THE VERGE It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. In our new biweekly column Short Play we suggest video games that can be started and finished in a weekend. Writing believable teenage characters is a tricky proposition. If you go too hard in one direction and really lean into teenspeak, it can feel forced and unrealistic. But go too far the other way and they sound generic or too old. Butterfly Soup, a visual novel from developer Br 1 month
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data can only get you so far before your human ingenuity needs to kick in Data can only get you so far before your human ingenuity needs to kick in
TechCrunch  Tony La Russa is a member... 7 days
i never understood romance until an ai generated love heart told me love 2000 hogs yea I never understood romance until an AI-generated love heart told me: LOVE 2000 HOGS YEA
THE VERGE When people speculate about a future... 1 week
florence invites you into an interactive graphic novel about finding love and losing it Florence invites you into an interactive graphic novel about finding love (and losing it)
TechCrunch  The latest game from Monument Valley designer Ken... 7 days
Spotted at Olympics: Mario the plumber made US curling team - CNET
CNET It's-a me! Fortunately, American curler Matt Hamilton has mushroom in his heart for the jokes about his video game doppelganger. 1 week
uber is reportedly preparing to sell its southeast asian business to grab Uber is reportedly preparing to sell its Southeast Asian business to Grab
TechCrunch  Uber is preparing to sell its Southeast Asian business to Grab in exchange for a stake in the Singaporean ride-sharing company that has a... 5 days
Domino's can help you find love with cheesy Tinder chat-up lines - CNET
CNET But if you love pizza more than people, you can tell the world with a specially designed temporary tattoo. 1 week
facebook announces new messenger features to help couples feel the love this valentine s day Facebook announces new Messenger features to help couples ‘feel the love’ this Valentine’s Day
9to5Mac Starting when the clock officially turns to February... 1 week
Assassin's Creed Origins gets conflict-free exploration mode and New Game + tomorrow
Windows Central Assassin's Creed Origins now gives gamers more ways to play by introducing an educational tool and a new game mode. Assassin's Creed Origins launched... 2 days
glee and american horror story co creator ryan murphy signs exclusive deal with netflix ‘Glee’ and ‘American Horror Story’ co-creator Ryan Murphy signs exclusive deal with Netflix
TechCrunch  Another high-profile TV producer is going all-in with Netflix: Ryan... 1 week
'Fable Fortune' card game to exit Xbox Game Preview this week
Windows Central Fable Fortune is finally becoming a proper release this week. Today, developers Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic announced that Fable Fortune, the collectible card game set... 2 days
Card game 'Fable Fortune' to exit Xbox Game Preview this week
Windows Central Fable Fortune is finally becoming a proper release this week. Today, developers Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic announced that Fable Fortune, the collectible card game set... 2 days
mixer microsoft s twitch competitor adds game sales Mixer, Microsoft’s Twitch competitor, adds game sales
TechCrunch  Twitch has long since allowed its streamers to generate revenue from their channels through things like subscriptions, virtual tipping, and game sales.... 24 hours
Uber CEO aims to pare losses and get 'the love back'
ABC NEWS Uber CEO is focused on cutting the company's massive losses and 'getting the love back' after a year of damaging revelations about the ride-hailing service 7 days
the verge playlist the only way to get along in love The Verge Playlist: The only way to get along in love
THE VERGE Last year, I asked a friend for some advice. He admitted, first, that he... 1 week
Alexa, shall we play a game? video - CNET
CNET Mattel's puzzle-solving board game Escape Room in a Box works with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. We give it a whirl to see how Alexa can enhance game play. 5 days
Facebook still uncool among teens, report says - CNET
CNET eMarketer is the latest to document that Facebook is losing out to Snapchat among the younger set. And could Snapchat overtake Instagram this year? 1 week
Physics-based biking game 'Descenders' to join Xbox Game Preview soon
Windows Central Descenders is all about free-riding your way down a mountain with as few mistakes as possible. Descenders, an extreme downhill free-riding game from developer RageSquid, is now available... 2 weeks
