SCIENCE DAILY New cutting edge technology can be used to grade cancer tumors, eradicating human subjectivity and ensuring patients get the right treatment, researchers say. 6 days
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New imaging technology could significantly improve the accuracy of cancer diagnosis
NEWS MEDICAL A new cutting-edge imaging technology can grade cancer tumors, thereby eliminating human subjectivity and variability in the grading of cancer severity. 6 days
WATCH: Erin Andrews speaks out to raise awareness about cervical cancer
ABC NEWS Now cancer-free, the sports reporter says she credits her early diagnosis for her recovery, and is urging women to visit their doctor and get screened routinely. 6 days
UNC Lineberger study identifies genetic clues that explain how breast cancer metastasizes
NEWS MEDICAL Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women in the United States, with most deaths caused by the cancer spreading... 2 weeks
Digging up the precambrian—fossil burrows show early origins of animal behavior
PHYS.ORG In the history of life on Earth, a dramatic and revolutionary change in the nature of the sea floor occurred in the early Cambrian (541–485 million... 7 days
Scientists discover connection between breast cancer protein and pediatric cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists with the Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute at UT Health San Antonio have discovered a surprising connection between a breast cancer protein, BRCA1, and a pediatric cancer called Ewing... 2 weeks
Gene-editing technology enhances T cell immunotherapies for treating cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Last year, the Food and Drug Administration approved the first cellular immunotherapies to treat cancer. These therapies involve collecting a patient's own immune cells -- called T cells -- and... 2 weeks
Socioeconomic inequalities may affect outcomes for patients with anal cancer
NEWS MEDICAL In a study of patients with anal cancer, living in low median household income areas was linked with an increased risk of early death. Published early online in... 6 days
Routine screenings and early detection can help protect from colorectal cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Having a colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer is not on anyone's list of favorite activities. However, with colorectal cancer ranking as the second leading cause... 1 week
Poorer socioeconomic status linked to lower survival from anal cancer
NEWS MEDICAL If you are from a lower income area, your chances of surviving anal cancer are significantly reduced, according to a new study led by investigators at NYU Langone... 7 days
Cancer survivors become fatigued more quickly than their peers, study finds
NEWS MEDICAL Adults who have undergone successful cancer treatment years or decades previously become fatigued more quickly than their peers who don't have cancer histories, according to a... 3 days
Researchers achieve 80% reduction in liver metastasis by restricting growth of blood vessels
NEWS MEDICAL The International Journal of Cancer has just published the results of an experimental therapy tested on mice. The research, led by the... 4 days
Getting cancer can be more expensive than having a baby
NEWS MEDICAL According to a recent survey conducted by a charity Macmillan Cancer Support, when compared, getting cancer can be more expensive than having a baby. The survey finds that... 2 weeks
Adolescent, young adult cancer survivors have stronger social networks than non-cancer peers
NEWS MEDICAL Survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer often have stronger social networks than their non-cancer peers, according to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital researchers,... 1 week
New computer program provides more thorough preparation for diagnosis of lung diseases
NEWS MEDICAL Three-dimensional visualization based on computer tomography imaging provides more thorough preparation for the diagnosis of lung diseases. 2 weeks
Many patients show CKD signs prior to diabetes diagnosis
NEWS MEDICAL Many patients who will later be diagnosed with diabetes show signs of chronic kidney disease (CKD) even before their diabetes diagnosis, according to a study by researchers with the University... 4 days
Tumor's 'microenvironment' plays key role in altering therapeutic response of breast cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Cancer is typically thought of as a tumor that needs to be removed or an area that needs to be treated with radiation or... 4 days
Researchers develop new model that could change treatment guidelines for prostate cancer
NEWS MEDICAL One of the biggest challenges in treating prostate cancer is distinguishing men who have aggressive and potentially lethal disease from men whose cancer is... 2 weeks
Study identifies two new biomarkers for common form of childhood cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Two new biomarkers for a type of cancer in children called neuroblastoma have been identified in a study published in the journal Cancer Cell. The findings... 6 days
Many adolescent and young adult cancer survivors have more social connections than peers
SCIENCE DAILY Survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer often have stronger social networks than their non-cancer peers, according to researchers, who hope to... 2 weeks
Ludwig researchers extend potential for personalized immunotherapy to ovarian cancer, other tumors
NEWS MEDICAL A Ludwig Cancer Research study shows that ovarian cancer, which has proved resistant to currently available immunotherapies, could be susceptible to personalized immunotherapy. 3 days
Study validates Xpresys Lung 2 for differential diagnosis of early stage lung cancer
NEWS MEDICAL Integrated Diagnostics today announced the e-publication of full results of a large prospective clinical trial validating its Xpresys Lung 2 in the... 7 days
WATCH: Meet a rare cancer survivor cycling to raise funds for a cure
ABC NEWS A survivor of a rare form of cancer, who had part of his leg amputated, leads a team of indoor cyclists at... 5 days
'A Wrinkle in Time' Offers Strong Performances and a Big Role for Science
SPACE.COM "A Wrinkle in Time," which opens in theaters today (March 9), is the perfect film to show kids applications of science, technology,... 1 week
Printing the 'soft' robots of the future
PHYS.ORG Three-dimensional printing offers unique advantages, but still faces many challenges, for fabricating small, flexible robots that can navigate through the human body and other confined spaces, according to a review in the journal Science... 7 days
One-off PSA screening for prostate cancer does not save lives
SCIENCE DAILY Inviting men with no symptoms to a one-off PSA test for prostate cancer does not save lives according to results from a large prostate cancer trial conducted over... 2 weeks
How to spark a chemical chain reaction
PHYS.ORG Tailor-made protein drugs in the fight against cancer and other diseases are a step close, with the Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology at Flinders playing a part in one of the latest chemistry... 1 week
High vitamin D levels may help prevent cancer, suggests study
NEWS MEDICAL High vitamin D levels may decrease the risk of cancer development, particularly liver cancer, according to a new study. 2 weeks
Digging up the Precambrian: Fossil burrows show early origins of animal behavior
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers discover penetrative trace fossils from the late Ediacaran of western Mongolia, revealing earlier onset of the “agronomic revolution”. 7 days
Many patients show signs of chronic kidney disease before diabetes diagnosis
SCIENCE DAILY Many patients who will later be diagnosed with diabetes show signs of chronic kidney disease even before their diabetes diagnosis, according to a new study. The... 4 days
Scientists find treasure trove of 110 genes linked to breast cancer
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have linked 110 genes to an increased risk of breast cancer in the most comprehensive study ever to unpick the genetics of the disease. Their... 6 days
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