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Bacteria produce more substances than hitherto assumed
SCIENCE DAILY The bacterium Streptomyces chartreusis is an antibiotic-producing bacterium that releases more metabolites into the surrounding medium than scientists assumed based on the analysis of the genome. Many of the substances are likely released to... 23 minutes
Pay what you want for the Absolute Python Bundle!
Windows Central Python is one of the most popular programming languages out there thanks to a fast edit-test-debug cycle and wide versatility. Jumping into Python from a beginner's standpoint isn't exactly easy,... 2 hours
A delivery platform for gene-editing technology
PHYS.ORG A new delivery system for introducing gene-editing technology into cells could help safely and efficiently correct disease-causing mutations in patients. The system, developed by KAUST scientists, is the first to use sponge-like ensembles of metal ions... 7 hours
Doctors In China Lead Race To Treat Cancer By Editing Genes
NPR More than a third of patients with cancer of the esophagus responded to experimental treatment in China with the gene-editing technique CRISPR. Several CRISPR studies are... 8 hours
'Icebreaker' protein opens genome for T-cell development, researchers find
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers describe the role of a transcription factor called TCF-1 in targeting the condensed chromatin and regulating the availability of genome sequences in T-cell development. The new connection between TCF-1... 9 hours
watch spacex launch a falcon 9 carrying its first internet demo satellites live here Watch SpaceX launch a Falcon 9 carrying its first internet demo satellites live here
TechCrunch  SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 with client... 9 hours
Scientists poised to win the race against rust disease and beyond
PHYS.ORG In a race to prevent and control rust disease epidemics, scientists have positioned themselves to better understand how rust fungi infect crops and evolve virulence. After... 10 hours
Benson Hill Biosystems granted patent for novel genome editing system
NEWS MEDICAL The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Benson Hill Biosystems Patent No. 9,896,696 related to CRISPR 3.0 Cms1 genome editing nucleases, further expanding the company's suite of... 15 hours
parallels toolbox update includes presentation mode video editing tools much more Parallels Toolbox update includes Presentation Mode, video editing tools, much more
9to5Mac VIDEO Parallels Toolbox, an ever-growing suite of handy single-purpose tools that simplify common computing tasks... 1 day
Food scientists create novel magnetic nanoparticles for rapid screening of pesticide residue in vegetables
PHYS.ORG Food scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) developed a rapid and highly sensitive screening technique capable of detecting... 1 day
Second successful human-animal hybrid: sheep embryo with human cells
PHYS.ORG Carrying forward the results of a team that created a pig/human hybrid last year, a team led by researchers at Stanford University has created a sheep/human hybrid. The team has... 1 day
Activating the dark side reveals brighter nano 'building blocks'
PHYS.ORG Scientists working to make nanoparticles even smaller, whilst retaining their useful optical properties, believe they have discovered a way to overcome a fundamental physical restraint known as "thermal quenching". 1 day
Food scientists develop rapid screening technique to detect pesticide residue in vegetables
NEWS MEDICAL Food scientists from the National University of Singapore developed a rapid and highly sensitive screening technique capable of detecting minute amounts of pyrethroids in... 1 day
Uniforms coated with copper nanoparticles could reduce spread of hospital infections
NEWS MEDICAL Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals could soon be wearing uniforms brushed with tiny copper nanoparticles to reduce the spread of bacterial infections and viruses, such as... 1 day
New algorithm can pinpoint mutations favored by natural selection in large sections of the human genome
SCIENCE DAILY A team of scientists has developed an algorithm that can accurately pinpoint, in large regions of... 2 days
You are what you eat: Diet-specific adaptations in vampire bats
SCIENCE DAILY Vampire bats feed exclusively on blood, a mode of feeding unique amongst mammals. It has therefore been long suspected that vampire bats have highly specific evolutionary adaptations, which... 2 days
the google app has a screenshot editing feature in beta The Google app has a screenshot editing feature in beta
THE VERGE The Google app is now rolling out a built-in screenshot editor with beta version 7.21, starting... 2 days
Researchers invent light-emitting nanoantennas
PHYS.ORG Scientists from ITMO University have developed effective nanoscale light sources based on halide perovskite. Such nanosources are based on subwavelength nanoparticles serving both as emitters and nanoantennas and allow enhancing light emission inherently without additional devices. Moreover, perovskite enables tuning... 2 days
High levels of microplastics found in Northwest Atlantic fish
SCIENCE DAILY A new study finds 73 percent of mesopelagic fish caught in the Northwest Atlantic had microplastics in their stomachs -- one of the highest levels globally. Typically living at depths... 5 days
New CRISPR-Cas9 tool edits both RNA and DNA precisely, U-M team reports
SCIENCE DAILY A tool that has already revolutionized disease research may soon get even better, thanks to an accidental discovery in the bacteria that cause many... 5 days
Using CRISPR to create a cell 'black box' to record cell life events
PHYS.ORG A pair of researchers with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard has developed a technique that uses CRISPR to create cell... 5 days
To untangle the effects of nanoparticles on microbes, look at the genes
PHYS.ORG The environment is teeming with microbes. Soil, water, indoor surfaces, our own bodies—any habitat that hasn't been rigorously sterilized is populated by thousands of... 5 days
A new method for detecting levels of an important amino acid
PHYS.ORG A team from the Faculty of Chemistry of MSU and colleagues have suggested a new method for determining levels of cysteine, an amino acid used in... 5 days
Google Photos bug puts bad digital dates on film-era photos - CNET
CNET A glitch wiped out people's work to organize older photos. Google warns people not to edit photo dates for now. 6 days
parallels toolbox update includes presentation mode video editing tools and more Parallels Toolbox update includes Presentation Mode, video editing tools, and more
9to5Mac VIDEO Parallels Toolbox, a component of popular macOS application that allows you to run Windows... 6 days
Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended certifies devices for work, security needs
Pair of ancient Roman boxing gloves unearthed
Blade Shadow tried to slay my PC, but it wasn’t ready - CNET
From compost to composites: An eco-friendly way to improve rubber
New ‘Angry Birds Champions’ spin-off for iOS lets players battle for real cash
Geoffrey Rush & Armie Hammer in Official US Trailer for 'Final Portrait'
Official US Trailer for 'Ismael's Ghosts' Starring Cotillard & Gainsbourg
Dish separates out Sling TV subscribers for first time, reports 47% growth
Official Recordings On The Oregon UFO Incident Reveal Striking Details About The Otherworldly Craft
SHOCK STUDY: "Alcohol more important than exercise for living past 90"