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Facebook deals with Cambridge Analytica fallout, Google Assistant gets a new trick video - CNET
CNET In this week's wrap-up, Facebook vows to change its ways after the misuse of data from tens of... 5 minutes
19 games at GDC 2018 that redefine what a video game even is - CNET
CNET You thought you knew what gaming was. You're wrong. 9 hours
Uber's driverless cars said to lag behind competitors - CNET
CNET After a pedestrian is killed by one of the company's self-driving cars, documents show Uber's autonomous vehicle program might've been struggling. 9 hours
How Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Crediting Phil Lord and Chris Miller
CINEMA BLEND With two months to go until Solo: A Star Wars... 10 hours
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
FIRSTSHOWING.NET VIDEO "See up to 26% more in IMAX!" Well, this is pretty cool. IMAX has released their own version of the latest trailer for Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, and it's a full side-by-side... 11 hours
Want a foldable iPhone? It's coming in 2020, analysts say - CNET
CNET An iPad that folds down into a phone -- it could happen. 11 hours
Elephant caught on video mysteriously 'breathing smoke' - CNET
CNET VIDEO It's not quite a smoke break, but one large animal in India was seen using its trunk for a head-scratching habit. 11 hours
Oh hai Spectral Slug: AI makes new Dungeons & Dragons monsters - CNET
CNET Research scientist Janelle Shane trains a neural network to make up D&D monsters. Behold Hatfright, Giant Fraithwarp, Wendless Woll and Marraganralleraith. 11 hours
Spending bill paves way for 5G - CNET
CNET The $1.3 trillion US government spending bill just signed into law includes a bipartisan effort to accelerate the spread of 5G in the US. 11 hours
Huawei thinks Apple and Samsung stores are good places for ads - CNET
CNET Commentary: In the UK, the Chinese gadget company thinks it wise to park large trucks with mobile ads for its P20 phone... 11 hours
Ready Player One References An Unexpected Steven Spielberg Movie
CINEMA BLEND The pop culture pastiche will be referencing more than just the most geeky of genre films. 12 hours
Qualcomm deal is dead, but Broadcom coming to the US anyway - CNET
CNET VIDEO Incorporating in the US will make it easier for the chipmaking giant to buy other companies. 12 hours
Cambridge Analytica again says no Facebook data used in US election - CNET
CNET In a lengthy statement, acting CEO Alexander Tayler says he wants to make that point "absolutely clear." 12 hours
Cambridge Analytica London offices raided by investigators - CNET
CNET After days of back and forth, a high court judge finally grants a warrant for the search. 12 hours
Facebook's data privacy scandal has stirred an exodus - CNET
CNET It started with the #DeleteFacebook hashtag. Now companies are yanking their Facebook pages or pulling ads following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 12 hours
Nat Geo's 'One Strange Rock': Astronauts tell Earth's epic tale - CNET
CNET Will Smith, Darren Aronofsky and eight astronauts tell the story of Earth in a bold new way in National Geographic's documentary series "One Strange... 12 hours
The LEGO Movie 2 Has Cast Its First New Star
CINEMA BLEND We've already known some of the folks from The LEGO Movie would be returning for The... 13 hours
What Kind Of Film Will The ‘Doctor Doom’ Movie Be? Think ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Even though Fox might... 13 hours
Spice World 2?! The Spice Girls Are Set To Star In An Animated Superhero Movie
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Would you “really, really want” an... 12 hours
Here’s everyone that’s pulling back from Facebook - CNET
CNET The hashtag #DeleteFacebook has led companies to delete pages or pull advertising from the platform following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 13 hours
MyQ Garage review - CNET
CNET This smart garage-door opener works as advertised, but it needs other devices to help it achieve its full potential. 13 hours
See all of Apple's emojis for people with disabilities - CNET
CNET If Apple gets its way, these could appear on your phone. 13 hours
Cambridge Analytica: No Facebook data used in US election - CNET
CNET The company at the heart of Facebook's data scandal speaks out. 13 hours
U.S. accuses Iran in massive global cyberattack video - CNET
CNET U.S. officials charged nine Iranians and an Iranian company of attempting to hack into hundreds of U.S. and international universities, dozens of companies and parts of the U.S.... 13 hours
Spending bill signed by Trump paves way for 5G - CNET
CNET The $1.3 trillion spending bill signed by President Trump Friday not only avoided a government shutdown, but also included a bipartisan effort to kickstart 5G deployments... 13 hours
OnePlus will no longer be selling the 5T in North America
Elephant caught on video mysteriously 'breathing smoke' - CNET
Rock On - Official Trailer for 'Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb' Documentary
IMAX's Side-to-Side Comparison Trailer for 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Fuchsia Friday: Maxwell and the secret ‘agents’ of Fuchsia
Qualcomm deal is dead, but Broadcom coming to the US anyway - CNET
Congress is giving NASA more money than it requested to build a second launch platform
Review: Yale’s Assure Lock SL is an awesome HomeKit-enabled smart lock with room to grow [Video]
NASA begins latest airborne Arctic ice survey
The Odds of Getting Hit With Space Station Debris Are 1 in 300 Trillion
Steven Soderbergh’s all-iPhone movie Unsane makes a poor showing for the iPhone 7 Plus
Arctic wintertime sea ice extent is among lowest on record
KGI: Cheaper 9.7-inch iPad will likely support Apple Pencil, cause sales to double in 2018
Silicon Valley’s VR experience looks ironically fun
Why self-love is important and how to cultivate it