PHYS.ORG Rolls-Royce plans to axe 4,600 mainly British management roles by 2020 to further slash costs, the UK maker of plane engines announced on Thursday. 1 week
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British engine maker Rolls-Royce cutting 4,600 jobs
PHYS.ORG Rolls-Royce, the British maker of plane engines, said Thursday that it plans to cut 4,600 mainly British jobs by 2020, adding to thousands of cuts already announced in recent years. 1 week
Tesla cuts 9 pct. of workforce in bid to post a profit
PHYS.ORG Electric car maker Tesla Inc. is laying off about 3,600 workers mainly from its salaried ranks as it slashes costs in an effort to... 2 weeks
Deutsche Telekom says will slash 10,000 jobs at subsidiary
PHYS.ORG Deutsche Telekom said Thursday it would slash 10,000 jobs worldwide at its loss-making IT services subsidiary in the next three years as it seeks 600 million euros ($696 million) in... 3 days
Do summer jobs provide lifelong benefits for teens?
PHYS.ORG Fewer teens in the U.S. are spending their summers flipping burgers, mowing grass or performing other types of seasonal jobs than did prior generations, labor experts report. University of Illinois Extension educator... 2 weeks
British mother pleads for return of seized cannabis oil
ABC NEWS A British mother who says her son needs cannabis oil to prevent dangerous epileptic seizures is pleading with British officials to return the supply she recently obtained in Canada 2 weeks
British mammals' fight for survival
SCIENCE DAILY Almost one in five of British mammal species face a high risk of extinction, according to a recent comprehensive review of their populations. 2 weeks
Australia telecom giant Telstra to axe 8,000 jobs
PHYS.ORG Australia's dominant telecommunications company Telstra Wednesday announced plans to axe 8,000 jobs—a quarter of its workforce—as part of a drastic new strategy to cope with an increasingly competitive industry. 4 days
Amazon to create more than 1,000 new jobs in Ireland
PHYS.ORG Amazon will create more than 1,000 more jobs in Ireland over the next two years, it said Monday, vastly increasing its presence in the eurozone country. 6 days
British mammals' fight for survival
PHYS.ORG Almost one in five of British mammal species face a high risk of extinction, according to the first comprehensive review of their populations for more than 20 years launched today by the Mammal Society and Natural England. 2 weeks
Massachusetts sues opioid maker, executives over drug crisis
ABC NEWS Massachusetts is suing the maker of OxyContin over the deadly opioid crisis and is the first state to also target company executives 2 weeks
UK changes course, allows cannabis oil for epileptic boy
ABC NEWS A British boy whose mother says he needs cannabis oil to prevent severe epileptic seizures is being treated in a London hospital while British officials review the case 1 week
New research reveals British Isles buried under ice sheets 2.5 million years ago
PHYS.ORG Breakthrough research has revealed the British Isles were repeatedly submerged under an ice sheet extending to the centre of the North Sea... 1 week
Epileptic boy at center of cannabis oil case in UK hospital
ABC NEWS A British boy whose mother says he needs cannabis oil to prevent severe epileptic seizures is being treated in a London hospital while British officials review... 1 week
oxford space systems raises 8 9 million for spacecraft component business Oxford Space Systems raises $8.9 million for spacecraft component business
SPACE NEWS Oxford Space Systems, a British startup that hopes to compete with space industry giants Harris Corp.... 1 week
Trump’s new oceans policy washes away Obama’s emphasis on conservation and climate
Science Magazine Executive order emphasizes jobs and national security 5 days
GE facing millions in penalities over French job pledge
PHYS.ORG US conglomerate General Electric will have to pay millions of euros in penalties in France if it fails to uphold its pledge to create 1,000 new jobs by year end,... 1 week
Image: Hawaii lava flow
PHYS.ORG Copernicus Sentinel-2 images from 23 May and 7 June 2018 show changes in lava flow from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island. It is estimated that around 600 homes have been destroyed in one of the volcano's most destructive... 2 weeks
Targeting the engine room of the cancer cell
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have developed a highly innovative computational framework that can support personalized cancer treatment by matching individual tumors with the drugs or drug combinations that are most likely to kill them. 6 days
From Cape Town to São Paulo, large cities are facing water shortages
PHYS.ORG Will South Africa's second largest city dry up on August 19 of this year? By launching an official countdown, Cape Town City Council wished... 5 days
Molecular machine exploits motion in a single direction
PHYS.ORG Life is driven by molecular machines. Found in every cell, these tiny motors convert chemical energy into work to keep the body moving. The invention of synthetic molecular machines, which perform similar... 3 days
Daimler cuts profit forecast, blaming US-China tariffs
PHYS.ORG German luxury carmaker Daimler on Wednesday cut its profit forecast for 2018, blaming new tariffs on cars exported from the United States to China, amid lingering fears of a trade war between the world's... 3 days
Automation has the potential to improve gender equality at work
PHYS.ORG If predictions are right, automation will transform work as we know it. But it's difficult to know exactly which – and how many – jobs will be affected.... 2 weeks
UK reviews medical marijuana ban after outcry over sick kids
ABC NEWS The British government says it is reviewing its ban on cannabis-based medicines, but is rejecting calls to legalize marijuana for recreational use 5 days
Study: Nocturnally Migrating Insects Use Earth’s Magnetic Field to Navigate
SCI-NEWS.COM Like many migrating birds, numerous species of nocturnal moths undertake long-distance migrations at night. Each spring,... 2 days
Hawking's voice to be beamed into space during memorial
PHYS.ORG A message from late British astrophysics giant Stephen Hawking will be beamed towards the nearest black hole as his remains are laid to rest in London's Westminster Abbey on Friday. 1 week
kt sat eyes north korean business outdoor wi fi interfering with globalstar constellation viasat buys british defense company KT Sat eyes North Korean business • Outdoor Wi-Fi interfering with Globalstar constellation • Viasat buys British defense company
SPACE NEWS ... 2 weeks
China's Xiaomi announces pioneering listing plan
PHYS.ORG Smartphone maker Xiaomi on Monday became the first Chinese company to announce plans to issue securities on mainland China markets under a trial programme aimed at encouraging the country's tech giants to list at home. 2 weeks
China's ZTE dives 39% at resumption of trading in Hong Kong
PHYS.ORG Shares in Chinese telecoms equipment maker ZTE collapsed 39 percent Wednesday as trading in the company resumed after it reached a settlement with the United States... 2 weeks
Samsung commits to using only renewable energy by 2020
PHYS.ORG Samsung Electronics, the world's biggest smartphone maker, has pledged to convert its operations in the United States, Europe and China to using only solar and other renewable energy by 2020. 1 week
Xiaomi seeks to raise up to $6 billion in Hong Kong IPO
PHYS.ORG Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp. plans to raise up to $6 billion in one of the biggest global stock market debuts in recent years... 1 day
Self-heating drinks cans set for a relaunch—here's how they work
Purdue phoneme project creates new haptic communications future
Major work starts to boost the luminosity of the LHC
A sprinkle of platinum nanoparticles onto graphene makes brain probes more sensitive
Properties of polycrystalline materials can be derived from microscopic single crystal samples