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How to share Apple iCloud storage with Family Share - CNET
CNET Users with a 200GB or 2TB iCloud plan can share with up to five family members. 7 days
Google location tracking: Turn it off for real - CNET
CNET A new report indicates that even when you disable Location History, your phone might still be storing location data. Here's how to stop it. 1 day
India may become next restricted market for U.S. cloud providers
TechCrunch Data sovereignty is on the rise across the world. Laws and regulations increasingly require that citizen data be stored in local data centers, and often restricts movement of... 2 weeks
the overwatch league is already getting two new teams The Overwatch League is already getting two new teams
THE VERGE Just a few days after the inaugural season wrapped up, Blizzard has announced two new teams for its... 2 weeks
Get your iCloud Drive on your Windows 10 PC with ease
Windows Central It's easy to get your Apple files on your Windows 10 PC. Here's one way to do it. Apple would like people to use its devices... 5 days
How to set up iCloud on Windows 10
Windows Central If you're using an iPhone or iPad alongside Windows 10, here's how to get up and running with iCloud. It's perfectly reasonable to expect a large number of iPhone and iPad owners... 2 weeks
Trump signs defense bill with watered-down ZTE sanctions - CNET
CNET Some lawmakers had sought to reinstate penalties against the Chinese telecom giant for violating trade laws. 1 day
Short video service is merging into sister app TikTok
TechCrunch, the short video app that’s popular among teens and young people, is going away. Kinda. The app and all user data and accounts is being merged with... 2 weeks
Tencent spinoff China Literature to buy New Classics Media for $2.2B in content consolidation play
TechCrunch As the consumer appetite for digital entertainment in China continues its rapid growth, two companies are combining forces... 2 days
apple working with chinese mobile carriers to reduce imessage spam Apple Working With Chinese Mobile Carriers to Reduce iMessage Spam
MacRumors Apple is working with major mobile carriers in China on exploring ways to reduce iMessage spam,... 2 weeks
FCC must halt cuts to Lifeline broadband subsidies in tribal regions, says court - CNET
CNET The cuts, if implemented, would cause "widespread loss of vital telecom services," say the judges. 17 hours
Apple responds to Congress' letter on data security and privacy - CNET
CNET The company says it values our privacy. 1 week
directv now rolling out support for many local abc nbc and cbs stations owned by nexstar DirecTV Now Rolling Out Support for Many Local ABC, NBC, and CBS Stations Owned by Nexstar
MacRumors Live TV streaming service... 18 hours
charter ceo threatens lawsuit over new york s attempt to kick spectrum out of the state Charter CEO threatens lawsuit over New York’s attempt to kick Spectrum out of the state
THE VERGE When New York’s Public Service Commission... 2 weeks
google in talks w tencent other cloud providers to host bring g suite to china Google in talks w/ Tencent, other cloud providers to host & bring G Suite to China
9to5Google This week has seen... 2 weeks
Samsung’s faster, cheaper 4TB SSD enters mass production - CNET
CNET The company's newest 4-bit QLC solid state drives promise better performance and efficiency than previous large-capacity drives. 1 week
Starbucks partners with Alibaba on coffee delivery to boost China business
TechCrunch Starbucks is palling up with Alibaba as it seeks to rediscover growth for its business in China. China has been a bright spot for some time... 2 weeks
Samsung's huge new 4TB SSD drives enter mass production - CNET
CNET The company's newest 4-bit QLC solid state drives promise better performance and efficiency than previous large-capacity drives. 1 week
google reportedly using chinese site it owns to develop search term blacklist Google reportedly using Chinese site it owns to develop search term blacklist
THE VERGE We now know more about how Google is developing its censored search engine for China. To comply with Chinese authorities, Google has been using... 7 days
patent licensing company wilan wins 145 1 million from apple in patent dispute Patent Licensing Company WiLan Wins $145.1 Million From Apple in Patent Dispute
MacRumors A Southern California jury has awarded Canadian patent holding company WiLan $145.1 million in an ongoing patent dispute with Apple, WiLan announced today. Apple's... 2 weeks
infowars passionately defends the right to censor infowars Infowars passionately defends the right to censor Infowars
THE VERGE Infowars, a privately owned conspiracy blog, is currently being owned in public. After getting booted from platforms by Apple, Facebook,... 1 week
why google might return to china even if it means censorship Why Google might return to China, even if it means censorship
THE VERGE This week, reports surfaced that Google is working on a search app and a... 2 weeks
apple responds to u s house committee on energy and commerce the customer is not our product Apple Responds to U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce: 'The Customer is Not Our Product'
MacRumors Last month, the U.S.... 1 week
WeWork China rival Ucommune raises $43.5M more at a $1.8B valuation
TechCrunch Barely weeks after WeWork China raised $500 million, one of its main rivals is refueling its tanks too. Ucommune — the company formerly known as UrWork... 1 day
baidu ceo says it will defeat google if it returns to china Baidu CEO says it will defeat Google if it returns to China
THE VERGE Last week, reports surfaced that Google is planning to return to China with censored apps alongside talks about bringing cloud services over as well.... 1 week
reddit suffers data breach with hackers obtaining email addresses from some users Reddit Suffers Data Breach With Hackers Obtaining Email Addresses From Some Users
MacRumors Reddit this morning announced that it has suffered a data breach, with a hacker able to access email addresses from some current accounts and... 2 weeks
LemonBox brings US vitamins and health products to consumers in China
TechCrunch China is rising in many ways — the economy, consumer spending and technology — but still many of its population looks overseas, and particularly to the... 1 week
Washington hit China hard on tech influence this week
TechCrunch After months of back-and-forth negotiations, Washington moved rapidly this past week to fend off the increasing transcendence of China’s tech industry, with Congress passing expanded national security controls over M&A... 2 weeks
whistleblower reveals google s plans for censored search in china Whistleblower reveals Google’s plans for censored search in China
THE VERGE Google is reportedly planning to re-launch its search engine in China, complete with censored results to meet the... 2 weeks
proposed australian law threatens apple with 7 3m fine jail time over encrypted data Proposed Australian law threatens Apple with $7.3M fine, jail time, over encrypted data
9to5Mac The Australian government has today proposed a new law which... 22 hours
Nvidia teaser suggests ‘RTX 2080’ GPU is launching next week
I got beaten up at Black Hat in the name of cybersecurity - CNET
What the duck? Don Cheadle voices Donald Duck in DuckTales - CNET
Evangeline Lilly wanted to play Leia in Star Wars trilogy - CNET
Review: Lacie Rugged RAID Pro – primed for on-the-go SD Card backups [Video]
Android 9 Pie causing fast charging issues for many Google Pixel XL (2016) owners
Teddy Ruxpin learns some new words after a quick hack - CNET
The SuitX exoskeleton gave me crazy strength - CNET
Michael Kors ‘Runway’ gets Wear OS w/ NFC and ‘swimproof’ design, Snapdragon 2100
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tidbits: Where to pre-order, camera flaw detection, cooling system