CNET Times Square goes underwater in Mel Chin's massive new installation artwork, but my AR experiences had issues, too. 1 week
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I picked the wrong day to try this NYC Hololens AR art installation - CNET
CNET Mel Chin’s virtual flooding of Times Square is fascinating, but reveals the drawbacks of technology. 5 days
Mel Chin's Augmented Reality Artwork shows NYC underwater in statement about climate change - CNET
CNET Mel Chin's Augmented Reality Installation "Unmoored" was unveiled in NYC's Times Square today. For the next 3 days... 1 week
student bikes 1 600 km to connect with people facing climate change Student bikes 1,600 km to connect with people facing climate change
CBC PhD student Martin Laroche biked from Quebec to Newfoundland to hear about how climate... 2 weeks
apple revises plans for contentious federation square store in australia Apple Revises Plans for Contentious Federation Square Store in Australia
MacRumors Apple today submitted revised blueprints for its planned Federation Square retail store location in Melbourne, Australia,... 1 day
Top VCs Megan Quinn, Sarah Tavel and Aileen Lee are coming to Disrupt SF
TechCrunch In many ways, it’s the best of times and the worst of times to be a venture capitalist. While money... 2 days
deep coral reefs not safe from impacts of pollution climate change Deep coral reefs not safe from impacts of pollution, climate change
CBC Deep coral reefs in a "twilight zone" in the oceans differ sharply from those... 7 hours
The HBO you know might be about to change, according to leaked audio - CNET
CNET Following AT&T's takeover of Time Warner, company executives are looking to expand HBO in the age of streaming,... 2 weeks
Microsoft's HoloLens evolves in shadows as Apple's ARKit makes leaps in limelight
Windows Central Augmented reality (AR) has been embraced as the next step in personal computing's evolution. Leading tech companies are approaching this industry with vastly different... 1 week
The worst deal on Prime Day ever: $2,630.52 for a used paperback - CNET
CNET Some third-party Amazon sellers are pricing books up to 100 times higher than other listings, The New York Times reports. 4 days
How Facebook operations got 10 times faster while getting 10 times bigger - CNET
CNET Turns out it's hard to run a social network with 2.2 billion people. 1 day
AR ads hit Facebook, Apple updates Macbook Pro video - CNET
CNET This week's most important tech stories include AR ads coming to a Facebook news feed near you, Magic Leap's debut of the company's first-ever product and... 6 days
AR ads come to Facebook, YouTube gets an incognito mode video - CNET
CNET Today's major tech stories include AR ads coming to your Facebook news feed, Google's Pay app brings peer-to-peer payments and YouTube gets... 1 week
apple submits revised plans for controversial federation square store Apple submits revised plans for controversial Federation Square store
9to5Mac After seven tumultuous months of intense scrutiny from Melbourne residents, Apple has submitted revised blueprints for it’s planned... 1 day
The Latest: Oregon wildfire grows to 70 square miles
ABC NEWS A wind-whipped wildfire that started Tuesday in a rural area east of Portland, Oregon, has now burned 70 square miles (181 kilometers) and prompted additional evacuations 2 days
Facebook lets you 'try on' clothes and makeup with AR ads - CNET
CNET Your News Feed is getting augmented. 1 week
AT&T gets Magic Leap exclusive consumer distribution rights - CNET
CNET The as-yet unshipped AR headset already has a channel. 1 week
Magic Leap's AR future to arrive this summer (The 3:59, Ep. 425) - CNET
CNET Plus: Surface Go vs. MacBook Pro update, and Musk's minisub. 1 week
Federal judge tosses out climate change lawsuit
ABC NEWS A federal judge has rejected New York City's effort to hold oil companies responsible for global warming, saying it's not the judiciary's responsibility to decide 24 hours
apple could grow revenue by as much as 11 billion with ar analysts say Apple could grow revenue by as much as $11 billion with AR, analysts say
9to5Mac Apple has made it clear that augmented reality... 1 week
we have some questions about this blobby yellow bus that dispenses free hot dogs We have some questions about this blobby yellow bus that dispenses free hot dogs
THE VERGE There’s a new food truck parked under the... 1 week
Amazon’s new AR Part Finder helps you shop for those odd nuts and bolts
TechCrunch Got an odd screw, nut, bolt, washer or fastener you need to buy more of, but have no idea to... 1 day
George Takei trolls Trump with new House of Cats AR app - CNET
CNET President Donald Trump takes the form of a large orange tabby cat. 1 day
California meets greenhouse gas reduction goal years early
ABC NEWS Officials say California greenhouse gas emissions have fallen below 1990 levels, putting the state well on its way toward meeting long-term goals to fight climate change 1 week
Space looks better than ever, thanks to the ESO’s HAWK-I imager - CNET
CNET Star cluster RCW 38 is full of “young, hot, massive stars” and they’re ready for their close up. 1 week
Nickelodeon AR app makes slime fly out of your TV - CNET
CNET The app might slime your kids while they watch the network. 3 days
Millions in UK face water restrictions amid hot, dry weather
ABC NEWS Millions in northern England are facing a ban on using garden hoses or sprinklers amid one of the longest spells of hot and dry weather in years 3 days
california meets greenhouse gas reduction goal years early California meets greenhouse gas reduction goal years early
CBC California greenhouse gas emissions fell below 1990 levels, meeting an early target years ahead of schedule and putting the state... 1 week
facebook starts testing ar ads in the news feed Facebook starts testing AR ads in the News Feed
THE VERGE Facebook ads will start feeling a little more like a virtual fitting room. The company announced today that... 1 week
Iron-clad net neutrality reportedly comes to India - CNET
CNET There are some exceptions, but users must have equal access to legal online content for the same price and speed, according to The Times of India. 1 week
Eufy's discounted RoboVac 11 can keep your floors clean while you relax
Windows Central No effort cleaning. Summer is here, and it is HOT. Way too hot to do chores. Let the popular Eufy RoboVac 11 clean your... 4 days
Taco Bell's Comic-Con pop-up was delicious. Thanks Demolition Man! - CNET
At Comic-Con 2018, why Funko is the unofficial king of pop culture - CNET
Samsung’s latest ‘Ingenius’ ads poke fun at iPhone X dongles, fast charging, more
Samsung Mocks iPhone's Lack of Headphone Jack and Fast Charger in Latest Galaxy S9 Ads
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend brings out the musical theater crowd at Comic-Con - CNET
Doctor Who’s Thirteenth Doctor looks for some new best friends in latest trailer
Google may put its Fuchsia OS on smart home devices within three years
8 unexpected ways to use a George Foreman Grill - CNET
This incredible fan video asks users to join the Fortnite Medic Corps in their next team game
Larry Page is quietly amassing a ‘flying car’ empire
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Up way too close with giant sexy Jeff Goldblum statue - CNET
Testing shows 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard resists dust much better than previous-gen, but not foolproof
Watch the first trailer for Nightflyers, the George R.R. Martin space horror show
Attackers used phony Microsoft site to target 2018 political candidates - CNET