 minutes
Zika vaccine shows promise for treating deadly brain cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have successfully deployed a Zika virus vaccine to target and kill human glioblastoma brain cancer stem cells, which had been transplanted into mice. In a new study, the team... 49 minutes
Google’s parental control software Family Link expands to teens
TechCrunch Google’s parental control software for mobile devices, Family Link, will now help parents of teenagers, too. The company announced this morning the addition of new features aimed at parents of... 18 minutes
logitech s k600 keyboard is designed for your smart tv Logitech’s K600 keyboard is designed for your smart TV
THE VERGE Logitech is introducing a new keyboard today — the K600 TV Keyboard — which, as the name implies,... 38 minutes
Jumping genes work together to control programmed deletion in the genome
PHYS.ORG Scientists have discovered a new family of molecules that work together to precisely remove unwanted DNA during reproduction in single-celled, freshwater organisms called ciliates. 28 minutes
Enlarged genotype-phenotype correlation for a deletion in neurofibromatosis type 1
SCIENCE DAILY New research shows that while a three-base pair, in-frame deletion called p.Met992del in the NF1 gene has a mild phenotype for people with the genetic disorder neurofibromatosis type... 1 hour
shopify s ios 12 update adds ar shopping support for 600 000 stores Shopify’s iOS 12 update adds AR shopping support for 600,000 stores
THE VERGE VIDEO E-commerce platform Shopify now offers support for AR Quick Look, an iOS 12 feature... 19 minutes
A control system to improve the efficiency of wave energy converters
PHYS.ORG Interest in wave energy has been growing in recent years, and electric generators specially designed to generate electricity from this renewable energy source are being developed.... 1 hour
New Crest Gum & Enamel Repair toothpaste may boost enamel repair and reverse gingivitis
NEWS MEDICAL According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of U.S. adults have gum disease. Harmful... 1 hour
Captain Marvel trailer shows Carol Danvers' backstory, MCU beginnings video - CNET
CNET The first teaser for the next Marvel movie has arrived! 1 hour
google s family link can now turn off your teen s phone during dinner Google’s Family Link can now turn off your teen’s phone during dinner
THE VERGE Family Link, the parental control hub Google introduced last year to give kids under 13 their own Google accounts, is now expanding its features... 2 hours
Simulation shows nuclear pasta 10 billion times harder to break than steel
PHYS.ORG A trio of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S. and Canada has found evidence that suggests nuclear material beneath the surface of... 2 hours
New chip-sized device could help manufacturers measure laser power in real time
PHYS.ORG Lasers play roles in many manufacturing processes, from welding car parts to crafting engine components with 3D printers. To control these tasks, manufacturers must... 2 hours
Captain Marvel trailer shows off Carol Danvers, Starforce and Skrulls - CNET
CNET 170 days and counting! 2 hours
Do we trust people who speak with an accent?
SCIENCE DAILY A recently published study shows that unless they speak in a confident tone of voice, you're less likely to believe someone who speaks with an accent. And, interestingly, as you... 2 hours
fire tornado caught on video snatching hose from b c crew Fire tornado caught on video, snatching hose from B.C. crew
CBC The video shows a fire tornado near Vanderhoof, B.C., sucking up and melting the hoses of... 3 hours
Capitalizing on sleep-wake cycle can drastically increase digital ad profits from social media, study shows
PHYS.ORG Firms increasingly are investing their marketing dollars in social media—market research firms predict spending will reach $37 billion... 3 hours
Zika virus vaccine shows promise for treatment of fatal glioblastoma
NEWS MEDICAL An international team of researchers has successfully deployed a Zika virus vaccine to target and kill human glioblastoma brain cancer stem cells, which had been transplanted into mice. 3 hours
A novel approach of improving battery performance
PHYS.ORG New technological developments by UNIST researchers promise to significantly boost the performance of lithium metal batteries in promising research for the next-generation of rechargeable batteries. The study also validates the principle of enhanced battery... 3 hours
Study shows synchronous human energy consumption over the past 10,000 years
PHYS.ORG University of Wyoming researchers contributed to a study that begins to fill in the knowledge gap of whether human societies grow and decline at the same... 4 hours
Research shows that busy people make healthier choices
PHYS.ORG Busyness is often thought of as a modern day affliction, but it can also help you delay gratification and make decisions that provide benefits over the long term, according to new research... 4 hours
Organic ferromagnetism: Trapping spins in the glassy state of an organic network structure
PHYS.ORG An international team of researchers affiliated with UNIST has introduced an exciting new organic network structure that shows pure organic ferromagnetism from... 4 hours
Image: Frosty crater on Mars
PHYS.ORG This image shows the south-facing rim of a pit crater at 68°S in the Sisyphi Planum region of Mars. It is a colour composite made from images acquired on 2 September 2018 by the Colour and Stereo Surface... 4 hours
you can now ask google assistant to turn off your teen s phone during dinner You can now ask Google Assistant to turn off your teen’s phone during dinner
THE VERGE Family Link, the parental control hub Google introduced... 5 hours
Shopify’s iOS 12 update adds AR shopping support for 600,000 stores
New Trailer for Long Lost Sci-Fi Film 'Replicas' Starring Keanu Reeves
Google Podcasts appears to be rolling out Chromecast support
Happy Days named America's most memorable TV theme, survey finds - CNET
Spotify for Android bug stops music playback, removes notification controls, Spotify is ‘looking into it’
What if porn, but for women
Watch the first trailer for Captain Marvel, Marvel’s next big film
When you get hacked, figuring out who to call for help can be a puzzle - CNET
Did your DNA results change dramatically? Here's why
First UK Trailer for 'Stan & Ollie' Starring Steve Coogan & John C. Reilly
How honeybees maintain protective clumps under stressful conditions
Official Trailer for Repulsive Documentary 'Caniba' About Cannibalism
Purifying Proteins from Mammalian Cell Culture
Detangling DNA replication
Gold iPhone XS Max Unboxing Video