NEWS MEDICAL Our blood can be used to uncover genetic secrets inside the brain, according to University of Queensland research. 1 week
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The brain-penetrant clinical ATM inhibitor AZD1390 radiosensitizes and improves survival of preclinical brain tumor models
Science Magazine Poor survival rates of patients with tumors arising from or disseminating into the brain are attributed to an... 4 days
Troves from a search for new biomarkers: blood-borne RNA
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have found a new way to trawl blood samples for snippets of RNA released by tumors or diseased organs. The method might eventually help doctors diagnose and track a... 2 weeks
Scientific sleuthing for reproducible results
PHYS.ORG Researchers found traces of foreign, non-human genetic material in human blood samples. It turned out that it was not a groundbreaking scientific discovery, but mostly the result of contaminated laboratory materials. Scientists led by Associate Prof. Paul Wilmes... 1 week
Targeting cells involved in blood vessel formation could hinder brain tumor growth
NEWS MEDICAL A type of highly malignant brain tumor contains a large number of cells involved in the formation of new blood vessels, helping it proliferate... 4 days
Scientists use novel approach to uncover how brain networks interact to make word-choice decisions
NEWS MEDICAL Effective verbal communication depends on one's ability to retrieve and select the appropriate words to convey an intended meaning. For... 3 days
Psychiatric disorders share an underlying genetic basis
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers explored the genetic connections between brain disorders at a scale far eclipsing previous work on the subject. The team determined that psychiatric disorders share many genetic variants, while neurological disorders (such as Parkinson's... 3 days
Brain's water system and stroke treatment
SCIENCE DAILY Water is transported from the blood into the brain via an ion transporter, a new study on mice reveals. If the mechanism can be targeted with medicine, it may prove relevant to all disorders involving increased... 1 week
Tiny device takes big step in non-invasive fetal blood test technology
PHYS.ORG A small microfluidic device that can separate maternal and fetal cells is being developed to detect genetic abnormalities in early pregnancy through non-invasive blood tests. 1 week
Researchers discover genetic program that controls invasiveness of glioblastoma tumors
NEWS MEDICAL Glioblastoma is the most severe form of brain cancer in adults. The aggressiveness of this cancer is largely due to its ability to invade surrounding brain tissue, making... 1 week
Analysis of shared heritability in common disorders of the brain
Science Magazine Disorders of the brain can exhibit considerable epidemiological comorbidity and often share symptoms, provoking debate about their etiologic overlap. We quantified the genetic sharing of 25 brain disorders... 3 days
New method helps make orthotopic brain-tumor imaging clearer and faster
PHYS.ORG Currently, tumors inside the central nervous system are among the most challenging cancers to diagnose. Different from conventional brain-imaging techniques, near-infrared fluorescence imaging (NIR) demonstrates particular merits including... 2 weeks
Nightingale Health to analyze biomarker profiles of 500,000 blood samples from UK Biobank
NEWS MEDICAL Comprehensive metabolic biomarker profiles of the world's largest health database to be analyzed in 30 months. 2 days
Study uncovers new molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease
NEWS MEDICAL Detailed brain cell analysis has helped researchers uncover new mechanisms thought to underlie Parkinson's disease. 2 weeks
Why we make blood cells in our bones
PHYS.ORG In humans and other mammals, the stem cells that give rise to all blood cells are located in the bone. But in fish, blood stem cells are found in the kidney. Since... 2 weeks
Scientists unravel molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease
SCIENCE DAILY Detailed brain cell analysis has helped researchers uncover new mechanisms thought to underlie Parkinson's disease. 2 weeks
Secrets of extinct cow with face like a bulldog revealed
PHYS.ORG An international team of scientists have used the latest genetic and anatomical techniques to study the remains of a cow with a short face like a bulldog that... 1 week
Study unravels 'blood stem cell niche' puzzle
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO In humans and other mammals, the stem cells that give rise to all blood cells are located in the bone. But in fish, blood stem cells are found in the kidney. Since the late... 6 days
What Secrets Lurk in Kim Jong Un's Personal Toilet?
LIVE SCIENCE Kim Jong Un is apparently protective of his poo. Can it really reveal state secrets? 2 weeks
Improving the quality of biomedical research samples
NEWS MEDICAL IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) announces the launch of, a new online tool allowing scientists to check the quality of their biological samples and improve the reproducibility of their biomedical research. 5 days
Medical News Today: Are e-cigarette flavorings toxic to the heart?
MNT A recently published study tests the safety of electronic cigarette flavorings on the cells that line the blood vessels and the inside of the heart. 4 days
Scientists discover biomarker for flu susceptibility
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have found a way to predict whether someone exposed to the flu virus is likely to become ill. They used a computational approach to pinpoint a blood-based genetic biomarker to determine an individual's susceptibility to... 2 weeks
Does the smell of blood make us hungry?
PHYS.ORG As the public filed through the Science Gallery Melbourne's exhibition Blood – Attract and Repel last year, 64 intrepid types agreed to be part of a scientific experiment. Unknown to the participants,... 2 weeks
Study provides insights into how components of different cells in the brain are altered
NEWS MEDICAL Scientists have revealed that protein molecules in the brain are broken down and replaced at different rates, depending on where... 5 days
How 'gatekeepers' to a cell's nucleus let genetic instructions pass through
SCIENCE DAILY Researchers have revealed how the human nuclear pore complex is involved in the flow of genetic information. 2 weeks
Fitbit employees charged with having stolen trade secrets
PHYS.ORG U.S. prosecutors have charged one current and five former employees of San Francisco-based Fitbit, Inc. with possessing trade secrets stolen from rival company Jawbone. 1 week
Interfacing with the brain
PHYS.ORG VIDEO The nervous system is loaded with encoded information: thoughts, emotions, motor control. This system in our bodies is an enigma, and the more we can do to understand it, the more we can do to improve human life. Brain-machine interfaces... 1 week
Cell type and environment influence protein turnover in the brain
SCIENCE DAILY Scientists have revealed that protein molecules in the brain are broken down and replaced at different rates, depending on where in the brain they are. 5 days
Researchers outline a connection between subplate neurons and brain disorders
NEWS MEDICAL The disappearance of an entire brain region should be cause for concern. Yet, for decades scientists have calmly maintained that one brain area, the subplate, simply vanishes during... 2 days
Technical report describes how to make accurate particle size measurements on carbon black samples
NEWS MEDICAL Testa Analytical Solutions e.K has published a technical report that describes how accurate particle size measurements can be made on... 2 days
Researchers identify 161 genetic factors for myopia
NEWS MEDICAL The international Consortium for Refractive Error and Myopia recently published the worldwide largest genetic study of myopia in Nature Genetics. Researchers from the Gutenberg Health Study at the Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University... 1 week
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