500-year-old skeletons sought by 3 Native American tribes
ABC NEWS Three Native American tribes are negotiating with the U.S. government to return 500-year-old skeletons of a young adult and child found at a southwestern Idaho site that authorities first thought was a... 2 weeks
cheap ai is better at removing henry cavill s superman mustache than hollywood special effects Cheap AI is better at removing Henry Cavill’s Superman mustache than Hollywood special effects
THE VERGE VIDEO When 2017 superhero flick Justice League went through... 2 weeks
google reportedly exploring game streaming powered by chromecast Google reportedly exploring game streaming powered by Chromecast
THE VERGE Google is looking into developing a game streaming service that would allow it to stream software to a compatible Chromecast... 2 weeks
Age of Empires: Definitive Edition review: A celebration of classic strategic brilliance
Windows Central Microsoft has unearthed a classic in Age of Empires Definitive Edition, dragging the 90s PC game into the modern era. But how does it... 2 days
alto s odyssey is now available on ios and it s wonderful ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ is now available on iOS and it’s wonderful
TechCrunch  Alto’s Adventure could be my most-played game on iOS. I spent countless hours on flights getting... 3 hours
Elite Dangerous Beyond: Chapter One expansion launches this month
Windows Central Elite: Dangerous is a surprisingly popular space simulator given its complexity and learning curve. Today, Frontier Developments announced that Elite: Dangerous' latest expansion, Beyond: Chapter One, will launch on February... 22 hours
WATCH: Man charged with hacking photos from teens' Snapchat accounts
ABC NEWS Michael Sarnie, 21, is accused of swiping photos from the Snapchat accounts of teenage girls in Windham, New Hampshire, and reposting them himself on the Internet. 2 weeks
kentucky governor says video games are to blame for school shootings Kentucky governor says video games are to blame for school shootings
THE VERGE On Wednesday, 17 people were killed in a mass shooting at a high school... 5 days
just like love space can be hard on the heart Just like love, space can be hard on the heart
THE VERGE Ah, Valentine’s Day — a holiday that can certainly take its toll on the human heart.... 7 days
Steel Division: Normandy 44 for PC review — A great, but overwhelming strategy game
Windows Central Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a real-time strategy game that introduces a new way to play the genre, but the... 7 hours
Wartile for PC review: A great concept that falls flat
Windows Central Wartile is a strategy game that, despite looking and sounding fantastic, suffers from repetitive gameplay and lack of satisfying challenge. Wartile, a top-down strategy game on Steam, recently... 6 days
fire emblem heroes marked as nintendo and dena s most successful mobile game to date Fire Emblem Heroes Marked as Nintendo and DeNA's 'Most Successful Mobile Game to Date'
MacRumors It's been just over one year since Fire... 4 hours
Windows-related tech we adore this Valentine's Day — and the tech that broke our hearts
Windows Central Valentine's Day led us to reflect on the Microsoft and Windows-related products we're currently infatuated with … as... 1 week
Blade Shadow tried to slay my PC, but it wasn’t ready - CNET
Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended certifies devices for work, security needs
Lexus UX heads to Geneva with small footprint, big style - Roadshow
Gboard 7.0.2 beta adds unified emoji/sticker/GIF search and support for Chinese, Korean
Hands on: Google’s ‘Reply’ app uses AI for quick responses and automatic replies in your notifications [Video]
Chrome OS Canary channel gains split-screen functionality for Android apps [Video]
Android Wear will add support for an unread notification indicator in v2.9
How to restore the old Snapchat design on Android
‘A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia’ coming to macOS around end of April [Video]
LastPass adds non-beta support for Android Oreo’s Autofill API, but keeps accessibility
The HomePod and Sonos One both leave marks on wood surfaces (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep.119) - CNET
This Stranger Things-style adventure game is an overwhelming blast of nostalgia
Land Rover's 'pet pack' knows you'll overspend on your dog - Roadshow
20+ must-know HomePod tips [Video]
Essential Phone picks up first Android 8.1 beta w/ fixes for janky scrolling issues