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Spock’s home world has been discovered (sort of)
Science Magazine Astronomers find planet predicted by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry 42 minutes
space council advisory group planning next meeting Space Council advisory group planning next meeting
SPACE NEWS Three months after its inaugural meeting, the advisory group supporting the National Space Council is working to organize itself and identify topics... 36 minutes
Hulu with Live TV tops a million subscribers
TechCrunch Hulu’s live TV streaming service has hit a milestone number of more than 1 million subscribers. That’s up from the estimated 450,000 CNBC reported at the beginning of the year, and the... 16 minutes
the 2018 emmys broke diversity records quietly with no one watching The 2018 Emmys broke diversity records — quietly, with no one watching
THE VERGE Last night, the biggest winner of the Emmys, sweeping up five awards, was The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The director, cast, and show all won... 37 minutes
cirp only 2 of apple customers have homepod lower price needed to expand marketshare CIRP: Only 2% of Apple customers have HomePod, lower price needed to expand marketshare
9to5Mac We did not see a hardware upgrade to... 1 hour
Geoscientists find unexpected 'deep creep' near San Andreas, San Jacinto faults
SCIENCE DAILY A new analysis of thousands of very small earthquakes in the San Bernardino basin suggests that the unusual deformation of some may be due to 'deep... 13 minutes
youtube launches new gaming destination admits that the separate app was a bust YouTube launches new gaming destination, admits that the separate app was a bust
THE VERGE In 2015, YouTube launched a separate app dedicated to games... 1 hour
japanese billionaire named as first passenger to fly around moon in spacex bfr Japanese Billionaire Named as First Passenger to Fly Around Moon in SpaceX BFR
ASTRO WATCH Japanese citizen Yusaku Maezawa has booked a journey to the... 2 hours
Logos Biosystems releases new electrophoretic tissue clearing system with twice the features in half the space
NEWS MEDICAL VIDEO Logos Biosystems has released the latest system for electrophoretic tissue clearing, the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System... 1 hour
New study shows Florida Keys' corals are growing but have become more porous
PHYS.ORG Researchers have long questioned what impact climate change has on the rate at which corals are growing and building reef habitats in... 3 hours
Astronomers Say Star-Brown Dwarf Boundary May Soon Be Clearer
SCI-NEWS.COM An international team of scientists led by Carnegie Institution’s Serge Dieterich has demonstrated that brown dwarfs, objects which... 2 hours
Nappy change: Dutch to turn diapers into furniture
PHYS.ORG Fed-up with a growing mountain of stinking disposable nappies, a Dutch firm Tuesday started building the country's first recycling plant to turn poo into profit. 2 hours
Study links natural climate oscillations in north Atlantic to Greenland ice sheet melt
PHYS.ORG Scientists have known for years that warming global climate is melting the Greenland Ice Sheet, the second largest ice sheet in the... 3 hours
Researchers confirm glyphosate resistance in junglerice
PHYS.ORG There has been a lot of publicity in recent years about growers battling glyphosate-resistant pigweed in soybean and cotton crops. But pigweed isn't the only weed resistant to glyphosate. New research published in the journal Weed... 2 hours
Illumix raises $8.6M to build more dynamic phone-based AR games
TechCrunch As iOS12 drops, we are again reminded that phone-based AR is on hundreds of millions of phones but we still haven’t seen any big successes built on the... 3 hours
When is a star not a star?
SCIENCE DAILY The line that separates stars from brown dwarfs may soon be clearer. Astronomers demonstrate that brown dwarfs can be more massive than astronomers previously thought. 4 hours
Black Panther May Rule Wakanda, But Technology Is Queen In This ‘Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest’ Clip
SCIENCEFICTION.COM Though she has existed... 4 hours
Researchers find hints of Israeli spyware around globe
PHYS.ORG Researchers say an increasingly notorious brand of Israeli surveillance software is being used further afield than previously known, with possible infections detected around the globe. 4 hours
Researchers find children experience concussion symptoms three times longer than adults
SCIENCE DAILY Parents should be aware that significant changes in concussion treatment have emerged in recent years. Primarily, there has been a major shift to promoting active recovery... 4 hours
Silver nanoparticles toxic for aquatic organisms
PHYS.ORG Silver nanoparticles are increasingly being used in consumer products, such as clothing and personal care products, in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and in the food industry. That is why their presence is expected to increase... 4 hours
how nasa plans to use lunar dust to build structures on the moon How NASA plans to use lunar dust to build structures on the Moon
THE VERGE NASA’s new focus has been made clear: the space agency... 4 hours
Closed-loop systems that keep astronauts alive in space could inform circular economy strategies
PHYS.ORG Dr. Christophe Lasseur, coordinator of the European Space Agency's Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative (MELISSA), studies how to keep astronauts alive in... 4 hours
Magellanic Clouds duo may have been a trio
SCIENCE DAILY Two of the closest galaxies to the Milky Way -- the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds -- may have had a third companion, astronomers believe. New research describes how another 'luminous' galaxy... 4 hours
Scientists find the genetic code underlying limb growth
NEWS MEDICAL Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have discovered the gene code that sets the pace and order of fetal development. 4 hours
The path to reducing plastic pollution
PHYS.ORG Shuddering and unable to breathe, he vomited up five plastic bags. The small pilot whale, found in a Thai canal this past June, is another symptom of a crisis in the world's oceans. Plastic waste, mostly... 5 hours
IPTV proves popular as Hulu TV now crosses one million subscribers
Another International Trailer for New 'Halloween' with Jamie Lee Curtis
Logos Biosystems releases new electrophoretic tissue clearing system with twice the features in half the space
Logos Biosystems releases new electrophoretic tissue clearing system with twice the features in half the space
Logos Biosystems releases new electrophoretic tissue clearing system with twice the features in half the space
How a new class of “digital martyrs” are manipulating social networks
Thanks for ruining Toad and Mario Kart for me, internet
Rachel Brosnahan in First Trailer for Uplifting Drama 'Change in the Air'
Shopify’s iOS 12 update adds AR shopping support for 600,000 stores
New Trailer for Long Lost Sci-Fi Film 'Replicas' Starring Keanu Reeves
Google Podcasts appears to be rolling out Chromecast support
Happy Days named America's most memorable TV theme, survey finds - CNET
Spotify for Android bug stops music playback, removes notification controls, Spotify is ‘looking into it’
What if porn, but for women
Watch the first trailer for Captain Marvel, Marvel’s next big film